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Nice design! Are you planning to make WP version?

Nice! I was planning to establish a wokportal, but i’m not in hurry with it, have other projects to complete for now, so i’ll keep an eye on this template WP version. Good luck!

thank you very much, will keep you posted, Cheers. UOU

Nice work bro .. good luck for sale ..

do you have html design

we’re working on it, we’ll drop you a line once it’s published,

Let me know when you get either HTML or WP version please.

ok, thanks for your interest, cheers.

hi, I’m interested by your template but I’m wondering how to use it, because usually job portal scripts come with admin panels to organize resumes, job offers, to manage jobseekers and recruiters profiles, etc…

Could you please help and show me how to use your nice template?


Thank you much for your reply mate. Could you just precise me if the WP version will include a pricing feature to make recruiter pay resume browsing? (for exemple if they want to browse 100 resumes they have to pay $50, etc) Thanks again !

Hi, can you contact us via PM so that we can share with you our plans. you’re talking about providing recruiters with acess to a Candidate Database. cheers.uou

Great theme i like it. How long you think it can take to complete the html version ?

hi, thanks for your purchase, the html version is almost ready we just need to adapt certain things, the problem is that we’re busy working on Glocal we’ll do it asap (try to count approx 2 weeks) Cheers UOU P.S: we’ll implement new pages for Career including candidates search, it will look very nice

I’m waiting for HTML/CSS Version. Let me know when you are ready!

will keep you posted Cheers

Hi, very nice design! The HTML version will be responsive or static? When will be possible to buy it?

Hi, thanks for your message, the HTML is responsive, hopefully in less than 2 weeks. cheers.UOU

Please, notify me when the HTML version will be available, I can’t wait to start working with this template. Thank you:) I love this template:)

Hi, thanks for your interest, will do, the html is ready we just need to tweek some changes with CSS because the design was soft rejected by themeforest, will keep you posted. Cheers UOU

Hi, I’ve a request for this theme. I don’t know it i can get it with you or not. I’m so much in need of this theme and wish i could get it right now. I guess there will be a field for uploading CV but instead of that i would like to have a resume builder inside. Will it be possible? If not possible also it’s fine but can’t wait to see it’s wp version. Please release it soon :P

Will there be a system showing total no of cv or total no of applicants or total no or companies and total no of job seekers on dashboard?

Hi, it’s a little bit early to give you concrete details about the WP, but it will definitely include all kind of stats (incl. no of jobs and candidates)

Weeee! HTML is almost ready, right? :)

heyyy, :) I’m waiting for the developer to publish top10 then he’ll focus 100% on career, because he’s the one that will convert it to WP so it’s hard for me to predict but it should be less than 2 weeks, will keep you posted Cheers UOU Apps

can you please update once the wp version is available. definitely buy it! :D looking forward to it

We’ll keep u posted :-)

when is the html version of this theme gonna be published?

As soon as we publish top10 html hopefuly tomorrow we’llfocus on careers bootsrap you must count approximetly 2 to 3 weeks

Very nice theme. Some quick questions: are we going to be able to change colors and get candidate to fill their profile through a social login(ex: LinkedIn)?

If we get the PSD Template, do we automatically get the Wordpress version we it’s ready?

Hi, you would need to acquire it because its lie 2 different products

when are you publishing html version of this template ?

Hi, 2 week after the publication of Top 10 Html which shoud be published on Monday normally.

Did you finish the Html or not yet as I see from the old comments that it should be ready, waiting for ur feed back Thank u

As mentionned in our previous comments you needto wait 2 weeks from the moment top10 is published and we submitted top10 yesterday We have an alternative version of careers that was soft rejected due to design but i want tohave the same developer doing html and wordpress so thats why we will start html as soon as top10 is ready

Do you think you will publish HTML at all? Please, let us know, because there are some people who are waiting for it for a long time already and the answer “2 weeks” has been around for 1,5 months…

hi, as mentionned earlier it’s 2 weeks from the moment top10 template is published, top10 published was soft rejected today it should go live tomorrow morning, we’re currently working on bootstrap version of careers Cheers UOU Apps

Are you working on careers with bootstrap 3? I hope yes 8-)

Hi, just to inform you that CAREERS HTML is now available here


Cheers UOU Apps p.s: we had to change the bootstrap version

great design! can’t wait for the bootstrap 3 version to come out… please keep us posted on expected date

you have a customer in queue for the bootstrap :) will it see the light in Nov?

hopefully you’ll even have the WP during November :)

great! thanks :D