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Im so looking forward to the WP-version of this theme! What is status so far? :-)

Hi, the developer has some health issues, so we had a delay with HTML (we had to publish HTML version today, I guess it will be ready on Monday) + for the WP it’s predicted to be ready by the end of the month so calculated 6 weeks to be on the safe side

Cheers UOU Apps

Still no html version????

Thanks for the quick reply. Can’t wait. keep up the good work. :-)

thanks :) it’s almost there…

Still earnestly waiting for the html version … is this still coming???

Hi sorry for the delaywe’re currently fixing some responsive issues it should really not take long look www.uouapps.com/careers I’m currently travelling but expecting the work to be finalized for submission from developer Cheers Uou

uouapps can you make 2 more pages: Login and Add Job?

Hi, yes I’ll add those pages soon we’re doing them for the WP version. CHeers. UOU Apps

Nice, anyway i need them for my project not WP :)

What i mean is we’re preparing psds for wp

Hi there, can you update us regarding the Wordpress version on this theme please?

Many thanks,

Hi we’ working on it, we are trying to release it by the end of the year but let’s say that it will probably be submitted beginning of January (developpers will be on vacation so they’re won’t be a serious after sales service that’s why it’s better beginning of January) will keep you posted Cheers UOU Apps

Great stuff, thank you for the quick reply.

Mate can you make faster PSD for login and add job please, i need it very mutch, cuz i have done all pages for my project and cant launch it cuz i don’t have this 2 pages…

OK i am waiting

waiting for what ? we sent them a couple of hours ago

I have not received any email from you

Hello. Can you update me on the ~ release date of WP theme of this template? I am highly interested! Thanks!

Hi, we had some delays due to the soft rejections of TOP10 WP Multimedia Tube, we’re currently working on Careers it should be ready either by the end of the year or beginning of January inchallah, I will send a notification once it’s online Cheers UOU Apps

Hey uouapps, You managed to finish the add job page or not?

P.S. Happy New Year!

Hey, i still didn’t get it…

sorry have been a bit sick, will send it in a few hours Cheers UOU

Hi there… can you send me an update when you release the WP version please. Many thanks

Hi there, sorry to push on this but I will definately source my own back end dev if there is going to be further delays. It’s gone from the end of the year… start of January… end of January…. start of February… now its the middle of february and I can’t hold off any longer, I’m sure you understand. Please advise ;O) Many thanks.

Just need a definite answer so I can make a decision that’s all. Ta

Hi dont worry its really coming ths time, the developer who was in charge of it (careers ht,ml) had private issues and didn’t deliver it so we had to let him go and i had to reorganize another developer and make proper changes in terms of design and features not to wastetime so thats why we had the delay, but we will publish it over the w,e or monday, so don’t worry it’s there Thanks for your patience Uou

Hi there,

Great stuff! Really looking forward to seeing it.

Many thanks

Thanks will drop you a line once it’s published, we had some bugs with IE that took us some time to fix (I really hate IE :) ) Cheers UOU

Hi, Hello. Can you update me on the ~ release date of the WP theme for this template? I am very interested! I see that the Omega template is now WP, that’s great! Congrats! I really like the clean minimalistic look of Careers better. There both beautiful.


Hi thanks for your interest & kind message, we’re actually redoing careers form scratch with bootstrap3 and then will link Omega’s back-end to Careers front-end, it’s hard for me to give an estimation now, as soon as i get closer to Careers completition I’ll update everyone Thanks and enjoy your w.e Cheers UOU

I just bought the WP version or at least I thought it was. The picture says WP version. I couldn’t install the theme. Did I get the wrong version? the Download link says PSD.

Hi, really sorry about it i thought we removed all elements mentioning wp (the designer prepared it for the wp version initially but envato pointed it to us so we actually removed them from all html files) can you please send us a link to where it still shows + to ask for a refund you need to open a ticket to Envato and ask them and once they contact us we will grand the refund

we have an alternative wp version for the job portal it’s: http://themeforest.net/item/omega-wordpress-job-portal-candidate-database/6910756?WT.ac=solid_search_thumb&WT.seg_1=solid_search_thumb&WT.z_author=uouapps

cheers uou

Hi. Yes, of course. http://themeforest.net/item/careers-job-portal-psd-template-multipurpose/5563891 If you look at the picture for the Careers item priced at $10; it has the “WordPress Job Portal” Caption under the “Careers” Title (in the photo) The title itself says PSD. I saw the image and thought this was the one. Thank you for your prompt reply. I will follow your instructions for the refund and I will get the OMEGA version instead. Have a wonderful day!

ayy really sorry about it, we actually removed it for the html but forgot to do it for tthe psd, really sorry about i, as soon as we receive the notification from envato we will approve your refund request thank you and sorry again cheers uou

I did download of the CARRES – Job portal & Candidate Database (HTML) and I didn’t get make a upload this Tamplate. Could Help me? Wen I perform the upload, WordPress repors that the document is imcomplete.

Please, send a e-mail.

Hello, this is a templat not a theme, + can you send an email providing your purchase code because it doesn’t show that you have purchased it thanks UOU

Hi, I bought the WP version of this theme. I installed the theme and the plug-in but I cannot see the button in the “register” page… for the login page the button is ok but in the register page this is missing. Why?

ciao can you please report your issue to help.uouapps.com and explain better the situation as it’s nor clear what you mean by i cannot see the button in the register page cheers uou

i bought the template but only rcvd pic files how do i get the actual template