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Our servers currently under maintenance, soon will be live and you will be able to see demo.

You can track status here:

Thanks for understanding!

Add New [disabled] WHY i can not add new types of card?

Hi, probably something is not properly set. Please go to our support forum, open topic and someone will help you. Thanks.

1. Are there any “Featured Cars” shortcodes or shortcodes to display recent cars or cars by category?

2. Can the layout on the Car listings page be changed or customized?

3. We capture our images using a high quality dslr so the photo sizes are big. When adding these photos for car listings, will the theme compress the images?



1. You can add link to that category freely.

2. Yes you can customize it whatever you like.

3. Yes it will but will keep structure and dots per inch which can be very large and what regular monitors can’t show, so resize it always before upload, save space and time.


1. Can featured vehicles be displayed like the “Our Latest Cars” section on the demo home page?

2. Can content be placed above the Cars slider on the homepage that is right on top of the page?


I downloaded the theme on to my wordpress, I was under the impression that all the pages would already be there and it would be a case of filling in my own details, personalise it and add cars but there is nothing there. I have to create everything myself, is this correct or have I gone wrong.


You have wrong. There is demo files you just need to install it, follow videos or use our support forum at Thanks.

Is there an option to mark a car as having been sold ?

Not by default. Thanks.

Hello, how do I update the plugin wpbakery?

With the current version i can not modify the pages of my site.

But we are not sure how to help you. A lot of changes has been made in one year. You must purchase support. Thanks.

I dont’ change anything! it’s your bug, it’s not my fault. I’ll contact the support of Envato for your bad support e professionalism. It is not fair to ask to pay additional support when the error and the problem depends on you and not by me

Ok thanks.

Warning! Do NOT purchase this theme, it is plagued with unresolved issues!

Main search does not work….

Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, function ‘carell_theme_options’ not found or invalid function name in

Use support forum please. Thanks.

No thanks. Already paid for lack of service. Please scroll up and read again

That have no sense.

Also. first rule of support should be letting people know what language support is using because it is not English.

Tell me again to use the support forum…

My problems went unaddressed in support forum while I was a paying customer.

Now we will air them out here. You need to take some of those profits and get this stuff worked out, or I am afraid its not looking good for this business model…

I don’t want a refund, I would like this addressed, my thread will remain here until it is.


Gonzaloo Purchased


I purchase this theme and I need your support.

I would like to know how to: - Car Listing Search Menu (Change background and how to only use this menu in Homepage and Cars Page, remove in others pages) - Individuals Car Page (I activate the layout 2 and i want insert Loan Form and change the background of Contact Form) - I want to create a new page template for other content and when i add an article i want to use that template, and i want to remove the Car Listing Search Menu in this new page…


Regards, Gonçalo


Gonzaloo Purchased

Yes, I however have put there my doubts. Thanks anyway.


pebas Author

Ok, thanks.


webhead2 Purchased

Found another bug. Your YouTube video feature is broken. carell_get_video_info($post_data[“car_video”]); returns an empty array when the video field is populated.



webhead2 Purchased

I had to rewrite the carell_get_video_info function and single-carell-cars.php to fix this. I would post my fix but I am not on your payroll. Clowns


powersupport Author Team


You don’t need to pay. You can leave your email and we’ll help you with it.

Do you have latest version of the theme?