CargoPress - Logistic, Warehouse & Transport WP

CargoPress - Logistic, Warehouse & Transport WP

Best wordpress theme and website template for logistic, transport and cargo companies. Build your own website for trucking, air transport services etc. CargoPress is easy to set up and use theme which enables you to establish a web site for business like: air cargo services, trucking services, different logistic services, air transportation services, logistic jobs and much more. It provides a simple roadmap to create a great-looking website, so you can get back to what’s most important – your business and clients. CargoPress is only available here on ThemeForest, so read on to see why it’s perfect for your company’s WordPress website!


CargoPress v1.5 supports visual composer


Namely these languages are: Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Slovenian.


Why is CargoPress the best


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CargoPress features


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Reasons to choose CargoPress

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Some of our happy buyers

5 stars – great mix of super design and very helpful support. I will be looking out for what this team creates in the future. They really know what they are doing. Well done.


ProteusThemes have great layouts. Their design is on point and their support is always responsive and helpful. I’d definitely buy from them again.


There are a lot of good themes out there, but what we look for is good code supported by good support. Proteus provides both.


The customer support has been brilliant! The design is just perfect and works amazingly. LOVE IT!


The theme is great and only surpass by the customer support ProteusThemes has to offer. I ran into some cumbersome technical issues and customer support worked with me until we found a solution… I strongly recommend ProteusThemes.


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Contact / Support

We’re here to help, whenever you need it! Our first-class support team is ready to answer your questions – so please get in touch with us via ProteusThemes Support if you have any suggestions or need help with any of our themes.

The images shown in the demo page are copyrighted and come blurry with the theme in the demo content.

Why is CargoPress the best transportation and logistics theme?

  • We researched your industry, so we know exactly what your business needs in a website
  • It’s fast, easy to use and clean – no annoying animations, just smart, simple design
  • We’ve ensured our code is WordPress industry standard, and that our themes are compatible with popular WP plugins

Intuitive Page Builder

CargoPress has an integrated Page Builder which does all the heavy lifting for you. With its intuitive drag & drop interface, creating pages becomes a pleasure.

Real-time WP Customizer & Page Layouts

Change the look and feel of your site with the real-time preview WordPress customizer. See how your website looks before you push the changes live. The CargoPress theme also includes many different page layouts that you can change via the Customizer (eg. front page layout, regular page, shop, blog, and more!).

Sidebars and widgets

Create your own layout with CargoPress’ many custom widgets and sidebars.

WooCommerce compatible

Need an online shop? WooCommerce is fully integrated with the CargoPress theme, so you can quickly build your shop and start selling right away.

CargoPress supports most popular WordPress plugins by default, including Contact Form 7, Custom Sidebars, Jetpack and Simple Lightbox.

Responsive & retina-ready

CargoPress looks great on any device, from mobile to desktop and beyond. Our responsive design fits to any screen, and clean code means it loads fast too – especially on mobile.

Solid foundations

Compatibility and code quality are as important as the visual appearance of the theme. Coded by WordPress Standards, CargoPress is developer-friendly and easy to customize or add new functionality.

Reliable under the hood

The CargoPress theme lays the groundwork for your transportation or logistics business. With CargoPress at the core, we guarantee your site will run well and look great – both today, and in the future.

WPML compatible and RTL supported

  • The WordPress multilingual plugin can be configured for CargoPress in minutes. All of our themes are 100% translation-ready
  • CargoPress also supports right-to-left text direction. It will be activated automatically when CargoPress detects that you installed WordPress in RTL language

Why should I choose CargoPress?

Does your business need a site that gets things moving? The CargoPress theme helps you efficiently lay out content on your trucking, logistics or transportation site. Manage the flow of your website so customers can find information easily. Create a logistically sound site with the built-in page builder and intuitive features. With CargoPress, you can build an attractive WordPress website that also fulfills your company’s needs. So… are you ready to get the show on the road?


v1.9.2 (2016-09-07)
# fixed: Contact Form 7 number and date fields not styled
# fixed: JS error: 'map' is undefined.
@ improved: HTML code allowed in Slide Title field (ACF).
@ improved: Added filter to remove future SiteOrigin ads
v1.9.1 (2016-06-30)
# fixed: changed header_text to header_text_color to comply with WordPress 4.5
@ improved: ensured compatibility with WooCommerce 2.6
# fixed: PT icon substitution functions updated in PW widgets.
@ improved: added a ProteusThemes widgets tab in Page Builder.
# fixed: google maps API errors. API key field added in the customizer.
@ improved: HTML allowed in Testimonials widget quote
v1.9.0 (2016-03-30)
# fixed: RTL title lines and header icon box
# fixed: number counter not starting on mobile devices
+ added: translation to Czech
+ added: translation to Turkish
+ added: translation to Swedish
+ added: translation to Danish
@ improved: removed automatic updates and added Envato Market plugin as recommended plugins
@ improved: ensured 100% compatibility with WooCommerce 2.5
# fixed: bug in WooCommerce for 768px screens
@ improved: updated FontAwesome version, to include new icons
# fixed: glitch on initial page load
@ improved: now using One Click Demo Import plugin
@ improved: Added more VC page templates (Our Services, About us, Contact Us)
v1.8.0 (2015-12-15)
# fixed: padding in product table in the WooCommerce Cart page and the mobile product layout on mobile in the shop page.
+ added: translation to German
+ added: translation to Spanish
+ added: translation to Italian
+ added: translation to Dutch
+ added: translation to Polish
+ added: translation to Portugese
+ added: translation to Russian
+ added: translation to Slovenian
v1.7.0 (2015-10-30)
@ improved: google maps js loaded only when it's needed
+ added: option for sticky header

A    assets/js/StickyNavbar.js
M    assets/js/main.js
M    assets/sass/components/_header.scss
M    assets/sass/style.scss
M    composer.json
M    composer.lock
M    functions.php
M    header.php
M    inc/customizer/class-customize-base.php
M    inc/helpers.php
    v1.6.0 (2015-09-23)
    @ improved: Spanish (es_ES) translation (by Francesc Bosch)
    + added: Catalan (ca) translation (by Francesc Bosch)
    # fixed: Setting for the static/sticky navbar was hidden in customizer.

    M    assets/sass/components/_header.scss
    M    assets/sass/components/_visual-composer.scss
    M    bower.json
    M    composer.json
    M    composer.lock
    M    functions.php
    M    inc/customizer/class-customize-base.php
    M    inc/customizer/class-customize-frontend.php
    M    inc/filters.php
    R100    inc/vc-shortcodes/template-vc-home-page.php    inc/theme-vc-home-page-template.php
    A    inc/theme-vc-include.php
    D    inc/theme-vc-shortcodes.php
    D    inc/vc-shortcodes/class-vc-custom-param-types.php
    D    inc/vc-shortcodes/class-vc-helpers.php
    D    inc/vc-shortcodes/class-vc-shortcode.php
    D    inc/vc-shortcodes/shortcodes/vc-brochure-box.php
    D    inc/vc-shortcodes/shortcodes/vc-call-to-action.php
    D    inc/vc-shortcodes/shortcodes/vc-container-google-maps.php
    D    inc/vc-shortcodes/shortcodes/vc-container-number-counter.php
    D    inc/vc-shortcodes/shortcodes/vc-container-social-icons.php
    D    inc/vc-shortcodes/shortcodes/vc-container-testimonials.php
    D    inc/vc-shortcodes/shortcodes/vc-counter.php
    D    inc/vc-shortcodes/shortcodes/vc-facebook.php
    D    inc/vc-shortcodes/shortcodes/vc-featured-page.php
    D    inc/vc-shortcodes/shortcodes/vc-icon-box.php
    D    inc/vc-shortcodes/shortcodes/vc-latest-news.php
    D    inc/vc-shortcodes/shortcodes/vc-location.php
    D    inc/vc-shortcodes/shortcodes/vc-opening-time.php
    D    inc/vc-shortcodes/shortcodes/vc-skype.php
    D    inc/vc-shortcodes/shortcodes/vc-social-icon.php
    D    inc/vc-shortcodes/shortcodes/vc-testimonial.php
v1.5.0 (2015-08-07)
    See list of changes in version v1.5.0:

    Files changed:
    A    assets/images/pt.svg
    M    assets/sass/components/_breadcrumbs.scss
    M    assets/sass/components/_proteus-widgets.scss
    A    assets/sass/components/_visual-composer.scss
    M    assets/sass/components/_wp-widgets.scss
    M    assets/sass/style.scss
    M    assets/sass/woocommerce.scss
    M    bin/acf.xml
    M    bin/
    M    comments.php
    M    composer.json
    M    composer.lock
    M    functions.php
    M    inc/acf-field-groups.php
    A    inc/theme-vc-shortcodes.php
    A    inc/vc-shortcodes/class-vc-custom-param-types.php
    A    inc/vc-shortcodes/class-vc-helpers.php
    A    inc/vc-shortcodes/class-vc-shortcode.php
    A    inc/vc-shortcodes/shortcodes/vc-brochure-box.php
    A    inc/vc-shortcodes/shortcodes/vc-call-to-action.php
    A    inc/vc-shortcodes/shortcodes/vc-container-google-maps.php
    A    inc/vc-shortcodes/shortcodes/vc-container-number-counter.php
    A    inc/vc-shortcodes/shortcodes/vc-container-social-icons.php
    A    inc/vc-shortcodes/shortcodes/vc-container-testimonials.php
    A    inc/vc-shortcodes/shortcodes/vc-counter.php
    A    inc/vc-shortcodes/shortcodes/vc-facebook.php
    A    inc/vc-shortcodes/shortcodes/vc-featured-page.php
    A    inc/vc-shortcodes/shortcodes/vc-icon-box.php
    A    inc/vc-shortcodes/shortcodes/vc-latest-news.php
    A    inc/vc-shortcodes/shortcodes/vc-location.php
    A    inc/vc-shortcodes/shortcodes/vc-opening-time.php
    A    inc/vc-shortcodes/shortcodes/vc-skype.php
    A    inc/vc-shortcodes/shortcodes/vc-social-icon.php
    A    inc/vc-shortcodes/shortcodes/vc-testimonial.php
    A    inc/vc-shortcodes/template-vc-home-page.php
v1.4.0 (2015-07-16)
    See list of changes in version v1.4.0:

    Files changed:
    M    assets/sass/components/_proteus-widgets.scss
    M    composer.json
    M    composer.lock
    M    inc/theme-widgets.php
v1.3.0 (2015-07-09)
    See list of changes in version v1.3.0:

    Files changed:
    M    Gruntfile.js
    M    assets/sass/components/_main-navigation.scss
    M    assets/sass/components/_wp.scss
    M    composer.json
    M    composer.lock
    M    functions.php
    M    header.php
    M    inc/customizer/class-customize-frontend.php
    M    inc/theme-widgets.php
    D    inc/widgets/widget-latest-news.php
    M    languages/cargopress-pt.pot
    A    languages/proteuswidgets/proteuswidgets.pot
    A    languages/proteuswidgets/
    A    languages/proteuswidgets/sl_SI.po
v1.2.0 (2015-06-23)
    # added: default text for footer texts
    # fixed: max-width and min-width overlap in customizer
    # fixed: shop page main title background not working
    # fixed: .footer::before element is still displaying on iPads.
    # fixed: navigation width when navigation sidebar is not active.
    # fixed: permalink to all news in single news mode in latest news widget
    # fixed: set shop page and seperator in Breadcrumbs NavXT plugins settings after data demo import.
    # fixed: slider not full width when on big screen or if the page is zoomed in.
    @ improved: dropdown menu support for iPad and other tablets.

    A    assets/js/TouchDropdown.js
    M    assets/js/main.js
    M    assets/js/modernizr.custom.24530.js
    M    assets/sass/components/_icons.scss
    M    assets/sass/components/_jumbotron.scss
    M    assets/sass/components/_proteus-widgets.scss
    M    assets/sass/style.scss
    M    bin/
    M    composer.json
    M    composer.lock
    M    footer.php
    M    header.php
    M    inc/compat.php
    M    inc/content-import.php
    M    inc/customizer/class-customize-base.php
    M    inc/customizer/class-customize-frontend.php
    M    inc/filters.php
    M    inc/widgets/widget-latest-news.php
    M    inc/woocommerce.php
    M    part-main-title.php
v1.1.0 (2015-06-10)
    + added: dark-link class for alternative link color
    + added: pricing tables
    + added: child theme
    # fixed: customizer text colors
    # fixed: customizer mobile toggle and mobile jumbotron background color
    # fixed: Firefox floating issue with testimonials widget

    M    Gruntfile.js
    M    assets/sass/components/_proteus-widgets.scss
    M    assets/sass/style.scss
    M    inc/customizer/class-customize-base.php
v1.0.0 (2015-05-28)
    first release