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Do you get a PSD with this product?

No. Only HTML theme will be provided.

Anyone know how to change the content in the boxes? http://ginellegordon.businesscatalyst.com/carnival/index.html

Look for the big face image and when you click a box it will pop up with the same content. How do I change that? Thanks… Awesome template!

Friend. I recd a mail from you yesterday and i replied to it with the instructions to update the content. Pls check your inbox.

Did you send it to websitecandi@gmail.com ? I don’t see it can you please resend it. Thank you

Mail Resent.

These guys are AWESOME! The costumer service is on point! Very helpful and fast at replying. Thank you so super much!

how do i initialize the ajax contact form submit? great template!!

Reply sent through mail.


Great Template, I have added an extra form field to the contact page (company name), but having trouble displaying this in the sent email, how can I add this properly please?

So far have added:


// Read the form values $success = false; $senderName = isset( $_POST[‘senderName’] ) ? preg_replace( ”/[\.\-\’ a-zA-Z0-9]/”, ””, $_POST[‘senderName’] ) : ””; $senderCompany = isset( $_POST[‘senderCompany’] ) ? preg_replace( ”/[\.\-\’ a-zA-Z0-9]/”, ””, $_POST[‘senderCompany’] ) : ””; $senderEmail = isset( $POST[‘senderEmail’] ) ? preg_replace( ”/[^\.\-\\@a-zA-Z0-9]/”, ””, $_POST[‘senderEmail’] ) : ””; $message = isset( $_POST[‘message’] ) ? preg_replace( ”/(From:|To:|BCC:|CC:|Subject:|Content-Type:)/”, ””, $_POST[‘message’] ) : ””;

think this bit is the bit that needs adding to:

// If all values exist, send the email if ( $senderName && $senderEmail && $senderCompany && $message ) { $recipient = RECIPIENT_NAME . ” <” . RECIPIENT_EMAIL . ”>”; $headers = “From: ” . $senderName . ” <” . $senderEmail . ”>” ; $success = mail( $recipient, EMAIL_SUBJECT, $message, $headers ); }

and in contact.js:

$('#senderName').val( "" );
$('#senderEmail').val( "" );
$('#senderCompany').val( "" );
$('#message').val( "" );


any news on this please? emailed through your profile page.

I already replied. Pls check your mailbox.

message was in junk mail. shame you can’t help.


How to insert background images header?

Hi, name the background image as “top.jpg” and add it the folder named “demo” in themefile.

If you have any more queries , pls send a mail through my profile page.


Hi guys,

Fantastic theme, love it.

One problem – in the portfolio section, you open up an item, and start playing a video (Vimeo). When you close down the modal window, it continues playing the video (audio) in the background. Just a little annoying.

Any ideas?


Contact me through my profile page.Will provide the fix for it.


Hello, Matter mail form of REACH US page. Because the error would come up with e-mail when I put the name in Japanese I do not know how to cure.

Hi, Contact me through my profile page.


Is it good for SEO?

We have designed this theme with SEO Factor in mind. So no worries. Any more questions before you buy, pls contact me through my profile page.


Hi there, Looks great!! Does this template support Arabic (RTL) Language?? If not how much would you charge for this customization??

Pls contact me through my profile page



If i buy this theme, can i simply upload it to Wordpress? (using the upload link)


No. This is HTML version.

Buy wordpress version from here.


Its totally different…