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I am really happy with the carpress theme, but I have a question about the slider arrows. We are using the slider, but only have one slide and aren’t adding any more in the header. Is there a way to hide the slider arrows on the left and right? I’ve tried putting in some custom css code, but it isn’t working. Any suggestions on how to hide these arrows?

thanks, Jennifer


yes, you can do it with custom CSS, but first you’ll need to find the right CSS class/selector. You can easily find the CSS classes / selectors yourself with Chrome dev tools. And it is also the quickest way. Here is one simple video tutorial how to do that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2aAEzlvyDc

This theme looks really good! I have one question, can i use this them if my website does not have a blog?


Thank you. Yes, you can, you simply remove the Blog link from the main menu and nobody will ever find it :)

I’m planning to buy your theme and see there is no update since February. I just wanted to know that there is no issues with the theme and there are plans for updates?


There are no issues with this theme, hence no updates. Everything is working fine. But I would rather recommend our newer theme called Auto, for the same niche. It is newer and the editing capabilities are better: http://themeforest.net/item/auto-ideal-car-mechanic-and-auto-repair-template-for-wordpress/15194530?s_rank=6

Hi, this is a pre-sales question. Regarding the appointment function, can i integrate with a 3rd party plugin? say Appointment+ form WPMU?


Yes, that is possible, of course. But I would recommend our newer theme called Auto: http://themeforest.net/item/auto-ideal-car-mechanic-and-auto-repair-template-for-wordpress/15194530

Is possible have services pages in whole width (without sidebar)?


I wish have services pages in


od whole page width (without blank sidebar)

Is this possible ?



Yes, this is possible in wp-admin -> Appearance -> Theme Options -> Layout -> Services Layout and here you must select No Sidebar.

Take care!

I am having an issue on my site here: http://residentialcarwash.com/contact-us/ where the Google Maps that comes with the theme is not working. I had the same issue with a plugin and added an Api key and it began working. Is that the same issue with your theme that I purchased?

Yes, that’s correct. Google recently changed the way their Google maps work. You can read more about that in our knowgledge base: https://support.proteusthemes.com/hc/en-us/articles/208650749-Google-maps-not-working-

If you have any more problems or questions please refer to http://support.proteusthemes.com/ We offer help only on our support platform.

Okay….I purchased this for a friend and only now see that no support is offered….WHAT? Does someone know why sample content is NOT importing

NOW I am irritated! You cannot import the demo content….goes right to a 404 error. If you do not support this anylonger….THEN WHY IS IT ON THE SITE STILL FOR SALE! Here comes my first PayPal Dispute.

Hi, thank you very much for your comment, but please understand we can offer timely support only on our support platform.

We will take a look why demo importer is not importing, even if the theme is not supported.

Please read this explanation about unsupported themes: https://support.proteusthemes.com/hc/en-us/articles/208742465-What-does-it-mean-if-a-theme-is-marked-as-unsupported-on-ThemeForest-

Please check http://support.proteusthemes.com/ – you will find public forum, knowledge base as well as option to open private tickets. Also, have you checked the theme docs?


alniro Purchased

How do you choose a background image for the header of the Team page please?


alniro Purchased

I have opened a ticket (#7122). It was closed and I was told I would not receive support. I can solve my own problem with CSS but I was wondering what the ‘proper’ way to do it is in case the client wants to change it themselves?

Thank you, I will check your ticket right away and get back to you.


Even though we have a public policy about the supported and unsupported themes and in this case you are not entitled for personal support, I went to double check the issue and I can confirm the bug regarding this setting. It should be located within Appearance > Theme Options > Layout.

I will fix it ASAP and the update of the theme should be ready for download by tomorrow.

Thank you very much for pointing us to the right direction.

For the future: even if your ticket is closed down, you can still reopen it by replying to it. We said: “The only exception we can make is when there’s an actual bug in the theme, which is not the case here. Thank you for your understanding.”

There actually was a bug, so I owe you an apology from our side. I will get back to you via private ticket for the compensation.

Thank you for understanding, we are only people and we make mistakes sometimes.


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I’m happy with your template. Unfortunately the menu for the sub-items isn’t displayed on an iPad. On desktops it’s working properly..

Can you please advice?


Greetings from the Netherlands!


Hi, please refer to http://support.proteusthemes.com/ for support and thank you for your cooperation. We offer support only on our support platform.

For some reason, Yoast has disappeared off of the site. When I go to reinstall, it says that the files are already installed. However, the SEO settings have disappeared. This happened fairly recently, in the past couple weeks. Was there an update? Anyone know how to fix this?

Hi, please refer to http://support.proteusthemes.com/ for support and thank you for your cooperation. We offer support only on our support platform.

Hello, what plugin or other type of pop up box would you recommend for announcements to use with this theme? Or is there something else I could use inside the theme itself? I’d like something I could turn on or off. Thanks

Hi, thank you very much for your comment, but as you were able to see upon purchase, we do not provide 1-on-1 support for this theme anymore. However, in our support portal you will be able to find an extensive knowledge base, public forum and theme documentation. Thank you very much for understanding.


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This theme is so quick ! What have you guys development wise done to make it speed optimised ? i really need to know


Thanks for nice words. We are always happy when customers see how much we are trying to make sites as optimised as possible.

There are many different things that make our websites so fast. One of the most important is definitely how our themes are coded, without the bloat and with the optimized assets (css, js, images).

The second thing is the WordPress caching. We use WP Rocket plugin for caching the pages.

The third thing is the server. We use VPS servers at digital ocean, running nginx + php 5.6 + mariadb database.

The fourth thing is the CloudFlare CDN which is taking care for about 75% of our static assets and delivering them as fast as possible from the nearest data center to your location.