Discussion on CarPress - WordPress Theme For Mechanic Workshops

Discussion on CarPress - WordPress Theme For Mechanic Workshops

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Nice thinking about buy it for my friend repairshop. Few questions 1 )can i easily replace newsletter section with one more service block ? 2) can be contact form enhanced with numeric captcha ? 3) can route navigation be added to map ? so user can get navigation instruction ? 4) can gallery on homepage be direct ? I mean now when I click to picture in gallery on homepage .. new page will open with text nad pictures I need when clicki on picture picture enlarge but NO new page is opened like now.. 5 )how highlightzing of DAY in opening time tab works ? I have server in US while IM in Europe – does it takes date from server zone or it can be setup in admin to different zone independent on server/hosting location …? as because my server is in different continent day will be wrong if your app takes date from server..6) I would welcome TEAM section where can have photos and short CV of mechanics… will you add that ?

thanks for replies. Sound s good. Maybe you can add some button with sample of link from map to google to get a route instructions to theme so user just change a link to google from admin and people can directly click to googlemap open in popup window with route instructions. Regarding team section from your another theme – its great will be good if you implement it to this theme. I also like team photo scroller in frontpage you have in otheer template – you can add this too but I would make it not full width because (its good only for really big amount of members/workers) if someboidy have only few members ..like 2-3 people than it will not look good so I would make it boxed and centered to middle of screen so even 2 or 3 members in slider will not disturb site design and it look good. Regarding direct picture open from homepage gallery – I think you should really consider implement that – for services like mechanic – user dont need some separate page with text and other images – if on homepage will be some thumbnails like is now – which open larger photos on click its just enought – keep things simple its the key :-) no need to open separate page with text and other pics – users can use separate gallerty for that which they can open from main menu ( like now as you have gallery in main menu) but gallery which is on homepage should be simple slivk and enlarge without opening other pages..

Is there a way to add a slider to the homepage?

Hi, not yet, but we are adding the optional homepage with a slider the next week.

Hi, as we promised, the slider is now ready, take a look at the demo page. And it is optional, you still use the front page without slider.

What are the color options? :)

And is there a early update on using a slider instead of the opening time table? Would be lovely! The two only reasons that I am not buying yet for my client..


The color options are truly unlimited. With the live preview customizer you can change the default two colors (blue and orange) to any you like.

The slider is coming in the beginning of the next week, you can buy the theme and it will come as a free update.

Hi, as we promised, the slider is now ready, take a look at the demo page. And it is optional, you still use the front page without slider.

Will the slider be released on monday? We will buy it when it comes. Thanks

It would be great if the slider and the Opening times can be visible at the same time :-)

Hi, as we promised, the slider is now ready, take a look at the demo page. And it is optional, you still use the front page without slider.

Once you get the Slider please let me know. I need this Template.

Hi, as we promised, the slider is now ready, take a look at the demo page. And it is optional, you still use the front page without slider.

Im waiting slider...

Hi, as we promised, the slider is now ready, take a look at the demo page. And it is optional, you still use the front page without slider.

This is a theme that’s 100% perfect for ANY auto shop/mechanic. All it requires is a change of logo and color scheme… I’m happy with all the current functions but a slider will definitely make it better! :)

I am happy we created a great product ;)

The slider is coming monday/tuesday, no worries. And will be super super easy to setup, just upload a bunch of pictures and you are ready to go. Sounds good?

As I mentioned to other your comment, the slider is now ready.

And additionally I will appreciate if you can leave 5 stars for the item in the Downloads section of the TF: https://www.diigo.com/item/image/3rli1/3pjk?size=o

Thank you, that means us a lot!

I’m buying now and trusting that the slider will be coming soon;)

As promised, the slider is now ready, take a look at the demo page. And it is optional, you still use the front page without slider.

is demo online ? I dont see any slider in demo ..

ahaa.. maybe its good idea to add few images to slider on demo so I can see it in action. ARe there some transitions between images or it just change picture to differernt one ? Also is there some sliderf control like arrows , dots or something so user can change sliders quickly ?


The slider for now does not have any customization options, but we will be adding them shortly.

Can you change the content from slide to slide also or just the background images?

It looks like the slider has one set of content, but you can only change images. I’ve never seen a slider like that. Can you update the slider so we can change the content? Otherwise, what is the point?


Yup, the update where you will be able to change the content for each individual slider is coming by Friday.

I updated and now am having many issues. Google maps are no longer appearing and testimonials are appearing all at once? Also, can’t get gallery images to appear in the gallery widget, can’t get a pin placed on the google map when it did work and can’t figure out how to get the slider working. I have loaded images in for the slider, and the speed is set, but I don’t see any other controls available?

Also, where did you make the changes in contact form 7 to layout horizontally? mine is stacking vertically.

I did get the home page slider working, I think an update was still coming through earlier. still can’t get a pin placed on the google map?

how do you get the menu to appear on the services landing page like on your demo. does not appear when you select the services layout?

HI, I am answering all the issues left tomorrow.

Yes, I noticed we forgot to add to the docs the code for the slider revolution. I will send it to you.

Meet the team section is coming the next week.

Just updated. I personally preferred the previous slider. Any way to go back to that slider and keep the footer patch you just released? or at least bring back the option for the button on the sliders?

Also, arrows have now appeared above my home page gallery but they do not do anything? I only have one gallery of images.

will let you know if I see anything else.

The slider is basically the same. If you want the same text on all slides, than you can have the same content.

You simply insert the button with the [button] shortcode, the same will be [button type=”warning” href=”#”]Read more[/button]. More is in the docs.

Hi, does the theme come with a child theme, sample data and images? Thanks


Child theme – I’ll create it soon, ~2-3 days, yes for sample data, no for the images. In fact the ones from for the services and slider are purchased only, the others are free.


I have some issues creating the “services page”.

Do I have to create a Page called Services? I’ve installed the demo content but can’t seem to find the “services” page.

I want to duplicate this: http://carpress.demo.proteusthemes.com/services/

Thanks for that. Managed to fix it.

Is there a way to change the blue color in the main nav menu? The “Make an Appintment” color. As well as the blue color of the wdigets with icons under the slider?

May I know how to change my footer background to a custom image?

Ah I see thanks alot for this. How about the font color in the the slider on the homepage? May I know where to change this?

Hi, how do I make the slider image fullwidth?..there seems to be a 36px wide space on each side of the slider (and I used a 1920×592 slider image).

Hey, I have download the Carpress theme, But the slider in the homepage doesn’t work. I try to find the revolution slider plugin, but there is nothing in the plugin folder. Please send me the plugin immediately!!!! Thanks so much !!!!!!!

Hi, there is no revolution slider with Carpress. Please write to http://support.proteusthemes.com and I will help you with the theme slider, it should work out of the box.

You have responded to me via email about the slider not working, so I’m waiting on your response to that, but I just wanted to ask about changing the color of the drop down menu buttons on the navigation menu. They are by default blue, which doesn’t go with my color scheme. Under the customization options, I don’t see anything for the subpages in the menu. Thank you!

Hi there,

Definitely thinking about purchasing, but when I view the slider on the home page is stutters quite a bit when the image transition.

Seeing the stuttering in Safari (my main web browser), but not in Chrome or Firefox.


HI there, any word on the slider working in Safari? Thx.


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