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Since I tried to install this theme, my slider isn’t working. Is there a missing plugin or something?

Best regards, Bas Hoogers


If you open a ticket on http://support.proteusthemes.com and give me your page URL I can take a look.

Solved! Bug in the Facebook widget. When giving a wrong URL its showing a empty iFrame as I could see.

Yup, that’s right.

May I know how to change my footer background to a custom image?

For now it is possible to change in the custom CSS in theme options. Like:

.foot {
background-image: url(path-to-your-image.jpg);

But very soon this will be possible to change via the customizer, I am working on this already.

Please ask the further questions on http://support.proteusthemes.com/

Ah I see thanks alot for this. How about the font color in the the slider on the homepage? May I know where to change this?

The update is on the way when you will be able to add the semi-transparent bg under the text. Today.

Hi, how do I make the slider image fullwidth?..there seems to be a 36px wide space on each side of the slider (and I used a 1920×592 slider image).

oh nevermind…fixed it.

Hey there, great theme, quick question, and i probably just missed something, how do i remove the page breadcrumbs? Thanks

Hi, breadcrumbs can be removed in the code, file breadcrumbs.php. For next questions pleas use support.proteusthemes.com

Hello, How do i get the dummy content for the theme as it is on Demo,

Most Themes provide that in a folder but i can’t find it and it is making our life hell customizing it.

Please advise.

Thanks Nir


The demo content is in the extras/demo-content.xml.

Make sure you downloaded the whole zip, not only the theme.

Thank you!

You’re welcome!

how to remove GoogleMap

In the customizer. For other questions please use http://support.proteusthemes.com

Hey, I have download the Carpress theme, But the slider in the homepage doesn’t work. I try to find the revolution slider plugin, but there is nothing in the plugin folder. Please send me the plugin immediately!!!! Thanks so much !!!!!!!

Hi, there is no revolution slider with Carpress. Please write to http://support.proteusthemes.com and I will help you with the theme slider, it should work out of the box.

Hi there,

Definitely thinking about purchasing, but when I view the slider on the home page is stutters quite a bit when the image transition.

Seeing the stuttering in Safari (my main web browser), but not in Chrome or Firefox.


HI there, any word on the slider working in Safari? Thx.

Hi, yes, we do not support that old versions of Safari anymore. As I can see the latest is 7.0.x.


Before the update, we had a logo that was 156×130px, and after the update it seems to be constrained to a much smaller size. How can we change this?

Also, we really need to be able to link services to specific pages (possibly by importing a custom url) instead of the services posts…how can we do this?

Hi, please write to http://support.proteusthemes.com for support.

You have responded to me via email about the slider not working, so I’m waiting on your response to that, but I just wanted to ask about changing the color of the drop down menu buttons on the navigation menu. They are by default blue, which doesn’t go with my color scheme. Under the customization options, I don’t see anything for the subpages in the menu. Thank you!

Hi, please write to http://support.proteusthemes.com for support.

The menu dropdown menus issue was fixed in the latest version of Carpress. Please update if you don’t have the latest version.

Hello, this theme is awesome and i want to purchase it, but not for Wordpress, i want just pure HTML with extensions. Is that posible somehow? Thak you.

Hi, sorry. We don’t have HTML version of the Carpress.

Can you please help me with an error on my Home page. I had selected pattern no.5 for the background/banner and instead of just taking up the banner space it has filled the entire background of the home page. Help!

By the way: great theme thank you!

Hi, please write to http://support.proteusthemes.com for support.

What is the Font of the header menu text?

ammended rating, thank you

Thank you too!

The new portal with public questions asked is coming in 1-2 months. We are working on it, but for now we have that Zendesk support.

Hi My client bought this theme and behalf of my client as his developer i have a big question “HOW CAN YOU ADD THE SERVICES PAGES TO THE MAIN MENU – it wont appear on menu option to add.”

thanks a lot. I tried to make the services in the homepage to display 4 instead of 3 but it wont work.

sorry i got it, you need to enable the display on frontpage to yes. thanks a lot, all are working great now! awesome theme!

Excellent. Please rate it, it means a lot to us: http://themeforest.net/downloads


Great Theme! Is there any way to hide the shopping cart option? Initial stage I just want to display the products and its details only. After 6 months I want to enable the online shopping option, like add to cart, payment gateway etc.

Let me know is that option available.




It would be possible to hide it in the code. Write to http://support.proteusthemes.com and I can help.

Hi Proteus-

I would like to utilize a child theme with your theme. Can you please direct me to any .css files I will need?

Thanks! J

Or do you have a child theme available?

I will create a child theme in the next update. But you can also use the one I have for Hairpress, the functions are the same, just rename it: https://github.com/primozcigler/Hairpress-Child-Theme

Thank you, means a lot to use. I will love if you rate it 5* as well here: http://themeforest.net/downloads

Hi I am thinking of purchasing the theme but have a couple of questions.

Can you change the font? and is there a twitter widget?

Many thanks


The twitter widget we use is from the Jetpack free plugin.

The fonts can be changed easily using this free plugin: http://wordpress.org/plugins/easy-google-fonts/

How can I make the Logo bigger? I uploaded a logo that is sized bigger than what is displaying currently.

Hi, please open a ticket on http://support.proteusthemes.com and we will help you.

That feature to show bigger logo will be added shortly, for now it is possible to add some CSS – open a ticket, please.