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Contact Form 7 Email Issues

Hi,I have a big trouble about the Contact Form 7,because I can’t send the massage to my email!.After submitting the form,I get an error message with a red border. So, how can I solve this?

I get an error message with a red border on your demo site,too. http://carpress.demo.proteusthemes.com/contact-us/

Thank you so much~~

Hi, please open a ticket on http://support.proteusthemes.com and provide URL to your site so I can take a look.

Is there a trick to getting the slider to work. Just post on the discussions on how to do it. Your support.XXXXX does not work.

The http://support.proteusthemes.com should work. You have to select the right page template and add slides in the wp-admin, that’s all. Instructions are in the docs as well.

There is an issue where the logo is not appearing. Instead the site title and tagline appear and it also pushes my menu down.

You don’t seem to have covered this issue in your documentation. Can you please explain?

Please write to http://support.proteusthemes.com and give us the link to your page, so we can take a look.


I really like you theme. I just have a few questions before I consider purchasing it.

1. Can I have a smaller slideshow rather than the whole page? 2. Can I add a side menu rather where the ‘Hello World’ text is? 3. Can I highlight the menu item as I might not have a drop down menu for some items hence highlighting it when you hover over it would be user friendly for the user.



1. not out of the box, but with 3rd party plugins or https://codeable.io/ services of customization this would be possible 2. yes, that would do the custom menu widget 3. I don’t understand this question. But if you mean the highlight on mouse over, that would be possible, I can even send you CSS code to do this if you are not familiar with it, when you have the site finished.

Hi, Quick prepurchase question. Is this compatible with WordPress 3.9 yet?


Yes, it is. Just tested out.

Hi, how can I fix the header, so it doesn’t scroll down? Thanks


This feature to turn this off is coming in the next carpress release, 1 or 2 weeks.

Hello, I want the site in another language, How do I fix it best? WP – in another language and you theme with WPML? Is the theme SEO optimized?

Best (and also free) is using WP in another language and then translate with PoEdit some words, we have article in our knowledgebase how to do this.

I am not a fan of WPML, it is quite complicated.

Theme is SEO optimized, but if you are expert it works with most popular SEO plugins.

Ok, thanks. Will soon buy!


Do I need to buy revolution slider also?


However you prefer, Carpress works without any 3rd party slider, but if you want to have revolution, it works with it as well.

Can I change the text “Carpress Theme by ProteusThemes”?

Fixed thanks

If I want some free text on the frontpage Where can I put it? I usaly work with live page editor.

Hi, you can use the text widget for that? If that doesn’t work pleas open a ticket: http://support.proteusthemes.com

How I disable the button (BACK TO SERVICES) on the services pages?

Hi, please open a ticket for this: http://support.proteusthemes.com. Can be achieved using custom CSS…

Great work thank you!

Thank you too :)

Hello pre-purchase questions:

1- Can I add a custom background (e.g. a large car image)

2- can I remove all fixed boxes on the slider (opening hours, texts and the Huge sale on tires…) and make only the slider’s images visible

3- Can I replace the opening time

4- Can I remove the “hello word” block and and add another service such as those you have already added (vehicle inspection, diagnostic services..)

5- Can I make the gallery page without the sidebar (only images)

Great Job,

waiting for your response,

Thank you


1) yes, it is possible

2) yes, possible as well. If you have any troubles here, let us know to our support platform and we will help you with hiding the items for free

3) with what? You can place other widget there, yes

4) yes, possible, just add another service and in the widget you select you want 4 services listed.

5) yup, also possible, can be changed in the Theme Options > Layout.

Hi, Uploading a 1920×592 image as ‘Featured’ does not make it appear on the homepage slider. Please help!

Thanks, Lindsay

Please open a ticket on http://support.proteusthemes.com, we will take a look tomorrow first thing.

The logo area near the footer… where do I change those logo(s) out? Is that a widget? Can you explain here please?


It is a image inserted as HTML tag for images in the text widget: <img src=”img/url.jpg” >

Hello, Good work on the theme!, however the slider is very limited in features such as animations of text ect. Can you recommend a slider that would be similar to the one is on now as in width and height! so the menu and the other widgets appear on it!


Ok, why should they be removed if the widgets place is over the slider! can’t they be there i will just make the content of the slides on the sides! also how can i put the service menu on the left atm it shows on the right! Thanks.

And i can’t seem to find services in the menu! i made a new page in services and it doesn’t show so i can add it to the menus!! and i can’t see the ones you made in the menu either?


You can control the sidebars positions in the appearance > theme options > layout.

For menu: https://www.diigo.com/item/image/3rli1/0ewk?size=o

For next questions please write to http://support.proteusthemes.com


one last pre-question:

Can I detach the header menu from the slider. What I mean is that i want the header menu to be separate from the slider because I would like the image to be displayed in full I don’t want the menu to hide part of the image.

Thank you


This feature is coming in the next update (later this week), the static position of the menu on the page.

I’m having trouble for adjusting the time of the carrousel. Although the milliseconds change in setting does not change the time slider … Can you help? :)


This is not yet supported to be changed, but will be added in the next versions. For support please write to http://support.proteusthemes.com

Hello Great Theme!

Can you please let me know how to apply the slider because I am creating a new slider and I am uploading the image to the featured image however it is not appearing on the homepage (only the name of the slider is appearing)

Thank you

Hi, please open a ticket on http://support.proteusthemes.com/ and give me the link to your site, so I can see what needs to be done.