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pre-purchase question.

Is there a “Boxed” version of this theme? I like everything but it’s too wide and I like the websites that are boxed so I can add a background



No, unfortunately not. Maybe we’ll add later it if there is enough interest for it.

I’m trying to install the WooCommerc Booking plugin. Whenever I do, I get the following error message.

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare is_woocommerce_active() (previously declared in /home/content/65/10396865/html/mycrystalcarwash/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-bookings/woo-includes/woo-functions.php:13) in /home/content/65/10396865/html/mycrystalcarwash/wp-content/themes/carpress/inc/helpers.php on line 389

The only way I can remove the error, and access the website is by removing the plugin from the directory, on my server.

Also, this issue occurs when I tried to install the Stripe plugin for WooCommerce.

How can I resolve this issue??

And by the way, I love the theme!


I have just replied to you in our support. That issue will be fixed with the next update as well.

Great theme guys and outstanding support! Keep up the good work!

thank you!

hello guys, great theme!

thank you!

How do I add the “make an appointment” colored button in the navigation?

It didnt show up after I imported demo content

In the appearance > theme options, first setting.

Please open a ticket on http://support.proteusthemes.com/ and include the URL to your website.

Where can I edit the “Opening Time” on the Homepage???

In the widgets. For next questions please open a ticket on http://support.proteusthemes.com/ and include the URL to your website.

Guys, I am tempting to buy this but have some questions :)

1: will I be able to change the layout colour (from blue to red) 2: Can I add another field in the “appointment” eg. Car Registry

Now, I see I can sell products online … ?? Now, how would that work?? Do I need to purchase anything extra to make it work?? will the customer be able to pay via card + paypal without being concerned about security etc etc


oh by the way … regards the selling online :) in my case, I be selling car tyres, but the customers are required to come and pick up OR pay extra for delivery. Now can I disable the shipping method and add “pick up only” or even add extra charge for delivery??

advice pls

ohhh another thing , regards selling online (i might add other stuff too apart from tyres) Can I add a “get a quote” form particular for the parts where I can ask the user to type in

- name - mobile - car reg - name of the parts looking for - quantity

*this form is only for the PARTS quotation


1. Yes, definitely, possible to change in the customizer with the color picker.

2. Yes, because that field is created using the contact form 7 plugin.

3. The shop will work out of the box with free woocommerce plugin. For the paypal the situation works out of the box as well. But if you want to have the credit cards payment you should probably buy the paid extension for the woocommerce, depending on your provider for credit card payments. And you should take care for SSL and security. PayPal accepts the credit cards as well, on their page and you don’t have to take care for security on your site then.

4. Yes, it is possible to disable the shipping and have only pickup enabled.

5. You can create multiple forms using the contact form 7 plugin and add your custom fields in it.


Considering purchasing this theme. Can I easily put a “quick contact” form where the “opening times” on the front page is?

Also can I get rid of the “meet the team” but instead have a full width gallery section?

1. Yes, that would be possible as that is the widget area and contact form is made using a plugin, so you just put the shortcode there. But you will probably have to apply some CSS styling on your own to look perfect!

2. If you mean on the front page: you can remove meet the team, but to have gallery in full width some changes needs to be made in the code. Our partner Codeable is perfect to do this for you if you don’t know how to code in PHP: http://codeable.7eer.net/c/92141/132845/2670

Hi. how can I add a gallery sub item in the menu structure? Thanks you

Hi, you just grab and drag it to the right direction when editing the menu.

Why is there a number, when watching the website on the phone … but cant really find how to change that ???

By the way, I see the option to display the services on the front page, but can you disable the LINK for them??? just wanting to display something but not having a link to it …. ??

Hi, it is possible to hide the link with some custom CSS. If you are not familiar with that, we can help you with that for free (write the code that you paste in the theme options custom CSS) on support when you purchase the theme.

Thank you!

Hello. I’m having a big problem setting up the theme. The major issue is that i’m missing the services sidebar in the widget area. Im also missing the blog and the gallery sidebar. Please advise.

Hi, please open a ticket on http://support.proteusthemes.com and we can help you

For the Opening Time hours, how do I show them in 12 hour format? as in 5am-10pm? Americans have almost no concept of 24 hour time frames.

And please use http://support.proteusthemes.com/ for next questions.

Ah right, that was easy. Can’t believe i overlooked that. Thanks!

No problem :)

Hello, is it possible to add the last blog news in the body homepage (with a shortcode) and not only in the footer. thanks!

Hi, this might be possible with some plugin, it is not possible out of the box.

Is it possible to create the theme for wordpress like sending in imagem.Pois client wanted something like this or a similar theme so if anyone can indicate I paid not have any problem tancks


This is not our theme and I don’t know what exactly was the question.

Is it possible to create the theme for wordpress like sending in imagem.Pois client wanted something like this or a similar theme so if anyone can indicate I paid not have any problem tancks


sorry double post

Hi there, Two quick questions: I’m hosting on Pressable (which auto-updates to the newest version of WP) – Is this theme compatible with 3.9.1 and also does it support child themes?



All our themes are constantly kept up to date with latest WP versions and all of them support child themes.

How do I make the gallery images ‘clickable – from the HOME PAGE’ so that they either light box, or link to the attachment page?

Got this figured out – but I have another question. The thumbnails are blurry when I create a gallery. The images are full resolution, so there shouldn’t be any loss in quality … thoughts on how to solve that problem? I already ran a thumbnail regen plugin to no avail.


For the galleries you should install free WP plugin FancyBox for WP (or any similar).

For the blurry images you should set larger thumbnail size in the settings > media and then regenerate the images.

Please open a ticket on http://support.proteusthemes.com for other questions.


Is there a specific plugin which you can recommend so that I may add car listings on this theme also as client wants to advertise/showcase a small number of cars on his website also.

Thanking you


I am not familiar with plugins for WP for this purpose specifically, but I am sure they exist. If not anything else, the WooCommerce could be used for the same purpose with removed buttons for purchase (if desired).

Hi, nice theme. Do you have allready translated slovenian language?

Super, hvala

Evo vprašanje. Datoteka, ki ste mi jo poslali je prazna brez prevoda. Imate mogo?e že prevedeno v slovenski jezik?

Posiljam se enkrat, tokrat sta notri .mo in .po datoteki: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/47486136/sl_SI.zip

Sem preveril sedaj, da .po ima notri prevode.

how is this theme on mobile? SEO friendly?

This theme is SEO and mobile friendly. You can try with your phone! ;)