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Hi is it possible to have a full width Header/Menu? it looks weird with space on top and on the sides. thanks


It is possible, but changes in the CSS and PHP files will be required for this. You can also use codeable for this: http://codeable.7eer.net/c/92141/132845/2670


We have used this shortcode on our slides:

[button type=”warning” href=”http://rubbishtogo.co.uk/office-clearance-london.html”]Read more[/button]

the link doesn’t work, how can we fix this?

Oh, sorry, I replied that to the wrong comment. The right answer is coming now.

From the link you gave me I see you are not using the default menu (probably you have a plugin?) so I cannot help you with that.

If you have premium plugin, it would be best to ask the plugin developer about that.

And please use http://support.proteusthemes.com/ for other questions.

Thanks once again.

Amazing theme , i love this theme so far. so well put together. I have been trying for the past 45 mins to make one color change :( all i want to do is change the color of the make an appointment button to red and not have to change the main color scheme through out the site. JUST the make an appointment to red. looks to be all tied together and i cant break it apart. do you have any quick fixes for this ?

Hi, please open a ticket on http://support.proteusthemes.com/ and I we’ll provide you the CSS code for this change.

I will be something like:

.navbar .btn-featured { background: #990000; }

Thank you!!! i will open a ticket. Again, amazing theme. Would give it 100 stars if i could.

I am glad to hear that :)

Hi there I am keen to buy this theme for our workshop but is it possible to have the colour scheme changed I would like all the white sections yellow, our colour scheme is red yellow dark blue & white


Yes, the background color and also all the other colors of the theme can be changed. If something cannot be changed via live customizer, we also provide for free smaller CSS changes on our support: http://support.proteusthemes.com

Hello Sir,

I have purchased the theme and have configured the services on the front page well the services boxes on the front page have a ‘read more’ link/button Is it possible to change the ‘read more’ text as i want to have this translated to my language.

And maybe another stupid question, how do i remove the google maps form the front page?



Here is how you can translate the theme: https://proteusthemes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/200391371-How-to-translate-the-theme-to-some-other-language-

You can remove the google maps from the front page in appearance > customize > front page.

For next questions pleas use http://support.proteusthemes.com/

I forgot to mention that i cannot edit the button ‘go back to services’ when you are on the services page, i want to change/translate the text.

Hi, the answer is the same.

alright thanks also how can i remove the footer and the patterns?

Please open ticket here http://support.proteusthemes.com/ and give us more detailed instructions what you’d like to achieve? And URL to the site would be preferred. Thank you!

Having an issue with the main navigation here http://goodyearoflagunabeach.com/. If you resize the browser to less than 1200px the menu breaks to below the logo, consequently forcing the text on the slider and the top of the business hours box to to be obscured. I’ve tried adjusting the media queries to force the mobil nav at 1200px instead of 979px but nothing seems to be working. Can you tell me how to do this?


Hi, please write to http://support.proteusthemes.com and we’ll help you there.

Hi there,

Great theme, very interested in buying. Can you please confirm if this is CSS3 and HTML5?


This is CSS3 and HTML5 theme, we are sticking to the latest technologies.

hello, is it possible to replace the working hours module on the homepage with a form to capture lead info? is there a widget or a shortcode for this? thanks


Working hours is a widget and you can place any other widget there, for example text widget with your custom form or something like that. Is that what you were asking for? :)

so it would need to be done with customizing text widget? there is no “form” widget available? do you know if a shortcode would work in a text widget? basically, what i am looking for is to add a form without having to do any coding

No, there is no FORM widget available as we cannot cover all possible forms.

But you can use contact form 7 plugin if you want to create a contact form there, no coding required.

Hi, For the Services box on the Homepage. is it possible to add more Services box? only 3 appears. thanks.

forget my question.. it’s ok.. I founded!

Hi , Proteus, great theme, please i need to change the color and the layout of the slider fonts. thanks in advanced. luiso

Please open a ticket on http://support.proteusthemes.com/ and include the URL to your website.

Maybe you find this plugin useful: http://wordpress.org/plugins/easy-google-fonts/

Great theme I might need this soon, bookmarked!

Thank you ;)

This theme is perfect for our Car Detailing company!

Thanks, AutoSpa Team :) http://www.autospa.rybnik.pl

You really created very appealing website using Carpress, thank you for sharing!

I have submitted a support ticket about a Menu problem. Thanks!

You should have the answer by now, thanks!

Having trouble getting the Services Menu bar to appear on the left hand side of the services page. It is set to the Services page template. Any quick fix?


Please open a ticket on http://support.proteusthemes.com/ and include the URL to your website. The menu should be visible right away when you add it to the services sidebar.

Hello, I bought this theme and I like to ask you, can I use the pictures/images from this theme?


You cannot download them as they are licensed (some of them). The links where to download/purchase them can be found in the documentation.


Hi 2all! ) How can i make allways visible default facebook widget (in footer), for site visitors, rather than logged in facebook? thanks!

It should be visible to everyone by default.

but not! you can see here new.mobilservice.ru. it visible only if i sign in on facebook. and what is different contents carpress zip-file from a folder carpress in downloaded archive?


I see now, but that is not usual behavior! Probably it is connected to the privacy permission of your FB page or something like that.

Alternatively you can generate your own code on FB directly and paste the code you get to the Text widget: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/like-box-for-pages

For next questions please open a ticket on http://support.proteusthemes.com/ and include the URL to your website.

Hello, the image upload in the repair quote form works, but doesn’t arrived/showed up in my mailbox.

Hi, make sure that you set the right email address in the settings of the form in contact form 7 plugin.

For next questions please open a ticket on http://support.proteusthemes.com/ and include the URL to your website.

It was send to my email adress. but there were no attatchment. But the form said the image wass successfull uploaded.

Does this theme come with a PSD file (at least for the home page)?

Hello, is it possible to have the slider for every of my page not only on the home page.



Yes, if you would set the front page template for every page. But you will have the exact same slider on every page, you cannot have different sliders on different pages without modifying the code.