Discussion on Carrino - An Exciting Gutenberg Blog Theme

Discussion on Carrino - An Exciting Gutenberg Blog Theme

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Malte_Ad Purchased


I have two question you may can help me.

1.) I use the hero slider (cover) on the home page. When I move the mouse pointer over the images, arrows appear to move the slider left and right.

Is there a possibility that the arrows are already displayed before I navigate to the images with the mouse?

And is there a way to display the arrows in the mobile view as well?

2.) In the desktop view, a page navigation with numbers (1 2 3 next) is displayed in the categories. Mobile only shows “next”.

Is it possible to have the numbers displayed in the mobile view as well?

Thanks for your Support!

beste regards, malte

Hi Malte,

1. Add this to your custom CSS;

.slick-arrow { opacity: 1 }

2. Add this to your custom CSS;

@media (max-width: 680px) { .nav-links .pages, .navigation.pagination a.page-numbers:not(.prev):not(.next), .navigation.pagination span.page-numbers:not(.prev):not(.next) { display: flex; } }

I hope this helps?

Thanks – Steve


Malte_Ad Purchased

Hi Steve,

it works perfect. Thank you so much.

Your support is simply unbeatable. I really have to say that. It just doesn’t get any better.

best regards, Malte

a friend of mine bought this and she wants for me to install it on top of an existing theme, if i used the demo install method will it delete all the previous posts and images in the library?

No, all your current posts and images will remain and the demo posts and images will be added. However you can install just the settings/widgets without demo data if you choose to https://3forty.media/docs/carrino/#demosetup

Oh that’s great. Theme looks great and that functionality makes it even better. Thanks for the swift response


testenio Purchased

I would like to install a comments plugin(wp discuz) but when I install it nothing appears. I tried most of the troubleshooting I could find, like adding in functions.php

function comment_support_for_my_custom_post_type() { add_post_type_support( ‘my_post_type’, ‘comments’ ); } add_action( ‘init’, ‘comment_support_for_my_custom_post_type’ );

but nothing. Any help appreciated.


testenio Purchased

Hey Steve, there is no such option in Carrino Theme settings -> General settings


testenio Purchased

I believe is fixed with the following css

body:not(.comment-page) #comments.comments-area { display: block; }

if there is a better option I’m all ears. Thanks for your time.

Sorry, you’re correct, there isn’t an option for that in Carrino theme. (that’s Ruki theme).

That’s the correct CSS.

Thanks – Steve


testenio Purchased

The 340 Media: Social Media Settings plugin, when I enable to share with whatsup and telegram, they don’t show up. Others like facebook and twitter show up normally. Am I missing something?


Telegram and Whats-app only show on mobile as they are mobile social apps.

Thanks – Steve

Hi! I bought your theme last week and its veryyy nice! I installed using Demo1 import and at now did just small layout adjustments.

I notice that the left menu is different as its in the demo, as I remember I didn’t changed anything related with it.

Can you help me how to manage it?


Regards, Luciano


Thanks for your comment.

Do you mean the slide out sidebar?

Appearance > Widgets > Toggle Sidebar

WP adds several widgets by default when you first install WP. Remove the widgets you do not need.

I hope this helps?

Thanks – Steve

Edit: I solved it by enabling the custom post blocks. I thought they were enabled by default.

Hey! I purchased the theme today and it is really cool!

However I have trouble setting up multiple ‘Featured’ sections on my homepage. For example I want:

Editor Picks

Recent in Photography

Recent in Cooking


However I can only manage to get one of them working through: Customizing > 340 Media: Featured Posts >Home Featured Posts like it is displayed in the docs.

On the live demos of the theme there are multiple category blocks – how is this done ?

Thanks in advance & best regards, Alex

Glad you solved it :)

HI I have created a page for one long blog post. Its hosting title can you let me know how to remove that on https://bestlaptopforstudents.com/



Add this to your custom CSS;

.home.page h1.entry-title { display:none }

Thanks – Steve

Hi, I have a question about the Carinno theme: do you have a “follow social media” module? i need a module like this anchored in side bar on home page and post page.


Yes, Carrino has a social media follow widget which you can add to any sidebar and post share module that you see here http://www.3forty.media/carrino/2018/05/11/celebrated-her-had-sentiments-understood-are-projection-set/

I hope this helps

Thanks – Steve

Hi! I need your help with translating “Leave a comment” section for other language and “Previous text” section.

1. I have installed loco translate plugin and translated Carrino theme and plugins but still I didn’t find a “Leave a comment” section… What can I do? With a Ruki theme I haven’t that problem. BUT finally I looked into the theme files and found this section in “comments.php” like “Leave a comment” but I’m afraid I I’ll break it if I’ll change this section…

2. Furthermore, I just translated in General settings in your theme the section “Pagination: Previous text” to my language but i didn’t see any results. Could you help me? This is my problem, pls check this link: https://imgur.com/lL5y4jT


I am unable to replicate the translation issues you are having.

1. https://3forty.media/media/carrino-prev-next-comment-polish.png

2. https://3forty.media/media/carrino-pagination-polish.png

Pagination /previous/next text relates to the blog list pagination: https://3forty.media/media/carrino-pagination-polish.png

To change the “previous post” and “next post” text you need to translate that in Loco translate https://3forty.media/media/carrino-prev-next-comment-polish.png along with the “leave a comment” string

Make sure you have the latest theme version 1.8.1

I hope this helps?

Thanks – Steve

thanks, problem solved :D

Hi my friend, I installed the theme and started editing it myself, but I got stuck in the mailchhip part. I tried to make demo 4 similar, but I couldn’t make the style of the mailchip form look like the width. Could you please send the form code?

Can you share a link?

Use the classic MailChimp widget instead of the Gutenberg block

I want to know how to change fontello icon to SVG icon.


You would need to edit theme files and CSS but this is beyond the scope of theme support. Fontello includes the SVG markup if you want to use it.

Thanks – Steve



Like the advertisement at the top of this url page, Is it possible to advertise in this area in Carrino theme?

I want to make sure that there is always an advertisement between the header and the main page.

If it’s impossible, Can I decorate Mura theme like url below?


I’d like to have the image with rounded corners shown in the original ratio in Masonry shape.

Thank you.


No, it’s not possible to add advert in that location in Carrino theme. I am releasing a major update later this year that will add this functionality.

Yes you can replicate that layout in Mura; masonry, rounded uncropped thumbnails as well as the header, footer and sidebar layout if you want to. You can then use any of the available advert locations.

I hope this helps

Thanks – Steve

Hello, I’m thinking of buying your theme, but I want to ask a few questions. Does your theme have ad slots and can we turn them on or off? Will there be a discount on your theme soon?


No dedicated ad slots but I am releasing a major update this year that will include dedicated ad slots. Until then you can use sidebars to add your adverts. (sidebar, toggle sidebar, footer etc.)

No discounts planned for the immediate future.

Thanks – Steve

Hey Steve! Have a few questions for you:

1) How do I make my Blog page display my posts in the nice styled way that the Categories pages look? To create my Blog page, I created a new blank page with Gutenberg and added the “Posts List” item into a block but the way the posts look on the page is pretty ugly and unstyled. (If there was a default Blog page that came with the theme I may have deleted it.) I can send you links to my website to show you what I mean. Can I email you somewhere?

2) On the mobile view the slide-out sidebar button on the header is on the left and slides in from the left of the screen. Is it possible to move the menu button to the right on the header and have it slide in from the right? I don’t care where the search button goes. It can stay on the right side or switch spots and be on the left side.

3) Is it possible to include a tag list (instead of a cloud) and is it possible to specify which tags you want to appear in the list? For example, I have tags for days of the week (Mondays, Tuesdays, etc) but I may also have location tags (Venue A, Venue B, etc). I’d like to list them in the sidebar in separate lists so people can use them as a way to filter posts.

4) Is there a way to allow a user to select multiple tags and/or categories to filter the blog posts, e.g. click on the Mondays tag and the Beginner skill level category? Or even just the ability to choose multiple tags to filter posts e.g. choose both Mondays and Venue A tags.

Thanks! I’m really enjoying the Carrino theme. I’ve been able to find everything else I need to tweak in the settings. Thanks for making a well-designed theme!

Thanks Steve, very helpful info! I sent you an email last week, let me know if it didn’t come through.

So sorry, I did receive your email but neglected to reply. I’ve just sent a reply.

Thanks – Steve

No worries. Awesome it works perfectly. Thanks Steve!


I’ve been sending you an email, but please ignore it.

Now it comes the things what I’m dealing with:

1. Can the slider (top slider-homepage: https://ibb.co/qNhywGc ) be actually made to act like a slider? Changing posts randomly or few selected ones ( example of functionality: https://www.w3schools.com/howto/howto_js_slideshow.asp )

2. This is also related to the point above, is about letting the posts to be shown randomly as you can see in the screenshots this is from the 340 plugin ( post type: https://ibb.co/ZMfCVFp ) Post Type to be able to select Random posts, from let’s say 100 articles on my blog, all the time when the page is refreshed to show 3 different-mixed articles? (example: Editors picks -> Post Type -> Random https://ibb.co/NpLnxPX always to be different)

3. And another one related to the point 1 and 2, this same plugin to be able to show posts randomly with the option of (Post Type -> Random -> select a category) ( footer https://ibb.co/C9h289K )

-the images are just examples of where the points 1,2 and 3 can be implemented and what would be useful for, and is about same plugin

4. I can’t manage anyhow to show the author bio ( bio at the bottom of article: https://ibb.co/bRV0QP7 ) on a single article, everything is set properly, just doesn’t appear ( settings: https://ibb.co/Qj1h7FC )

I don’t want to use other 3rd party plugins to make this happen as I intend to keep the website light and fast, and could be nice if it would be from inside the theme.

Many thanks


1. Yes of course. Set Layout to “slider” and set the number of posts more than the number of slides for example: Number of posts: 4 Number of Slides To Show (Slider) 3. This will activate the slider.

2. That’s not possible but is coming in the next major update.

3. Again these features will be include din the next major update.

4. You need to add Biographical Info in your profile. Users > Profle: Biographical Info

I hope this helps

Thanks – Steve

Thank you for your answer Steve. I missed the slider option part.

Do you have any idea about the next major update when will come out?

I’ll be releasing version 2 this year.

Hi, I just installed the Carrino theme to a new WP installation. I installed & activated all the plugins and I used the “Import Demo Data” feature and tried to install Carrino Demo Two. (I’ve also tried Carrino Demo Eight with same results). It says the Demo installed successfully but my website doesn’t have any of the demo’s pictures/headings/pages, etc. It just looks like a blank WordPress site with the pink Carrino font color and basic Carrino structure but no content on it. I’ve tried a couple times and even tried removing everything and putting on a fresh WP installation and re-installing the theme & demos and it still doesn’t work. Please let me know how to get the demo installed! Thanks.

It sounds like the settings imported but not the post data;

You can import the data separately; https://3forty.media/docs/carrino/#install see step 2. Upload demo-content.xml included in the demo-data folder of your full download.

Thanks – Steve

That worked! I’m up and running now :) Thanks for your help Steve!


jg3000 Purchased

Hello. I love your theme. Great work! I have installed the theme, child theme, the demo, all the required plugins, regenerated thumbnails. I went through the documentation. Cleared all caches. But something is wrong. The demo is missing elements, menus, footers, sidebars etc. Both on desktop and mobile. What am I missing here? Could you help? Best regards


jg3000 Purchased

Hi Steve, I’ve sent you an email with question and attachments.

Received and replied :)


jg3000 Purchased

Everything works! Thank you

wow, this is awesome product… which is better, this one or Ruki ?

Whichever you prefer, they have similar functionality but different designs.


The categories don’t show for the initial Homepage Posts and the Latest Posts on mobile. Is that expected? Or is there a change that can be made for the categories to show on mobile?

Example initial Homepage Posts is “Bed sincerity yet therefore forfeited his certainty neglected questions” on demo2. Example Latest Post is “Of acceptance insipidity remarkably is invitation” on demo2.


Please I have another question regarding mobile. The “Back To Top On Scroll” button/icon is not showing on my phone. Is there a way to enable it on mobile? Or any custom css additions?

Here you go;

@media (max-width: 1060px) { .goto-top { display: inline-block; } }

Thank you. It worked

Last time I bought this template I asked for a refund because it was not possible to define where the “footer-widget-area footer-columns” card that shows article suggestions should appear. Is it currently possible to do this configuration?

No, that’s not possible.

The footer is fixed and cannot be moved. (at least not without editing theme files which would be easy to do). Where do you want it?

Thanks – Steve


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