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Hi there, really like the theme but I am concerned with the amount of JS and CSS files that it needs to load at start up. I checked the demo website on Varvy pageSpeed tools and it ranked 29/100

That’s seriously pretty low. I am quite a stubborn believer in slimming websites and trying to majorly optimise page speed. It’s good for SEO and it helps to stop big bounce rates – no one wants to wait for pages to load.

My biggest ‘bugbear’ has to be VC. It’s CSS and JS is huge to load on page load. I tend to use WP Skeleton, GeneratePress, underscore to build ‘slim’ themes but this one comes with design and layout out of the box that my client likes, and it makes my job quicker and easier.

Can you advise on how to get your theme to load faster? One thing that strikes me is that it seems to use the @import when I know that there is a better way of enqueuing child themes css (based on wordpress codex)

Hello, thank you for taking an interest in our theme.

We understand your motivation to optimize the page speed and we believe it is a good practice.

Our demo site has no caching going on and we did that on purpose so we could test more easily. So if you install and use any of the popular caching plugins you will get a serious boost in page speed.

As for you concern about Visual Composer, it is very popular and demanded plugin and we included it so we can enable the end user be more productive. Once again caching is the way to go.

As for the child theme, you are right, child theme css can be enqueued differently but this is a part of our demo child theme – you don’t need a child theme to run this theme.

For any further questions please contact our team at

Are you able to give me a list of the icons available with this theme? I am trying trying to convince my client this is the one for them but they are a little reluctant without knowing the full options. can you help? thanks. We are included iconsmind with this theme. Hope this will help.

greetings, i’m trying to validate license for visual composer for one of my themes but it doesn’t seem to work

*for this theme

Hello, we received your email. You don’t get licences for premium plugins. They are included and updated with the theme. For any further questions please contact us at


Rawa19 Purchased

I’m having a problem with the visual editor. I can’t edit current pages anymore. The editor tries to load but nothing happens. I can create a new page and use the editor but not the existing pages. I’ve updated the theme to try and fix the problem but the problem is still there. How do I resolve this?


Rawa19 Purchased

I’ve reinstalled the plugins that came with the updated them and now it is working fine. However, visual composer is due for an update. Do I wait for a theme update to get the updated plugin?

Please wait for the theme update.

We started to receive the following message every time we go to our site that uses the Carry Hill School theme:

“The access_token provided is invalid.”

Do we have to renew support in order to get this answered? It appears the LayerSlider is no longer working and we have to enter a purchase code which we cannot find.

Thanks, Amanda

In addition, all of our bricklayer widgets say, “function (n){return,n,m)}

We received you email. Our support team will get back to you Monday morning GMT

hello ,

how can edit or add elements to the footer region

Hello, please check your mail, we replied there.

I am unable to import sample data, the pages, blog posts, and products ect do not import, I very carefully followed your instructions even though i am very knowledgeable in the process

Hello, please send us access to your site to

Hi, I manage web for my client with this theme, but problem is switch from BL to VisualComposer (VC).

I try to create new homepage with VisualComposer, but you do not integrate any element for VC (like in BL). It’s terrible :-(

Also, your demo site still create with BrickLayer!!! Why, when you switch to VisualComposer? It’s complicated???

Sorry to hear you are having issues. We don’t understand what exactly is your problem. Please contact our support team at and make sure to include the purchase code in the email. Bricklayer from Carry Hill 1x and VC from Carry Hill 2x are not compatible, that is why we switched to 2x version. You can still use your pages built with Bricklayer in version 2x.

Hello, I’m considering to get this template and build a new home page for my school. This school is operated as an non-profit organisation and the audience is the student’s parents. Is the $49 regular license valid for this purpose?

Hello, thank you for taking an interest in our theme. Yes, one regular license is what your need.


tommyt Purchased

Hi, nice theme and very interested in purchasing, one question, can i change the header background to a photo (say 1920px x 140) with some custom css? thanks,Tom

Hello Tom, yes you can do that.

Hi, I tried to setup sliders, but unfortunately, I already created several sliders before import, then I removed them, finally I imported your sliders from zip, and I have [layerslider id=”5”] as a code to insert, but I don’t know where to put it. Slider doesn’t appear cause id is different I think. Thanks

Look for slider dropdown and the bottom of the page in admin where it says Page Settings.

I’m updating the old Carry Hill to the New Carry Hill, when the previous version of the website relied on Bricklayer for its layout. Do I need to install VC and VC Helper, ot can I just leave it? I intend to develop with the child theme instead.

Please contact our support at

Hi Aislin,

I just updated the Carry Hill theme from v1.3.2 to v2.0.0 and followed the steps on the migration video. Now the site will not load. All I see is a white page and nothing else. If I go to Wordpress/Appearance/Themes and select customize for the Carry Hill 2.0.0 theme I see the website how it should look. But when I go back to the url I still only see a white page.

PLEASE HELP ASAP as the site is down and I do not know what to do to get it up and running again. I sent an email about this to

Thanks Scott

Thank you for the SUPER FAST support… The site is LIVE!

Hi scotthill89, update to v.2 is complicated and difficult :-( I spent many days… Some shortcode can not be replaced! VisualComposer is good, but integration into the theme is poor. Site for my client:

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I am not beginner, but maybe scotthill89 :-)

Nevertheless, you should update plugins.

I do not understand. Yes, you’ve made a theme (it is really nice), but customers will pay for it ( but not much :-) ).

Thank you for your input.

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Hello There,

I originally purchased this theme for my client over 2 years ago I believe. Nevertheless, the changes that you have made to the site has made everything a quite bit cumbersome.

I am currently having a problem with getting the navigation to appear. It’s not displaying at all and the header navigation color option is not working either.

What gives? It seems like there was a jump in the theme’s framework as a way to get residual fees from those of use who already own it because otherwise, we wouldn’t have an issue with the theme until we’ve updated it.

Digital Chica

Hello, your assumptions are not correct. Please contact our support at if you have any issues.

I just purchased your theme, but every time I try to change the theme preset colors, nothing happens. I can’t seem to customize any of the colors through the customize menu.

Hello, please contact our support at

I just sent an email.

About when can I expect a response?

Hello, I have a question about the timetable. Is is possible to export data from this plugin?

Go to Tools/Export

Thank you. I have one more question: There are no photos neither the excerpts of the posts shown in the archive category page ( I have checked the “Show Featured Image?” option in Theme Options/Blog, ang Excerpt Length is set to 200 chars.

Please contact our support at with your purchase code so they can give it closer look.

Is there a child theme for this theme?

Also is it possible to to switch LayerSlider for Slider Revolution in regards to Full Width with Slider? And I’m not referring to using shortcode on the page.

When you say build the layers myself, are referring to layers for revslider?


Bought it. Sending you a private message with my email address for the custom template. Thank you.