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Clean and Cool!Like it :)

Thank you very much!

very nice. good luck


Beautiful theme!!!!! I love your work my friend!!!! ;) Wish you many sales!!!! ;)

Thank you friend. We appreciate your support!

Great! Good luck :)


An excellent job. Good luck with your sales :)

Thank you so much!

Nice job! Looks great! Keep it up!


AHHHHHHH I’m so glad I waited for the perfect theme!! I have just the client for this one.

Can’t wait to purchase!


In the psd version thread you mentioned that this comes with the full html version as well, I cant see this in the description?

Sorry, HTML version is not included.

Preview is down….

Sorry, we had some problems with the server, it is up again.

Hey I wanna buy it, the preview is down ? I can still buy it?

Yes, you can buy it. We are having some trouble with the server, we hope resolve it very soon,

Looks really good. But no demo. Looks like you’re onto this.

Yeah, we are having some trouble with the demo server, it’s on and off, we are in communication with our hosting provider to resolve this permanently. Thanks.

Nice theme, but trying to activate any plugin yields the following error: (It’s a clean 3.8 install) Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/ssicker/public_html/wordpress/wp-content/themes/carry-hill-child/functions.php:2) in /home/ssicker/public_html/wordpress/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 896

I solved this by deleting everything in the child theme functions.php

How can I choose not to display a sidebar on a page?

I see that that only works with Bricklayer. Is there any way to do it without using the Bricklayer plugin? I had assumed that was a nice extra, not the only way to use the theme!

You don’t have to use Bricklayer, just enter the content regularly and select the fullwith template on the right.

Thank you, the documentation said to use “no wrap” and that wasn’t working, but “full width” does

Is this ready for multi language WP sites?

Hello, this theme can be translated to another language but not tested with multi language plugins like WPML.

Hi, i need to see the preview, to download the image banner. but it don’t work.

Sorry for that, we’ll get to it.

amazing theme! congratulations and recommend!!

Thank you so much!

Purchased it last week and only today diving into it. I’ll be honest….I haven’t used BrickLayer before and I was really not happy at first but….now I wish every WordPress site used the BrickLayer option. It’s pretty damn cool.

Thank you!

I do have a question though…where can I find the demo slider that has that little boy in it? I have looked at the imported sliders and not of them have the one in the demo.

The slider that is included for import is the one on the home page of the demo. But, since Envato prohibits image inclusions there is only a substitute image for that (a silhouette). The demo slider is there not for the images but for you to see how it was set up, so you can use the same setup with your images. Demo slider is in the main package in assets/layer-slider/demo/sliders

Great theme thus far! I’m having a hard time installing the Layerslider WP. I tried doing it through the zip folder and it would error out so I installed it by dragging right into the FTP folder which worked but now when I try to edit the slider it won’t show up… Help?

Also. How can I make the footer widgets to three across and not four?

If you are still having trouble with the slider please send us a temporary access to your site to try to fix it for you. It is late now, will do it in the morning.

How can i configure the home page like the preview? width the slider and the content? Thanks

Import the demo XML. If you don’t want to do that, send us an email to and will send you the content just for home page.

This theme looks great! some question before buy it:

1. is it possible to change the header design ? 2. does it support multi-language plugin? 3. in the predefine color section, is it possible to modify for my color?

looking forward to buy this theme!

1..How would you change it?
2. It was not tested with multi-language plugin.
3.You can choose what ever color you want.
4. Fixed header is not supported yet.

the fixed header will be available in the near future?


hi.nice work. Are you going to sell the html version ? HTML as the theme will sell ?

Hello, there is no plan for HTML version. There are many things that are Wordpress specific, so making HTML version would not be that easy.