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I am having a hard time with this slider. I’d like to have the “ripped paper” effect separating the slider from the bottom portion of the page. I imported your XML but there is nothing in the slider info at all.

I am really a beginner when it comes to WP. It might be a simple solution but right now I can’t find anything to point me in the right direction.

Please, send us a link to your site to to see the problem.

Hi ! I would like to know how modify the header menu size, because I would like to have all the menu in one row.. you can check it to have an idea

Replace there “one third” with “one seventh” and “two thirds” with “six sevenths”.

Great ! You are the best !

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Hi Great Template!

Could you please tell me how to edit or remove the large icons that appear when you create a new page…new to wordpress.


If you wish to change them, at the bottom of a page you have a custom field for entering the name of the icon. Icon list is here
If you wish to remove them, you would need to activate a child theme that is in the main package you downloaded. For detailed instructions contact us at

Much appreciated, I will be in contact Thanks!


I was just wondering if there was a “tab” box option with this theme? Or if there is a way to easily integrate one in there?

Thanks so much!

i just bought this theme, but i don’t see where the bricklayer page builder plugin is located?

I went to the documentation folder and see the directions for uploading the plugin, but don’t see the zip file for it.

thanks for the help!!

The plugin is in extensions folder inside the theme folder. But after you install the theme you will see a notification to install required plugins. Just follow that process for Carry Hill Plugin, Bricklayer and for LayerSlider and any of recommended plugins. Here is the setup video

Got it—thanks for the quick response!

Hi, Are all of the demo images and content included? Can I make an exact replicate right out of the box?


Images are not included, only image placeholders. You can make a replicate, but with placeholders

hi, how can i remove ‘Please activate some Widgets.’ in the homepage footer, i don’t want any widget, but wish to get rid of this


Activate child theme. Copy sidebar-footer-top.php to child theme folder and than edit this new sidebar-footer-top.php, replace everything with this
<?php dynamic_sidebar('ch-footer-top-sidebar'); ?>

This will remove the message, but still leave you with the option for adding widgets and this is safe from theme updates.

thanks for quick help !

I’m consistantly getting this message when I follow the video tutorial and try to install the bricklayer plugin…

Cannot redeclare grunion_media_button() (previously declared in /home/content/21/4084721/html/WUG/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/contact-form/admin.php:14) in /home/content/21/4084721/html/WUG/wp-content/plugins/bricklayer-content-builder/extensions/contact-form/grunion-contact-form.php on line 720

Sorry, this will not work for you we were looking and the newer version of Bricklayer. :-)
So, deactivate Jetpack, follow Carry Hill plugins instructions. After you complete that go to wp-content/plugins/bricklayer-content-builder/init/CbpBootstrap.php and comment out or remove line 61. Than reactivate Jatpack.

So, Bricklayer has installed but I cannot jetpack to wordpress. I’m also having issues with the login screen… Not sure if it’s related… but it’s doing the same thing.

Can you send us temporary access to your site to

I am having problems with the bricklayer plugin. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘{’ in /xxxxx/wp-content/plugins/bricklayer-content-builder/backend/views/content-builder.phtml on line 63 When the plugin is activated I have several problems with the WP backend, e.g. “Options” is not fading in.

Hello, can you give us a temporary access to your site to see the problem there. Send it to

Thanks, problem is solved! For all other users: You’ll need to turn off “asp_tags” in your PHP server settings to get bricklayer to work.


Great theme!

2 quick questions:

1. How can I remove the paper plane images, ect from the header?

2. Is it possible to remove the torn page look and/or replace it with another design (like a wave look?

Yes, you can do that. What you need to do is activate the child theme that is in your main package zip. You would need to create your image to replace torn page look. For paper plane images – if you want to leave only the rainbow there is an image that you downloaded with demo content called rainbow, look it up in Admin/Media. Then you would need to edit style.css in child theme.

.ch-content-top-rainbow-edge {
background: url("public/img/rainbow.png") top left no-repeat;


replace the url with the image you want

.ch-content-top-edge {
background: url("public/img/content-top-edge.png") repeat-x;

same here

Can you please teach us how to replicate that slider?

The documentation is not clear at all.

You have a demo slider in your main package zip. It is in assets folder. You just need to import it through LayerSlider Settings Page. You can see the quick theme setup here:
There we show how we set up the slider. You just need to import it from the assets folder. Note that it only contains placeholder images that you will replace with your own.

And also how to make it the same font as your demo? You should do what thememuffin did for its users, just set a folder that contains everything for the slider to import in.

Fonts should be set when you import the slider. If you are making new one you need to set the same classes for the titles. If you have a problem setting something up send us a temporary access to your site to and we will set it for you and give you instructions how to deal with it in the future.

Please help. I bought this theme today and after numerous tries I can’t get it to upload to my wordpress site. Please can you let me know if there is a manual way to do it where I would still get all the functionality.


You can try uploading it directly to your_site/wp-content/themes via FTP. In your main package zip you have carry-hill folder. That is the theme, transfer it to your site and continue from there. If you have any problems contact us at


I am having trouble getting the Bricklayer to save my content. It was working fine a few days ago and last week—I was able to put content in and save it. But last night and this morning, I tried to input new content, but every time I saved and updated the page, it would disappear. Can you help? I do not have any plugins downloaded other than the ones recommended for the site. I have also deactivated Jetpack.


I think it may have been jetpack—I deactivated it and it seems to be working again…Thanks so much!! I’ll send you a temporary login if I’m still having problems in a couple of hours. :)

Okay, it’s doing it again! It let me update a couple of pages, but now it’s disappearing again. I will send you an email.

Thanks for the super quick technical support! I appreciate it!!

I’m interested in purchasing this theme. Is there an easy way to toggle between responsive and non-responsive?

No, it is responsive.

I am using CarryHill theme with Bricklayer. However, when I click on Add Post or Add Page, I get the normal WP add post page. At the bottom, there is a Bricklayer section. But that section only shows a checkbox for use layout and then dropdown list of layouts. I do not see any widgets in that. Please help. Thanks

Send us a temporary access to your site to to see the problem.

Hi there!

I have a feature request – woocommerce integration please :)

Yes, we are working on it.

A question before I buy this theme, is it possible to have separate Event-calendars? For example one for preschool and one for the other classes?

Big calendar on Events page shows all events. Smaller calendar widgets, like the one on the home page, can filter events by category.

Hi, I bought this theme. It is perfect, thanks :) But I’ve a question. The header on my side is very long even there is only one line of the menu and a little logo. It is a problem because now client have to scroll down to see boxes under the slider. How can I make it shorter?

Hi. I didn’t get the answer. Please help

Sorry, can’t give you an answer because we don’t understand exactly what the problem is. You have to send us a link to your site so we can see the problem and than we will give you instructions on how to solve it.

I’ve solved it. Thanks!

Hi, couple of questions more: 1. How can I set up a thumbnails on the events lists? I tried to add an image as a event image but nothing happened. 2. Can I add additional payment method to this theme?

Fonts are changed in Theme Options.

Thanks! :) And what about thumbnails on events list? And can I add one more payment method?

Go to Events/Settings/Events and look for Default event list format. There you try adding #_EVENTIMAGE in the html there. Read the theme help file, there are some examples of how to format event details and event list widget. You can use that for event list to. For details on adding more than one payment method you must consult plugin documentation

Hi! I purchased this theme and love it! Only problem is that I installed the theme on WordPress, see all the nice texturing and backgrounds when i’m in the admin version but none of that is loading on the live site. Can someone help??!

PS – new to wordpress.


Please send us a link to your site to aislin,


We like the theme, but are struggling to have the slider appear ABOVE the torn paper effect, which is how it looks in your example.

Can you please advise how to achieve that?


If you mean the slider on the home page, that is a Layer Slider and firstly you need to make or import one. Than you go to the home page. If you imported demo content you will have a LayerSlider Bricklayer brick (widget) already there. All you need to do is click the edit button on the right of the widget to be presented with widget editing screen. There you select the slider from the dropdown. Save the widget settings, save the page and that’s it. Look at our quick theme setup video, there is a part when we setup the slider.

Thanks for this, but I’m still not getting the result as shown in the video. Please take a look here:

Maybe its’s a simple instruction I’m missing?

Yes, we see the problem, can you send us a temp access to your site to