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I am also having trouble getting the “ripped paper” effect to show up on the homepage slider. I set up a slider and it just takes the background of the page. Is there a setting I missed?


That effect is not set on a slider but on an element bellow it. Edit row bellow it and set the styling “Content Top”

awesome, I’ve found it—thanks!

Hello, I’m struggling with a particular behavior with this theme. After editing the child theme css, my changes don’t go live; the theme persists in calling an older version of the stylesheet, despite repeatedly clearing my browser cache. I’ve even deleted the child theme stylesheet and cleared the cache, but it still calls the outdated child theme css. I’ve never experienced this with another theme; could there be something in the theme that could be triggering this?

Yes this sounds strange. Did you try switching the theme completely to a default wp theme and then switching back. If your problem persist send us access to your site to to try to help you.

I figured it out, thanks; it was an internal problem

Hi I purchased your theme. Looks great.

I see the boy image in the demo website on the slider. I am using an equivalent image (girl) of same size. How do I align the image in the shadow?

Can you please let me know?

When you are in LayerSlider editor find your layer click on it and drag it where you like, than press Save. That’s it.

Hi, thanks for this great job. I don’t find the XML demo in the files, where can I find it please ? Thanks for your help !

In which file ? Because I have the main package, and no XLM inside… Sorry

Send us a mail from our profile page form the account that purchased the theme and we’ll send you the xml file.

Hi. I have purchased your theme couple of days ago. In your domo the Boxed layout has a custom background image. I cant find anywhere in the settings to set a custom background image for boxed layout. Please help. Thanks

Background is set in Admin/Bricklayer/Global Background Image. This setting will only work for home-boxed and boxed sidebar templates. Fix for boxed template is coming up in the next update.


I want to purchase this theme. Is the images (of the boy with finger-painting etc) included, and can I use them mixed with my own photos?

(I see that you already have answered that “image placeholders” are included, but is this the same images as in the demo?)

No, these images are not included. Only a silhouette placeholders are there to be your guides when editing the slider. You would only replace the image with you own, but all settings will be kept. Look at our quick setup video, there is a section when we import the slider with placeholder images

So i would mask out an image of my own, save as png and replace with placeholder image?

Essentially, yes. You would create your image. Go to a particular slide and just import your image instead the one that is there in the demo slider.

My customer has a commercial video on youtube (or video-file if preferable). They want this to run once automatically in header slider.

Is this possible? Is it possible that it runs once and that it then goes back to normal image header slider?

This theme uses LayerSlider slider plugin. It has an option for embedding the video. You can have video auto play on it’s slide or not. If is set to auto play it will play every time or it can be set to be manually played. We don’t think you could play it only once.

Hi, Sorry to ask so much questions but not everything is clear for me :) How can I set up such nice event page as yours? Mine is ugly, doesn’t have any of elements from other parts of the site. And also can I difffer colors of the events category? Ex for children red events on the calendar, for adult green events?

You don’t have events_menager.css but you have Custom CSS field in theme options or you can activate child theme and use its style.css. As for the header color, that is actually body background color.

Ok, but I want to change colors of events categories so I have to go to events_manager.css. So how could I do that?

That file is in the Events plugin folder. You should not alter directly that file because it will be overwritten on plugin update. Find the css rules you want to edit and do that in Custom CSS field in theme options or activate a child theme and do that in child theme style.css.

Hello, really nice theme! I am having a problem setting up contact. No matter what i do the map and form do not show. Here’s the link

Hi, can you send us access to your site to

Another issue i am having is that i must have messed up the portfolio linking to portfolio items and i can’t get them to work. They keep returning 404’s. It is not clear in the documentation how they are linked and how is the menu for them. Some help please.


I am trying to add social media icons like the one on your demo. I couldn’t find directions in the documentation—and couldn’t see the options under Widgets or the bricklayer plugin. Could you point me in the right direction? Thanks!

Use an Icon widget. There you can set the styling and give it a link.

Got it—thank you!!


This is a beautiful theme, thanks for creating it.

I’m working with some modifications via a child theme and find it hard to remove (not display:none;) the icon at the H1 headline (chp-page-title-icon) any ideas?

I want to use Open Sans Condensed but not the bold version how can I call the other font weights? Calling other versions of Open Sans with font-weight (300) works but I can’t get it to work for Open Sans Condensed. What am I missing?

Any guidance is appreciated.

To remove the icon (not display: none;) you need to copy partials folder to child theme. You can delete all files from this folder in the child theme except page-title.php. This is the file you edit to remove the page icon.

Check the devtools or firebug to see what fonts are included. If you are missing the font you need to load it.

Thanks – removed the icon perfectly.

Another question – doesn’t the blog section work with the boxed/boxed sidebar template?

When choosing the boxed template the blog still shows as a full width page.

Blog section should work with any template. We’ll check this and if there are any issues, that will be addressed in our soon to come update.


I’m having problems importing the xml. Returns the error message “Failed to import” for multiple items.

Any solutions?


Did it import anything at all? This is happening most probably because your server is slow so it takes to long. Can you try installing the theme and importing data on you local computer to determine if server is a problem. There is a way of splitting up the xml file, but that is kind of tedious

Hello Aislin, Great theme.

I have a problem where I cannot seem to update the theme settings. I’ve made changes in the theme settings but when I click “Save All Changes” in any of the settings tabs nothing happens. It just does the click animation on the button. I notice nothing loads or processes in the browser either. When I refresh my site none of the changes are made. When I leave the theme settings and come back all of the changes are restored to their default default setting. The installation was successful so I guess I may be missing something or this has been a common error.

Please help,



Hey Aislin, I am having a problem where the bricklayer isn’t working properly. It was the last few days and now it suddenly doesn’t save new content I put in it. It just resets when I leave the page. I’ve deactivated a few plugins and tried it and nothing. I’ve even reactivated some plugins then deactivated to see if it did anything and nothing. Please help

Please send us access to the site again. We tried to log in with u/p you send the last time, but u/p are changed.

My blog page is not showing the Featured Image above the title of the post. If you view the actual post it does show it though.

I have googled this for a while and finally given up. Help would be appreciated.

I have emailed you a login for an admin account I setup for you.

Thank You,

Joaquin M.

Hello, can you please send us a link to your site to

I sent a link at the same time I made the OP. I have since received a reply, and replied back as the problem persists.

Thank you for your prompt response to my emails and resolving the issue I was having!

the footer top sidebar is designed for 4 items, i want to have them only 2. How did I do?

thanks you,


This can be done by activating the child theme and editing child theme functions.php file. Please contact us at for detailed instructions on how to do that,

I’m having trouble with the shortcodes…they buttons don’t appear like described at documentation (at the third row). There is a shortcode list?

Can I insert a portfolio in a standart page using shortcode?

Or can I insert a text in a portfolio page?


You should see 2 icons in the last editor row. You can only use portfolio template, but if you need to display additional description on that page send us detailed instructions of what you need and we’ll give you instructions on how to do that. Sent this to

Hi, I have some problem with the breadcrumbs/pagination. Every page is shown as it is coming from Homepage so when I want to come back to the upper pager I have to go to Homepage and then make all the way once again. Please help.

Yes, I understand Page Attributes and I do that but than it occurs error.

Send us access to your site to

Hi guy! What about second level menu item? Are they supported? Can we see one? In the boxed version is possible to set more background image? It’s possible to see all the web site in boxed version? It’s possible to change the image by the admin panel? What happen if we have more main menu item? Does it work properly? Thanks!

1 .Menu items go one more level than the demo 2. Boxed background image can be changed form admin panel 3. Menu items are currently constrained to 2/3 of the width but can be widened by adapting the child theme. If there are too many menu items they will fall in the next row but still be constrained to 2/3 of the width

Hello Aislin, thanks for the response! Please, other questions about sidebar and menu… Can i have both right and left sidebar? It’s possible to have them in the homepage? And it’s possible to set left and right menu with submenu? I need to add navigation menu (with submenu) in the website for both left and right sidebar (even on the top, but this menu is yet there…) Thanks!

To have both sidebars you would need to use a child theme and override some files to register another sidebar and to create new layouts. It’s not quite clear how you mean to have more menus. It would be helpful if you could send us a mockup to


Is this theme compatible with WPBakery Visual Composer plugin?


Not really, it already has a page builder inside. Two page builders won’t work together well side by side.

Alright, I recently purchased this theme. I got the slider working fine, but how do I insert it into the header like on the Live Preview?

Watch our quick setup video, there is a part when we set up the slider