Discussion on CarSpot – Dealership Wordpress Classified Theme

Discussion on CarSpot – Dealership Wordpress Classified Theme

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Hello, is there a document that explains why the information is not saved when modifying package characteristics in woocommerce products or those that come in demo or creating a new one I already read the entire document chat etc

No, We didn’t encounter such issue. Can you please send details to our support team at https://scriptsbundle.ticksy.com/ They will check and guide you. Regards

gracias la solucion estaba en habilitar visualizar campo personalizado.

Great, you found the solution. Have a good day.

Before buying I have a few questions 1- Does the theme support multiple languages at the same time? 2- Is it possible to disable the registration of a new dealer? 3- Is it possible to customize advertising packages for the dealer (10 ads for 1 month => 100 usd)? 4- Is it possible to add local payment methods (which support PHP)? If yes, how much does it cost?

Hi, Yes, Carspot support wpml.

2) yes you can disable registration.

3) yes you can edit number of ads and days.

4) we are using woo commerce so you can use any payment method that is supported by woo commerce.


Can I add one of your demo home page as sub domain to be accessed from main page ? Like CarSpot as a main page (Home Page) and ClassiSpot as sub domain inside CarSpot.


Yes you can use it on sub domain.



shantp Purchased

Hi, I have both the AdForest and Carspot themes and have a quick question. Can the features on the CarSpot theme be custom according to the Category a user chooses. For example, if a lister is selling a Truck, can the features that show up be “Long Bed” “Short Bed” etc. and when a seller chooses Convertible the available options show up as “Hard Top” “Soft Top” “Automatic Down” etc. without each feature showing on the other catgeory?


shantp Purchased

Great! Once last question. Is this feature capability available to use on AdForest as well? Or is it only on CarSpot?

Yes, AdForest also have this feature.

Hi there, Presale question

I tried your demo theme using the provided login details. On the “Sell Your Items” page. (https://carspot.scriptsbundle.com/classified/sell-your-items/)

Changing the category does not change the form fields labels/description, it shows always the car attributes (like engine, transmission, mileage- )

Is this because it is a Demo Ver or some error on the page?

Thank you.

It’s due to demo version.

The Search filter is not showing… how to solve it?

Please send details tonour support team at https://scriptsbundle.ticksy.com/ they will check and guide you. Regards

Further query

1.Which license (Regular or Extended License) should I buy if I want to generate revenue from the advertisement of a posted car? 2.Can a user submit a property or car details through Front End Listing Submission without an account/registration? if Yes, can it pass through Admin approval to appear on the car listing page?

Thank you.


1) Regular license will be okay.

2) Login is a must post an add.


I want to buy your product. I have an inquiry. Will the themes work if I add a “Home Rent” menu, but with car dealership functionality for everything else? or simply can I use your themes for home dealership with different Description.

Hi, You may need customization to change it from dealership to Home Rent. Regards


pckz Purchased

I can’t create or update any of Classified Ad post type. Only the title and description are saved, but the features of the car is impossible to save. Thanks for your help

Please submit your ticket here at https://scriptsbundle.ticksy.com our support team will assist you. Thanks

We are ready to buy the CarSpot app but the demo apk version won’t open on our mobile and the screen freezes, if you fix this bug, thanks

Hi, We have check that and everything is working perfectly. Can you please let us know in which device you are checking.


Hello We have the wordpress & React version already. Unfortunately we are not a big fan of wordpress. Is there a React.JS Brower version? would be the best combination to the React Native APP. https://codecanyon.net/item/carspot-dealership-classified-react-native-app/24793504

Sorry about it

Hi I have several questions before buying this theme and android app both, 1. Can we upload and update the inventory by a CSV file, Because we need to extract listing from a seperate vendors as a CSV file upload the listings to our site 2. Can we use Japanese language and Currency 3. Can we allow customers to reserve a vehicle by paying a advance payment.


1) Yes, you can import ads using b Data importer and WP All Import.

2) Yes, you can use any language and currency.

3) No, sorry not available.



I would like to have dealers and private seller with dealers having their own dealership page showing all of their inventory.

Couple of questions relating to this:

1. Is this possible to not charge dealers for positing or them having premium accounts but charge private sellers?

2. I would like to work with dealerships on a commission basis. For this we/admin would need to know who and how many customers contacted them, scheduled a test drive, sent a message etc so we can do a follow up? We would also want to call and remind people about their scheduled test drives. Is there functionality that would allow us to do that?

3. Is it possible to force people to register/sign up to schedule test drive or reveal seller contact numbers or send them messages.

4. Can url slugs be customized from domain.com/author/name to domain.com/dealer-name?

5. Filtering dealers inventory for users and dealers. Is there option to fiter/search for a specific inventory item based on id or search term on dealers page or for Dealers on their dashboard inventory section. As a dealer may have over a 100 cars and to find a specific one may be time consuming.

Design Issue noticed:

1. Is it possible to collapse filters on mobile view as on mobile when load the inventory section you have scroll 2 pages worth or filtering and search options before you even see any cars.


1/2. Sorry there is no option.

3. Yes only sign in users can send a message or schedule a drive.

4. Yes,

5.Yes on dealer page user can search via search fields.

We can customize it according to your needs.



e26 Purchased

After the last update the insertion of the Ad no longer works. I can’t add a new ad and option. Can you help me, please

Yes, please send details to our team at https://scriptsbundle.ticksy.com/ they will check and guide you. Thanks


We purchased the “CarSpot – Dealership Wordpress Classified Theme” on 10 Dec 2021 and after an automatic update to wordpress 6.1 the Carspot Elementor widget plugin stopped working. The theme is now useless because we can’t add any more cars to the theme. We installed the updated version of the theme with tyour fixes from yester and set the “numbers to ads” to 90, but we can only see 45 in the page. It doesn’t WORK! ​In order to get a possible fix we have to pay $41.13 to extend the support for something that should be working in the first place? This is ridicules.

​Please help. Thank you!

You can submit ticket in General Category. Thanks,

Where can I set the body type? Where can I translate content?

Body type is a taxonomy, you can translate it from the back end. For more information please send details to our support team they will guide you in detail. https://scriptsbundle.ticksy.com



I bought the theme for more than a year and now when I need it, I can’t use it. I can’t use the Classified Ads option.I can’t add a new ad, I can’t upload pictures​, select options, year, color, transmission and so on. Also, whatever I try to add or modify in the ads created by you in the demo, I cannot modify.

Practically the Classified Ads​ ​does not take any request​. Where do I go wrong and what can I do to add ads through Classified Ads​?

Thank you for your help!

Hi, Please submit your ticket here https://scriptsbundle.ticksy.com/ our support team will assist you. Thanks,


“Sorry, support for this Envato Market purchase code has expired. You will need to extend support or purchase a new license.”

I bought the theme for more than a year, I no longer have free support. I haven’t asked any questions so far, could I get a single free answer even if the 6 months of free support have passed? At least I want to know if it’s an error from the theme or if it’s something I can fix.

Thank you for your help!

You can submit ticket in General Category.

Error in carspot/inc/options-init.php array( ‘id’ => ‘bid_timezone’, ‘type’ => ‘select’, ‘title’ => __(‘Timezones’, ‘carspot’), ‘required’ => array(‘sb_enable_comments_offer’, ’=’, ‘1’), here ‘subtitle’ => $tz_subtitle, here ‘desc’ => $zone_currentTime, here ‘options’ => $time_zones_arr,

I need to fix this error please

Hi, We need to look into this please send details to our support team they will guide you. https://scriptsbundle.ticksy.com Thanks

The demo request is not loading. I bought it 3 years ago, I did not use it once, because of the mistakes, the same mistakes, please fix it!!!!!!!!

Hi, What mistakes you see in the theme can you please let us know? We didn’t see any of the query from your side. Please communicate with support team they will guide you. Thanks

Hi there, i have purchased this theme, and sent a ticket. Do let me know when you are able to look at it. Thanks

Hi, Team is on their desk and you will be getting response soon. Regards


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