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Very Impressive but the contact page has no validation.

Great work man :)


It does, it’s just that each field has data already in it by default. I’ll probably post an update that removes the default data onclick so if you don’t add your own it will force validate. And will add validation on the message/textbox as well – thanks for the feedback :)

Dude, your sense for layout techniques and typography is one of the best on TF, seriously! Again, congrats for such a great piece of work :)

Thank-you so much! Appreciated :)

I’ll second the above, I really like your style.

Thanks a bunch :)

Great theme chris !

3 questions regarding the behavior of the theme :

1. What happens on you add more than 6 navigation buttons, on the right side ? The content on the right side will be pushed down the page ?

2. About the “js selector” from the services section, for example – when you select different categories, the text of the category will also change ? So it is like having different content page on the same page ?

3. What about images – how they will look inside a text page content, something similar to the portfolio section ?

Thanks a lot and keep up the good work,



The navigation buttons will simply break below as necessary, depending on how wide the text is.

Yes, the text also changes so essentially it is like having multiple sub-sections of content on the same page.

I have not added any specific image styling on the standard page.

Hope this helps

This design is just amazing.

Amazing work.


this theme is just begging to be made into a tumblr theme! i actually thought it was when i first started checking it out.

nice work.

Thanks :)

If sales pick up I may consider doing so…

I’ll be the wordpress version.

this theme has an admin panel ?

Nope, it’s an html theme.

how do you add content to the site ? manually by HTML code ?

Correct, with any text editor (ie Notepad++, E-Text, Dreamweaver, etc… etc…)

Awesome work! Finally a theme that is exactly what I want for my portfolio. Hope that there’s a Wordpress version soon!


If sales pick up I will certainly convert to wordpress…

Cannot get the contact form to work – getting the following error message:

Method Not Allowed The requested method POST is not allowed for the URL /contact.html.

Not sure what you mean – it’s an html theme so there’s not really anything you have to do as it doesn’t ‘work’ without any server side scripting, aside from the page loading of course… You have a link?