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Impressive work mate, well done! Best wishes! :)


Congratulations, this just looks great! :)

Appreciate it: )

This is on FIRE!

Glad you like it!

perfect – 1000 Points! Than you very mutch … wish all the best! :)

Appreciate it : )

Amazing! Love it! Just perfect. But i prefer WP version. Any plan for Wordpress version?

Good luck with sales!

Hi there,

thank you !

Yes, a WP version of Cartel will be provided.


Do you plan to release a Wordpress version of this beautiful theme?

If not, is there a way to install it on a Wordpress structure??? I have no idea how to use a non-WP theme on WP.

Thanks, Sebastien

Hi there,

yes we will


stylish, thumbs up!

Thanks AkinGn, Appreciate it!

hello, i’m very interested on this theme, are you planning a wordpress version?

Hi there,

yes we are,


great. As many other here, can I ask you when you’re planning to release it? few days? weeks? tnx in advance, i’m evaluating the waiting for a new project we’re starting

Great template. Would love to see this in WP. Do you have plans to port it as Wordpress Theme? If so, how long till we can get that version? I’d be willing to pay a little extra upfront for that process to happen quickly.

Hi there,

thanks for the comment, yes we will create WP version too.


I just purchased this theme I love it, will I have to re-purchase it though when the WP theme is released? I’d really like that one instead, sorry new here to themeforest.

Hi there,

unfortunately yes.


understood, not a problem. One question though and that is how do I edit the blog section? I didn’t see that on the help website but everything else you have great information on thanks!

This looks great. (!) Will probably zip through one that links out to a wordpress storefront for client updates. Question: Is there a photo gallery widget anywhere (besides the main slideshow)? Thanks!

Am I the only weirdo left that prefers html? Love that you have one in html! Cheers!

Hi there

a gallery can easily be created, you can just list up thumbs and use the lightbox plugin that comes with it which supports images and video.


Cool. Thanks. Is there and example anywhere that I just overlooked?

hi there. i am planning to purchase this layout. is this website layout? is it use for web hosting? how should i play with this layout work? :)

Hi there,

yup you’ll need hosting. You can edit using software such as Dreamweaver or something similar. Some HTML knowledge required.


will i get this for $15?

Two versions

Black and White


Epic fullscreen slider with touch swipe support by UDTHEMES that allows for custom captions, different effects (left to right, top to bottom, fade). Set different effects for desktop and mobile.
Flex slider with custom captions

Epic fullscreen background

Easily set fullscreen backgrounds to any page.

Masonry Homepage

Display your work like a pro.

Custom image captions

Showcase your work in style with Cartel’s custom captions.

Awesome hover effect

Set rollover effects with the Epic hover plugin.Easily choose to use a logo or text caption, set opacity, transition speed, colors and more.

AJAX Contact Form

Sleek AJAX contact form with form validation.


Fancybox light box with custom captions.

PSD files

Full source plus invidiual PSDs for all sections.

Well Documented

Extensive documentation.

Supports Major Browsers

Supported by IE9, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari.

note: some CSS3 styles not supported in older browsers

can be hosted after few modification? the moment i purchase this for $15 i can start hosting this web with domain?

Hi there,

yup you get all of it for $15. Yes you can start hosting it right away, you will of course need to set your own images, as the images are not included in the download.



Great work! Please make the wp version a little bit wider :) and inlcude a cusotm url setting for the images with hover effect on the mainpage…

I also realized that your themes miss sometimes the social aspect. I think a line of fb,twitter, google, pinterst buttons with on off function on several places in the theme will be great.

Im waiting :)


Hello, let me know when WP (black) version will be ready for purchase. Thanks

Hi there,

will do : )


hi, great template! One question: how to change logo in the picture on mouse_over? I don’t want logo, only magnifer icon.


Hi there,

you can specify the url of your icon directly in the link or text. You can variate should you want to as well.


yes i found :) txh


I’ll buy it for sure if I can add third level menu items. Is this posibble?

Thanks in advance

Top work and easy to edit!! Great work.. ust a quick question, when on image slide show or prior to video load it shows the “Cartel” logo, where do I change this? can not find it anywhere?


Hi there,

simply replace the logo-common.png in the images folder.


awesome… thanks for swift reply! :)

Great Template ! I love it.

Do you know when the WP version will be available ? I’m waiting for it !

Hi there,

all I can say is that it will come : )


Hi, Would i be able to make this full page width without and add more columns easily?

Hi there,

are you ref. to the grid of the homepage? or the inner pages?