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Congratulations nice work. Good luck dude!

thank you very much :)

One thing: on a mac I tried to scroll down the page and the slider just flicks to the next one.

Not user friendly. Sorry, just wanted to point it out :)

LOVE the design thou.

Here it is working well , check ur pc or connection i think thery are very slow

its due to by mouse wheel enable :) now its ok only in demo

There is no Mouse Wheel Scroll ability over the Homepage slider in Chrome Browser. You may want to disable Wheel Scroll as navigation for the Flexslider, there is no way to get down the page unless hitting keyboard down arrow or pagedown.

But nice theme otherwise!

thank to tell me , it mistaken enable in demo i fix that :)

Really good looking e-store. I wish you many sales!

is there an option to make the theme background black with white text rather than white with black text?

with the little bit change in the css and choose the color skin you can do that ,You can also get the support for customization :)

Where is the “dummy content” xml file? I cannot find it in the full download.

Hi, i am from argentina i want to buy this template but i want to know if i can change the add cart, to another button that goes to a form to contact me, because i dont want a shop i want it for corporate gifts.

yes its is possible with little customization , i can do it for you :)

Hello, I love this theme, but I’m afraid it doesn’t have internal pages. Can you confirm this for me, asap? If possible, show a print of the page, please!

which pages , you can check the demo , according to you which template is missing ?

its contain all the pages , blog , single blog , archive , shop , single product , product archive and many more :)

I’d like to see a simple page. Because I’m gonna make a page “About us”, for example. Did u get it?

I’m about to buy this theme, just need this example ;)

the “three predefined skins” layout is different to the demo. is it possible to see “predefined” skins demo?

yes u can make about us page and choose any skin from theme option , if you are not able to do that i will give u refund :)

I think the above reply was meant for the guy in previous comment. my question: is it possible to see “predefined” skins demo?


When installing this theme and trying to activate it I am getting this error

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class OAuthException in /home2/mbheatin/public_html/test/wp-content/themes/carty/oauth/OAuth.php on line 8


we already talk on it , its cause by your hosting problem Not my theme :) Solved

Hi, The Demo XML file is not working. Can you send me the xml file to my email?

Thank you.

what is not working in the xml file?

Images are not included in the package , already mention on theme profile

The slider text is not showing. Any ideas?

I make a reply :) please check

The demo data was not included with my download. Please advise.

are the home bottom widgets just text widgets?

No only about us is a text widget :)

I might use the list view on the product page as default. What can i do?

i will add this functionality in my next update , In few days :)

Hi, Great theme and I just got the site going..is it possible to remove the stripe overlay on the images in the homepage flex slider? Thanks

yes its is possible in css/flexslider.css remove the following style from line 26

.flexslider .slides li:before {position:absolute;background:url(../images/pattern.png);left:0;top:0;content: ”.”; display: block; clear: both; line-height: 0;width:100%;height:100%;z-index:1;opacity:1}


I don’t understand what these psd file are for… are they just reference, I thought they would be templates

Hi update is available , you can re download your package :)

I have the update, still do not understand function of psd files?

Is there a way to make room for a bigger logo at top of page?

You can edit the style.css for that :)

I tried bigtreat, but it doesn’t seem to work with shoving the main menu down into slider image area, can you give me a hint of what line it might be in the style.css