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like your idea

Thanks! Let’s see ifthe swap concept takes off :)

Good Job, I Like It, GLWS ;)

thanks a lot :)

Class! congratulations!

Shokran :)

absolutely love the design and layout… would buy it in a heartbeat as a wordpress theme. bookmarked and author followed.

thank you very much for the kind words, we should have the WP in January inchallah Enjoy your w.e and thanks again for dropping a line Cheers UOU Apps

Awesome work !

thank you very much :)

Hi, sorry for the delay we’re having some days off until NYE, i think it will be ready end of January, we’re doing it as a partnership with a developer so it will be published under his account but we’ll keep you posted Cheers UOU Apps

Just amazing. Congratz.

Hi Taurus, sorry for the late reply, we’re having some days off until NYE, thank you for your kind congrats, Wishing you a happy new year, Cheers UOU Apps

This is nothing short of awesome. The UI looks amazing. Is there a wordpess or html version though?

Hi thanks a lot for your message, CASA is actually my favorite of all our items, i’m waiting for HTML to be ready hopefully next week, I handled it to a new coder so I’m curious to see the quality of his work. then he will convert it to WP will keep you posted Cheers UOU Apps

Looking forward to having the WP version! Thank you, UOUapps!

almost 3 weeks…when do you think the wordpress will release? :)) Thanks :-)

HI, html was published almost a week ago, we’re still waiting for approval (i even opened a thread in the forum to know what going on) As for wp i cant give a date yet it will take 3 weeks approximately to have it ready but we need to start when we-re done with other themes priorities hopefully in the next 2 weeks

Cheers UOU

Nice work. Are you planning a WP version of this design?

Hi, thanks for your kind message, yes we will try to compete in the real estate contest using Casa, once we’re done with the Church theme contest we will start with Casa