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Wow, this looks really good. I have been waiting for a WooCommerce theme with video. Can I ask if it comes with the video shown on the demo site?

No problem Dopson, ask away!

Yes you can select to full width images, or video or even from a range of installed patterns – very cool.


Just bought the latest version of Casablanca and it is fantastic. We have built our site with it in 2 hours flat!

Great work guys

That’s great news Dopson, thanks for that.

Send us a link, send us a link, we wanna see your site!



Great looking theme guys – good work!

cool theme, looks good. is there a catalog mode also? i need the style for a real estate website. shop as portfolio without price… thanks

Thanks – Alot of love went into this one! You could use a catalog mode simply by not adding prices to products in WooCommerce :)

Good job!Good luck :)

Great name , great file.
Kind Regards,

Good night. A great theme. I especially like the single product page. I will include a guide of sizes. And the + – of quantities would give less importance.

  I’m considering buying a clothing store for women. But first I would like to ask:

  1 – Has contact form?.   2 – It is possible to add whislist?   3 – it supports visual page composer or similar?   4 – It is possible to zoom product?.   5 – it is possible to header menu fixed?

Thanks and congratulations.

I’ve been watching your blog, and portfolio and I love your work. It is noted that puts a whole lot of love. :bigwink:

Hello Diegodp

Thanks for the kind words about Casablanca.

Here are the answers to your questions:

1 – There is no built in contact form. We recommend Gravity forms by Rocket Genius or Contact form 7 by Takayuki Miyoshi. 2 – There are some wishlist plugins that will work with our theme. One that looks good is 3 – Casablanca uses shortcodes. 4 – No, but there is a modal window pop up that appears when you click on the main product image in the single product view. You could change the code to make this image larger than the main product image. This would, in effect, be a zoom. 5 – No, this version of Casablanca does not have a fixed menu.

Thanks again – feel free to ask any more questions.


Very nice theme. This might be a very simple quetion but does the theme support full width images? I was looking for something similar like the store locator but of an image and on the body of the website like the homepage.

Thanks in advance. Cris

Hi Cris,

Thanks for that. Yes, indeed you can select either a full width pattern, full width image, full width video or a banner slider.

We’re glad you brought this up ‘cos we’ve realized that we don’t make that very clear in our description of the theme – we’ll fix that!

Thanks again


You mentioned before: “You could use a catalog mode simply by not adding prices to products in WooCommerce”

Is there an easy way to hide all the ‘add to cart’ and the cart buttons? etc? cause actually I would like to show the prices,.. but use the website as a catalogue… Just not give the option to order anything,...

Hi Ontwepoost

There is a really cool plugin for WooCommerce that allows you to run it as a catalog.

Have a look at – looks good doesn’t it?

I hope that helps, feel free to ask any more questions.



Hi, is there a demo file for this theme? Like for the pages, etc?

Hi Sabrinasg

Thanks very much for purchasing Casablanca. There isn’t a demo file but we’d be happy to help you or answer any questions you have.



Want to buy this minute. Glad I waited. -Can the sliders or carousel show on mobile? -Will this work with a mega mobile menu ? -Can you please show an example page with a form that has checkmarks and radios? -Can any woo elements be selectively sown in the loop items? ie price, name, attribute, review, icon, button. -Can that shadow come of the categories widget? -Can the image animation be changed ? -Any sidebar option? -Will more than 3 filters ft? -Can the filter text style be changed? -Can any other content be shortcoded on the woo pages without conflict? Would like to have like different headers/sliders on certain pages possibly via other plugins.

Thank you : D

Hi StacySmith

Thanks for that. Here are our answers:

4 – You can only see the price when you click on a product.

5 – Do you mean the semi-transparent background? If so you can change this in the CSS file if needed.

10 – Do you want an image to appear at the top of the single product page? We don’t have an example of that I’m afraid.

11 – Yes there is an option for that in Theme Options called “Pattern Overlay”

I hope that helps. Feel free to ask any further questions.



4- Sigh. Sale balloons and reviews are very call to action. 10-Do you mean you’re not sure if a picture or shortcode on the main wo shop pg would work? Hoping for at least a definite that this wold be possible. 12- Sry but this one admin image isn’t very telling and it’s a little blurry where it is. 13-Can I change the products archive to 3 columns with bigger pics? 14-Is it easy to implement different css image effects? 15-Can the sizes fields on the single product page show the terms like the categories, not as options ? 16-The filters don’t seem to use the multiple selection for terms to choose say two colors. Also does this still let me choose which to be AND or OR. 17-Will the single product display fields work with Marketpress ? Usually woo themes show marketpress products ut the product page is not templated the same at all.

Hi StacySmith

Thanks for that. Here are our answers:

10 – still not sure what you want to achieve here. Do you want an image to appear at the top of the single product page?

12 – Here is a link to our documentation that lists the theme options:

13 – You can change the number of products shown on the category page via theme options but not the number of columns. You’d have to do this by editing the code.

14 – That depends on your CSS chops!

15 – Do you mean no drop-down list?

16 – the filters work independently, you can’t use AND or Or

17 – Casablanca has not been tested with Marketpress

Hope that helps


Too sad i don’t need this theme yet, just want to say it looks lovely! :) hope to use it soon!

Thanks very much nicolecurioni – glad you like it.


Hello, I love the way you present the products down seems very simple for the user and this is great.

but I have many questions:

1. video not understand that talk in the thread? 2. when possible to filter the products by category would put visible price? 3.será it possible to filter by price range? April. Select Product can an article of the same product by size ie

1 size s 1 size m 1 size xs 2 xl tall

on the same screen or should I make a purchase by each

Hi Carlocastillog

Thanks for your interest in Casablanca. Here are the answers to your questions:

1 – Not sure what you mean here. Do you want to know what the video options are? 2 – No the price is not shown on the category page. 3 – Yes, you can use the WooCommerce Price Filter with Casablance. 4 – You will need to purchase each product variation.

Hope that helps – feel free to ask any more questions.


hello, already have the new version of casablanca? what are the options and video? one could remove the video and let a background image?

Hi Carlocastillog

For the video background you can use a YouTube video. Alternatively you can upload a still image for the background and have no video.

Another cool feature is that you can have the background still image load before the video. This is how the demo site has been set up.

Hope that helps. Feel free to ask any more questions.


I just bought this theme and it seems that there is not an option to change the back ground or any documentation on doing so. This really limits me because the products I sell have nothing to do with the videos you have provided. The main reason that I bought the theme was for the video background.

Hi smhillin

Thanks very much for buying Casablanca – hope it helps you make a great site.

When you say background do you mean the header background or the entire site background?

If it is the header background, we are going to release an update shortly that will allow you to choose different videos.

Thanks again


:shocked::shocked::shocked::shocked::shocked: Someone explain to me that I do not see video speak no videos.

Hi Carlocastillog

Do you mean you can’t see videos on the demo site? We’re making a few changes and will release an update very soon.


Hi BACreative,

1) Does this theme with full demo data install? so we can purchase the theme, install – flick a few buttons and have it looking exactly like the demo to start with?

2) Does this theme come with a child theme as part of the downloadable package so as to change css and not overwrite after any update

3) Is there an option to choose a tabbed checkout as opposed to the one page checkout

4) Would it be possible to allow the feature to display prices in some shape or form when browsing the catalog products

Thanks in advance!

Hi Guys, any eta to have the above answered pls? it does feel as though my questions have been skipped, would like to use the theme subject to the answers.

Hi RishP

Really sorry about the delay – we completely overlooked this one! Anyway here are our answers:

1 – No we don’t have any demo data but it does only take a few click to get it looking like the demo site. We have a ‘vanilla’ installation of Casablanca here so you can see how it looks straight from the box.

2 – No this theme does not come with a child theme.

3 – No Casablanca only has the one page checkout option.

4 – Not with this version. At the moment you have to click on a product to display the quick view information including prices.

I hope that helps – please feel free to ask any further questions.



Hi Pete, thanks for the reply buddy – great support there.. I’m going to buy to play with it – beautiful theme.

Do I have to install the woocommerce part? I’m confused, how do I make a product page? Install woocommerce as a plug-in?

arr having serious issues with the theme… background header image is not changing, even when I reset to default

Hi Jarrensmith

Sorry to hear you are having a problem with the background image. Can I ask if you are using Casablanca v1.1 – we released this latest version a couple of days ago.



Hi BACreative

Love Casablanca! What a great theme!

We going to use it for 3 different websites (we’ll buy 3 copies I promise!) and I want to know if you think we can make it look different and unique easily? We don’t want our customers thinking they have the same site as other clients.


Hi Pgiulia

Thanks very much for your comments and for buying Casablanca – looking forward to 2 more sales from you!

You asked a good question and I am pleased to say the answer is yes! We have experimented with different color schemes, background images and typography and you can actually create very different websites using Casablanca very easily. All the changes are made in Theme Options – no need to dig around in the code or CSS files.

Hope that helps – feel free to ask any more questions.

Cheers Pete

Can I choose a custom youtube or vimeo or self-hosted video or photo in background? Thanks

PS: do you provide additional (paid) design / code development for extra functions or requests?

Hi Tairlanz

Yes indeed – fully compatible with WP 3.8.

And we would certainly consider additional work. We’re are web design business based in Brisbane Australia and have an in-house team of web developers.



Wonderful. I asked for 3.8 since it wasn’t in the description :) I’ll buy and contact you for additional coding. Thanks a lot !!