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I’m curious about your “slick quick product view” feature. It’s certainly very slick, but from what I can tell on the demo, it still doesn’t allow for quick purchasing (at least not for products with variable options). Am I wrong?

excellent, I will check out the demo right away

actually, that isn’t what I was looking for. I was hoping that the quick product view would include the ability to select your option and quickly add it to the cart. If you check out this demo you’ll see what I mean. Demo

Ah, yes I see what you mean. Casablanca doesn’t do this I’m afraid. Although it looks like Tyrion doesn’t do it quite right – try the Dr Boots product, it doesn’t seem to let you select a size and order.

nice work!!! Is this theme compatible with WPML? thx

Hi artdesignlorenzen

Thanks very much.

Not directly compatible with WPML – at least not this version!


I’m liking the looks of this theme and was thinking about using to sell photography. I was wondering if there was an option for a fullscreen image slider for the background?

I was also wondering if it was a theme option or would it be a css modification to make the white background on a lot of your pages be more transparent to let some of the background image/video show through?


Hi roos3342

Thanks for your interest in Casablanca. The options for the header background are, full screen video, full screen static image or a slider that can be different dimensions but has not been setup as a full screen slider.

There is a theme option to vary the opacity of the video, but to achieve the effect you are after you’ll need to play with the CSS.

Hope that helps – feel free to ask any more questions.



I can not upload the “”. I get an error.

when I upload the template about the FTP, I can ACTIV the template, but it is not the design I ve see in the screens.

I have download and install many templates from themeforst. I only upload the ZIP file and all plugins etc. install automatically.

Please help!

Regards, Eddy

Hello Eddy

Thanks very much for buying Casablanca, sorry to hear you are having trouble with the installation.

Could you let us know what error message you are getting?

When first installed the theme will look quite a bit different to the screen shots and demo site until you add pages, products, videos, images etc.



Hello Pete,

can you give me your email? I need little bit help.

Best regards, Edd

Hi Eddy, You can contact our team by heading to our marketplace profile ( and using the contact form at the bottom right of the page. Thanks!

I am struggling with installing this theme. I keep getting an error that says, ” Are you sure you want to do this? Try Again.”

I have increased limits such in my php.ini but I’m still getting the message. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Equest

Thanks for choosing Casablanca, sorry that your having a problem with the installation.

It is a pretty big file so you may want to try installing via FTP. Have you tried this?



When viewing the cart, if there is an error when using the coupon field, the alert window shows up transparent and at bottom of site under the footer. You can verify this in the demo as well, so I know my site is not the only one.

I am on a Mac, using FF or Chrome.

Hi rigbydesigns

Thanks very much for buying Casablanca.

Sorry to hear you have a problem with the coupon feature. We can see exactly what you mean – good pick up! We’ll fix it and issue an update. The good news is that the issue only occurs if the coupon code is not valid. If you enter a valid coupon code it works fine. You can test this on the demo site by using the coupon code 123.



Hi Pete, I fixed the problem on my theme with the following: 1) Removed the following code from the html-foot.php: <?php if( isWooCommerce() ) {

global $woocommerce; $woocommerce->show_messages(); } ?> 2) Moved this code to the same block as the coupon code field itself. 3) Changed some CSS in site.css to help it align better with the error messages: .alert-box { clear: both; border-radius: 3px; background: #bebebe; border: 1px solid #7e7e7e; margin: 15px 0; padding: 15px; position: relative; text-align: left; } .alert-box.secondary { background: #f7f7f7; border: 1px solid #F1F1F1; } .alert-box.alert { background: #ff8080; border: 1px solid #ff8080; color: #fff; } .alert .close { position: absolute; right: 8px; top: 6px; } .alert-box .woocommerce-error.icons, .alert-box .woocommerce-error.icons li { margin: 0; list-style: none; text-align: left; } .alert-box .woocommerce-error.icons li i { margin-right: 10px; }

Feel free to use as you see fit.

Cheers! Steve

Thanks very much Steve

Very nice! Is it translateable?

Hi nakednipple

Thanks very much.

Do you mean is it compatible with something like WPML? It’s not I’m afraid.



Hi, I love this theme, very clean. However I’m having a hard time setting up the home page. I’ve followed all of the installation instructions however when I reach this bullet: Setup the home page by navigating to Settings > Reading within the WordPress admin area. From here select your front page to be a static page and from the Front Page drop-down select the Home Page template option and then click save changes.

I don’t have the option to select home for the static page. Home isn’t even located under pages in the dashboard. I’m not sure if it makes a difference but I did remove the video files when I uploaded the theme in order to reduce the file size.

Will you help me with this?

Thanks, Yvette

Hi Yvette

Thanks very much for buying Casablanca – glad you like it!

I think I can help you with your home page set up problem. It sounds like you may have missed the first couple of steps. You need to set up your home page first as a new page and save it. Then you can select it under Settings > Reading.

Hope that helps – feel free to ask any more questions.

Thanks again



i’m interested in purchasing the Casablanca theme in order to make a site//e-shop for a furnishing store. I like the aesthetics of the theme and i think it is possible to integrate with the furniture. For clothes the images of the products are all portrait, but for my purpose i need products in some categories to be in portrait and some other to be in landscape. Is this possible with this theme without causing any problems?

Thank you Alex

Hello Alex

Thanks for your interest in Casablanca. We think it will allow you to make a great furnishings store!

You’re right about the clothing images on the demo site being portrait orientation but we also have some products that have square images. If you have a look at the accessories category, you’ll see them. I have also just added a portrait product to that category so you can see how they work together on the same page.

Hope that helps – feel free to ask any more questions.



Hi, great theme so far! However, I have a couple of issues where my version looks different to your demo:

1. Quantity box:

My product quantity box looks like this on Safari and Chrome (not tested in other browsers):

2. Add to Cart confirmation dialog:

More urgently, after clicking on ‘add to cart’ on a product page, the confirmation dialog appears right at the bottom of the page like this:

I’ve got a fresh installation of WP 3.8 with no other plugins activated apart from WooCommerce 2.0.20. I’ve got theme version 6.4.0 and haven’t edited any files yet.

Some help would be much appreciated.

Thanks Duncan

Hi Duncan,

Thanks for the extra info! It looks like the issues you are experiencing might be because you haven’t disabled the WooCommerce default CSS styles. This is in the documentation, but in case you haven’t got the docs handy, you can follow the steps below to correct the issues:

Turn off WooCommerce default styling by navigating to WooCommerce > Settings and then unchecking the Enable WooCommerce CSS tick box.

This should fix all your problems in one hit :)

Let me know how you go!


That’s fixed it! I did see that in the docs but read “WooCommerce versions below v2.1” and for some reason thought I had v2.2.

Thanks a lot for your help. Great theme and fantastic support!

You’re very welcome DuncanMJA! Enjoy using Casablanca :)

I’ve downloaded both versions – all documents, as well as just the wordpress files; however, none of them are in .zip format to be able to upload/install to wordpress. I tried to create a zip file of my own, but it stops loading halfway and does not give any error sign/message. Other themes upload fine to the site.

Hi! It sounds like your host might be having trouble with such a large file being uploaded through WordPress. You can upload the theme through FTP and it will work perfectly :)

You’re welcome! Enjoy using Casablanca :)

Hi BAcreative,

I tried to change the logo size(”.span2”) on the style.css but it have been saved in another file called “bootstrap-responsive.css”, but when I change it and save it on my server the correction never happen! Am I doing it the right way?


I couldn’t find the right code(span2) for logo changes on the “site.less”. How could I make the right changes on it?



Hi terciofc,

You can make a new rule in the site.css that will override other rules for .span2 (eg. .span2 {background-color:red}), although I would suggest scoping your new rule within the site header to avoid causing any other issues with the responsive layout eg. (.site-header-content .span2 {background-color:red}).

Let me know how you go :)

Awesome! Thank you

Hi I have recently purchased this theme, its a great pece of work, well done. :-)

One slight snag I have. The search box on the top toolbar seems to use white text on a white background. Therefore you can’t see what you’ve typed in as a search word. Could you let me know what controls the text colour of the search box please, or alternatively what controls the background colour of the search box please? I would like to change it to Black text on a White background. But I cant figure out what to change…. many thanks for your anticipated help.


Dave M

Hi Dave,

Thanks for purchasing Casablanca – We’re glad you are loving it so far! Sorry that you have found a hiccup. It looks like it might be to do with the Colour theme you have selected in the admin – Can I ask which one you are using so I can get our team to fix this for you?


I’m using a custom colour setting. With the following colours:- Primary color – #cab1e8 Secondary color – #7257e1 Tertiary color – #9b9a9c



Hi Dave,

Thanks for sending through the colours you are using. We have fixed the issue and we are in the process of publishing an update to ThemeForest. I’ll let you know once the update is live and you’ll be able to download the latest theme files with the fix.


I’m using a custom colour setting. With the following colours:- Primary color – #cab1e8 Secondary color – #7257e1 Tertiary color – #9b9a9c

Excellent …. thanks BA….. brilliant support.


Hi BA,

From an SEO perspective, has this theme been worked with that in mind? It is beautiful and simple but we were about to use this for a long term project of ours, a new brand of shoes to be precise and we’d need to give the site the very best chance of being found. We have another which has done well since its conception. Any thoughts would be much welcomed..

Regards, Rish

Hi Rish, Thanks for checking out Casablanca – We’re glad you like what you see :)

Although we have built this theme with WordPress SEO standards factored in, we strongly recommend using a third party plugin like Yoast SEO ( to achieve max SEO benefit.

Thanks Rish – Please let me know if you have any further questions.

How do I remove the Recent Comments, Archives & Meta sections from the Posts page?

Hi Dave, The Posts page utilises the Primary Sidebar widget area. You can remove these widgets by navigating to Appearance -> Widgets -> and dragging them out of the Primary Sidebar.

Let me know how you go :)

BA….. Absolutely perfect, thanks. I’ve successfully removed the items I don’t require.

I just need the Search box on the top tool bar issue resolving now i.e. the White text in the Whitebackground.


Hi Dave

Sorry for the slow reply to this one – slipped through the net. Is it still an issue?


Hello, Thanks for the theme, I purchased it and when i install it, this message appears Are you sure you want to do this? Please try again.

i want to upload it on my local host.. Any solutions?

Thanks, Nina

Hi Nina,

Thanks for purchasing Casablanca!

You might want to try a manual install (rather than uploading through WordPress admin). To do this, you need to place the theme folder in the themes (/wp-content/themes/) directory, and activate it via Admin – Appearance – Themes

Let me know how you go :)

Thanks for replying..The problem is solved by deleting the video file from the theme folder for uploading.

Thanks Nina – good point! We’ve removed the video from the latest versions.

Absolutely stunning work. Could you help me with something? On your live demo of Casablanca below the header you have four panels that say “Accessories,” “Clothing,” “New Arrivals,” and “Sale.”

Could you tell me where I would go in the WP admin menu to create four panels exactly the way you have them in the demo? Thanks!

Hi ryanthomasgee,

Thanks for purchasing Casablanca – We’re so glad you’re loving it!

The four panels are generated from WooCommerce product categories, you can create these by going to Products -> Categories in the WP admin sidebar.

Hope this helps :)


No problem Ryan

Would you mind giving Casablanca a rating on Theme Forest please?



Hi, just purchased this theme yesterday and have a website I am very pleased with today! Super easy to instal and use – thank you for the great theme :) One thing, I notice in Chrome and on my Ipad the logo seems very small… what is the optimum size for the logo, so that it displays at a good size on all browsers / handhelds? Mine is probably a bit big at present. Any help appreciated!

Any luck…...? Thanks again :)

Hi Simone

Sorry for the slow response, but I have a solution for you!

In WP go to appearance>editor and then find the site-head.php file. Now look for the reference in this file to site-logo. You’ll see a reference to span2 a few lines before and a reference to span10 a few lines later. The span2 is the amount of space given to the logo area and the span10 is the space for the main navigation bar.

You can change these span values around until you get a comfortable fit. Just remember that the total needs to add up to 12. So I’d try span3 and span9 first and see how you go.

Hope that helps.



Hi Pete,

That worked perfectly! Thanks so much for your help, and fantastic theme :)

Cheers Simone

Hello there! Any xml file for DEMO? Thanks! :)

Hi nicolecurioni

Thanks for buying Casablanca – hope you enjoy using it. We don’t have an XML file at the moment.