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Hi there, I’d like to add an Instagram icon + link in the top header bar and the footer. Could anyone please talk me through how to do this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Ah yes, I see the problem. You’re telling it to use the theme’s instagram option but there isn’t one!

Can you hi-jack one of the existing social media options or will you need all of them?

I deleted Linkedin and then Instagram magically appeared! Thanks heaps!

No problem at all – glad you’re back on track.

Would you mind giving Casablanca a rating on Theme Forest please?



A bit frustrating. Does not upload sample pages. Followed instructions which asked for file ( which does not exist but Unzipped its equivalent. There is no xml sample install provided or ant other way to get these pages up.

causing grief as I needed to get this all done today.

Please advise.

Also is there anyway of removing the blog from home page as it is not needed.

Hi madpimp

Thanks for choosing Casablanca.

We don’t have any XML sample content, but we can help you out if you have some specific content creation questions.

To remove the blog from the home page you can delete the reference to it in template-home.php, i.e:

Latest from the blog

<?php get_template_part(‘templates/loop-blog’, ‘small’); ?>

Hope that helps


thank you :)

Just realized that there is no ADD TO CART button. How’s that? I mean, even in you demo, i cannot add any item in the cart? See

In addition, i would love to have my home page like this but looks like in theme documents is not really clear how to setup Home page. I’ve already create a slide, and select options for page layout, nothing happen, nothing is displayed in header… :(

And slide in home page is not displayed on Tablet and Smartphone :(

Hi Nicole

Not sure why the gallery columns aren’t working. We’ll look into that.

On the question of the home page slide not showing, this is part of the responsive design of Casablanca.



I see, but is really important for an e-commerce website that slider (which contains products) is showed properly even on other devices. There is anyway to make it visible, even if not in a responsive way?


I absolutely love this theme, and have one questions that would make it the perfect base for my website to work from. Is it possible to scale the entire theme down a little, so everything is not so big? Thank you so much for your time in advance! :)

Hi sibodesigns

Thanks for your nice comments about Casablanca.

Scaling everything down would be tricky, is there something in particular that you’d like to see smaller?



Hi Pete,

Thank you for your response! I mainly have a problem with the “blog” title and the width of the entire template. If everything can be made a little narrower that would be amazing. Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks! :)

Hi sibodesigns

If you know your way around CSS you could certainly tweak the styles in the site.less file (wp-content/themes/casablanca/resources/css). You could make the blog titles smaller. It would be very hard to make the whole smaller though – that would be a big job.

Hope that helps


Hi, I’m from Mexico, I would like to know if I can use this templeate coin pesos rather than dollars and how it works how to upload my products. thanks

Hi Alberto

Thanks for your interest in Casablanca.

Our theme is to be used with WooCommerce which looks after the shopping cart functionality such as adding products and changing currency. It is a great plug in and easy to use.

Hope that helps


Hi Pete sorry to bother you again, don’t you have a support forum? Would be easier and we will probably find the solutions by our own without bothering you so much :(

1- There is a way to make the slider show up in responsive design also? 2- Need to show the logo bigger than the default settings, where should i edit the code for that?

Thanks as always, 5 stars support Nicole

Like this

Btw, i’ve added custom attributes (size) to the products, but filter is not showing up any size option :(

Hi Nicole

Has this one been resolved now?


Logo still little weird but i dont care anymore. But Filter still with an issue, i’ve set up size and color, but only size is showing. Not sure why color dont wanna to be displayed.. so weird :/

does this allow for a photography portfolio?

Hi wahkeenasitka

Thanks for the interest in Casablanca.

We think it would make an excellent photography portfolio. In fact we have heard of several photographers using Casablanca.



Hi, Is there a dummy content that I can upload to get the demo?

Hi again.

I have major problems setting up this theme. I am very familiar with Wordpress and theme but this one is extremely complicated and the doc is very basic. Here is what I have

Impossible to get a home page template, products disappear on hover… What is wrong?

I would really appreciate if you could provide some dummy content so that we can at least start with the demo version. Thanks

Hello again Oliviad

Sorry to hear you are having some problems – let’s see if I can help.

To set the home page up you need to follow the instructions in the Home Page section of the documentation – here is a link to it

The likely reason that the products disappear on hover is that the second product image can’t be found. Do you have more than one image for each product?

Hope that helps – feel free to ask any more questions.


Hi guys. Really enjoying the theme. I have one question though and it’s most likely a very simple solution.

On the sample site you have a shortcodes page. For some reason I cannot get the grid system to display as required using the following as used on the github link you posted:

row … /column … /column

— Please help with this short code to be able to create columns on pages. I know it’s most likely a very simple solution, but your help will be much appreciated.

Thanks for the good work!

Hello again

I’ve just seen the email version of your comment and it has the full code example that you sent – themeforest comments strip them out.

Looks like you’ve got the wrong syntax there. It should be:


span size=”6” … /span

(just add the square brackets)

Hope that helps


Hi Pete

Thanks for the help. Another quick question. On the product page… when I select share to facebook (icon below the image) it doesn’t load… All other social platforms seem to load for the moment – only Facebook seems to be faulty/not load.

Is there anything I can do about this or is this a bug?

Hi Brenton

I think you have found a bug!

It looks like we have forgotten to add the site url to the share button link. We’ll fix this and issue an updated version of Casablanca. You can update your version by:

Go to Apperance>Editor>utils.php

Replace: <?php the_permalink();?> With: <?php echo get_site_url(); ?><?php the_permalink();?>

On lines 394, 401, 408

Let me know how you go



Hi Pete,

I only have 2 products appearing in the New Arrivals section at the bottom of the home page. I had 4 there yesterday but upon reloading the page today 2 of them have disappeared. Any idea what’s happening?


Hi Happyalanaday

That’s odd, unless you only have 2 products in your store, we can’t work out how that could occur.

However, in looking into your question we found a bug!

Turns out we had the New Arrivals ordered incorrectly – it was actually showing the 4 oldest not newest products!

We’ll fix this and issue an updated version of Casablanca, but to fix your version you’d need to go to

WP go to appearance>editor and then find the template-home.php file. Now look for the reference in this file to:

elseif( $NHP_Options->get(‘product_row’) == ‘new’ )

Below that you’ll see a list of attributes included the sort order which is currently:

‘order’ => ‘ASC’

It should be:

‘order’ => ‘DESC’

Hope that helps



Does it support Child Themes?

Hi junkajuju

No it doesn’t at this stage.

Hello Pete, btw I’ve added custom attributes (size) to the products, but filter is not showing up any size option – see here

Should i config something somewhere?

Hi Nicole

The options use the WooCommerce widget called WooCommerce Layered Nav. You need to drag the widget into the Product Filters section of sidebar and then select which attribute to use.

Let me know how you go.


Thanks as always (for your time and patience) Pete :)

Hi I’m a little confused about the slides in the header. What I don’t understand is if the slides that are shown in the header are brought in from an area you have chosen in the drop down in ‘slider options’ such as – ‘new arrivals’ what are the slides for in the menu? They are called Home Page Slides in the Theme documentation.

Thanks Emma

Hi Emma

I can see how you’ve got confused – we do have a lot of slider options.

Basically you can have a product based slider and then choose new, featured etc. Or you can have a Image Slider Carousel.

To select these options you need to go to Pages>Home and then select the relevant template under Page Attributes>Template in the right hand side bar.

If you have chosen the Image Slider Carousel option then the Slide item in the WP menu comes in to play.

Hope that helps.


ah I see, thanks :)

Hello. Do you recommend a certain size for the slides? Thanks.

Hi RGMattox

Thanks for choosing Casablanca.

We have used sliders sized 1170×464. This is how they look:



Hi Pete,

Is it possible to display the product name and price underneath each product?


Not easily I’m afraid. It would take quite a bit of redesigning and CSS work.


Hi Is there an easy way to add a favicon please? I’m a code novice so be gentle. ta

Hi Emma

There certainly is. It’s a WP feature rather than part of the theme functionality here is a link to some instructions:

There are also a number of plugins that help you manage favicons. Here is an example:

Hope that helps.


Line 7361 of site.css: background: url(http://localhost.... LOCALHOST!!!! WTF! Header background still image not working at all!

Hi nomadesign

Thanks for sending the link through. The site is looking great – making me hungry!

We can’t see the localhost reference in there.

We’ve also checked the functionality of the still image and it all works fine, allowing you to choose one of our our pre-loaded images or to upload your own.

On another subject you may have noticed that we have just issued an updated version of Casablanca that a bug with the mobile navigation.


Hi Pete, I delete localhost on css, no problem, anyway i modify PHP to put a cycle in home page. It will be usefull if, in a future, we can put custom CSS on Theme options to update the theme easily.

I’m glad you like our site!


Hi nomadesign

We have a new version of Casablanca – v1.3.3. That allows for custom CSS it is also compatible with WC2.1



Pete I have a big problem. My site is now live and sub-sub menu (so third level menu) is not displayed properly on mobile devices. The problem is that people cannot access to that pages (which are really importants because is the shop part of the site)

Here’s the screenshot:

As you can see under ONLINE SHOP there are 2 sub-pages and each page has other sub-pages (as you can see from the arrow at the end) but i cannot clic on them! How can i fix this? Is really urgent :’(

I Have used my Xperia Z, my clients has her iPhone 5 and i’ve also tried with my Phablet Asus 7

We are able to click on Online Shop, then the 2 sub menus are showed but when you clic on “Collection” for example, it disappear.

Se Screenshots…

Please please help :(

Hi Nicole

Sorry you’re still having problems with this.

The fix that we completed on Tuesday means that the sub menus are always shown. In your screen shots you can only see Collections and Product Categories. So it looks like you’re not seeing the latest version. Can you clear your cache and refresh and let me know if that fixes it?


It worked!! Fiuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!! THANKSSSSS PETE!!


Hi guys,

Loving the theme… however, do you know of a decent twitter feed which will integrate well with Casablanca, as there isn’t one provided with this theme? :(


Hi Media29

Great pick up! we can see those numbers now – thanks very much for letting us know, we’re looking into it now.



No worries. Do you have a fix for the iPad problem mentioned above?

Just looking into that one now.