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I love the Casablanca theme! However, I have a couple of issues I’m trying to resolve.

I would like my Shop/Product page to look like the Product Quick View in your Item Details. Currently, it looks like this: I would also like to remove the navigation at the bottom, as well.

Also, I’d like to figure out how to make the cart more prominent on my site. I haven’t figured it out yet.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Pete,

I’ve done everything I can think of to correct the problems, to no avail. Yes, I do have the most current versions of Casablanca, WordPress, and WooCommerce.

As far as my categories are concerned, I deleted the ones I had and created new ones. No change.

Do you have any other suggestions?

Thank you,


Hi Lynn

I think we’d have to look at the back end to see what is going on. We’d be happy to do this for you. You could provide details via an email to info at bacreative dot com dot au


Thanks so much! Sending it over now…


I’ve a question regarding the store locator. I inserted the exact address of the store location I want, but the Google mpa doesnt show up and the source code is empty between the div element with the id “map”.

Is this a known issue? Or do I miss something?

kind regards and thanks. :)

Hi robeyz

Thanks for choosing Casablanca.

We’re not aware of any issues or bugs with the store locator. We’ve just tested it again on the demo site and everything is working as it should. Are you using the latest version of Casablanca?



Okay, that’s strange. I love the theme so far, but I just tried again and it’s not working. Iam using the latest version 1.3.4. Do I have to install any other plugins for it? I run the theme on a test server so I cannot show you the site.

Hmm, I wonder if Google isn’t liking the address. Could you tell me what you are typing in – email me if you prefer via our author page.




Great theme, just a quick question regarding the dropdown menus, is it possible to have a 3 tier dropdown?

Thanks in advance,

Hi shapingcloud

Thanks for buying Casablanca – glad you like it.

Yes it is possible to have 3 tiers on the drop down. I’ve just dived into the demo site and set up a quick test to show you how it looks. if you go to the demo site at and then hover over the Store Locator menu item you’ll see the second level test page and if you hover over that you’ll see the third.

Hope that helps


Hello Pete. I am not able to get a video to appear in the header. I have:
  1. Updated the theme
  2. Updated WC
  3. Deactivated the plugins
  4. Tried various video hosts
Please advise, thanks!

Sorry, I went on a hike. Yes, 1.3.4. ‘Toggle the pattern overlay in the header’, check. Background opacity: 30%. What next?

Do I need to repost this issue?

Hi SimpleSysInc

Still no video in the header?

Could we have a look at the site? Would also be good to check the YouTube link that you are using.



Hi, I’m not able to checkout…

Hi sabrinasg

Can I check what versions of Casablanca, WP and WC you have please?


Having a problem with the mobile phone menu (not showing up)...Please advise see pic for example of what I am talking about. Regular mobile no menu selected With menu selected nothing shows up see

Hi dmjcoolest

Soory we don’t quite understand. Might need to see how you have set up the menus.

The Menu is setup fine on the backend with the primary navigation set with the menu you see on the full browser window menu (like you would see if you were using a laptop). However the problem lies with the mobile phone browser menu it is not showing up…if you look at the pics I provided above they are taken from my iphone and they are showing that when I click the same menu it doesn’t show up on the mobile browser?? Please help…


This one looks like a text colour issue. I recommend choosing a different colour scheme or setting custom colours.

Let me know how you go


Good morning, My question is simple but i´m new in WP… I can´t find the shortcode menu. Thanks for the theme! Asís

Hi asisnauta

Thanks for choosing Casablanca.

Is this what you need:

Hi there! Loving the theme so far but having issues with the “tabs/toggle” function…the first one works fine, but the center ones are showing up empty and the last one looks like it’s only halfway there. Any ideas on what could be going wrong? Here’s some screenshots to show what I mean:





Hi lindasanchez

how are you setting up these accordian drop downs?


Hi Pete thanks for the reply! I created a new template in the page builder, dragged and dropped the Tags and Toggles box (where I edited the contents of in that area) and then inserted the whole template at the end of my about page…does all that make sense?

I’m also having issues getting the filters to turn on…I created attributes, dragged the layered nav into the product filters widget and still nothing. see screen shots for reference.

Hello again

Think we’d need to see the back end of your site to figure out what’s going on there. You can email us via the Themeforest author info page.


Which Slider do you recomend? Becouse this theme does not have shortcode features…

Hi closemarketing

We have a slider feature built into the theme, but you could also use a third pary plug in such as revolution slider – this has not been tested with Casablance though.


i have a question, is there a possibility to view a category page ? it’s important for me, before i buy it..

Thank you,


Hi gildenlow4786

Thanks for your interest in Casablanca.

All Themeforest themes have live preview sites so you can try them out before you buy. Ours is at . There you’ll be able to see how the site looks including category page views.

Let me know if you have anymore questions.



Hi, thanks for making an amazing theme!!!

i have a question:

Is there any way i can limit the number on this part:

my site is currently showing all my category there and i only want 4, also is there a way to choose which ones will show there?

Many Thanks

for future reference, i found the cause of the issue to be from me editing the site.css externally then uploading it via FTP replacing the one thats there.

Hi Pete, is it possible to get the header to scroll down with the page?

It’s not a theme option I’m afraid so it would need to be custome coded.

Hi Pete,

Is it possible to add a graphic at the top of each category page?

Hi Alana

Not with a theme option I’m afraid.


Hi, I have a problem from 1 month. Once i purchased the theme, I installed it in a Wordpress locally on my computer. Everything goes right and i worked on the site and did all the setting and everything. Suddenly, when i want to enter the site: http://localhost:8888/wp-admin/ it goes blank. nothing appear. I tried hard to look for the problem and fixed it but it didn’t. Till i installed another wordpress that is worked fine and once i installed the casablanca theme in it, it goes blank as the previous one.

May i know what is the problem and how to fix that? It seemed that it is from the theme.


Hi nornona

Thanks very much for choosing Casablanca.

Sorry to hear that you have are having a problem with Wordpress. Have you got the site on a live server that we can see?


Pre-sales question:

The full product slider in the demo theme is floating left on the screen in Firefox 28.0, Chrome (Win7) etc. Is this a known issue?

Hi Mizzinc

Thanks for your interest in Casablanca and thanks for picking up that issue.

The product slider shows products that are marked featured – we simply hadn’t go enough featured products! Fixed now.



I did think that might be the cause.

Cheers Pete.

Hi Pete,

I have a few questions regarding the mobile version.

1. I’m unable to access the subcategories under ‘Shop’ in the main menu. There’s a dropdown arrow but I can’t click on anything.

2. The header is currently blank and grey. How can I add an image in there?

3. Is there a way to use a custom-coded homepage instead of pulling everything from the desktop version?

4. The product arrangement on this page ( has some rows with only 1 product on it instead of 2. Why is this happening?



Hi Alana

Thanks for the message – the website is looking good!

1 – Can i check what version of Casablanca and WP you have? Sub menus should work fine – you can see them at work on our demo site.

2 – If you add a background image – either one of the built in ones or a background custom upload – it’ll show when the video doesn’t show on mobile devices.

3 – Not with theme options I’m afraid.

4 – it looks like the thumbnails are different sizes. I recommend that you use the WooCommerce recreate thumbnail feature.

Hope that helps

Hello, my name is Aleksandr i want to ask before buying this theme

1- is it possible to make this moment to more beautiful?

2 – can i see how looks the gallery on posts or pages?

3 – on the main page we have “LATEST FROM THE BLOG” here we have image in ring, can i make it as square?

4 – what do you think about localization? is it possible?

best wishes

Hello. I really like your wonderful theme, but could you please help on several questions to make it better and more convenient to for me? I will be very thankful if you can help, here is the questions:

1- I want to insert a part of organization firm style, their icon instead of this Is it possible?

2 – Currently I have problems with fonts, Cyrillic fonts do not display correctly. For example now is installed PT serif (in Google fonts it looks like this, and supported Cyrillic and on my site it looks differently – How can I make this font to display correctly in Cyrillic? And a very important question about the header, can I use the Light or Thin version of the font? And in general, can I use the fonts which are not included to this collection

3 – where can I change the background color of the footer?

4 – A question about the color of the mobile version of menu. and the menu is just not seen in these color values

5 – where can I change the menu transparency?

6 – How can I change the pictures changing speed on more slower?

7 – translate some parts of the site is not possible, could you please help how I can do this? Here, for example, the «categories» and «quantity»

8 – as you can see on the previous photo + and – are displayed incorrectly in the Safari browser, but Firefox gives excellent variant How can I fix it?

my test site here

best wishes

Hi odinsite

Thanks for choosing Casablanca – hope you enjoy using it.

Now to your questions:

1 – this can’t be done via theme options I’m afraid, you’ll need to custom code it.

2 – We have only included a limited number of fonts within theme options to use different ones will require custom code.

3 – You can choose different colour schemes using theme options but if you want to just change the footer background you’ll need to use custom code.

4 – Yes you do have to be careful with your select of colours to ensure there is enough contrast on the mobile navigation,

5 – this can’t be done via theme options I’m afraid, you’ll need to custom code it.

6 – Again, not a theme option I’m afraid

7 – These words come from WooCommerce – here is some information on using different languages with WC:

8 – We can’t replicate that problem – can you tell me what version of Safari you have?

I hope that helps


Hi Pete

1- Can you help me to find this php or css file?

2- Ok if I left the idea of ??adding a new font, but PT serif looks different in the Cyrillic version. Now I have it installed, and should not look like.

4 – Can I fix these errors in the code? can you help me find it?

8 – My Safari is 7.0.3 version

Just help me to find it, and i think i will change it, thanks for the answer

Hi Pete how do i limit the amount of blog items that appear on the home page please. I only want 4 but the amount that appears seems to be endless.

Thanks Emma

It stops at 6 posts on the home page. I’ve added more to test it. Is there a way of making it stop at 4?

Hi Emma

It isn’t a theme option I’m afraid, you’ll need to custom code it.



Hi Pete, I’ve added a new category and now it shows in the home page. I now have 9 instead of 8 so doesn’t sit well. ( I want to remove the ‘high summer 2014’ category. Looking at the arrays in template-home.php please can you advise me on a snippet of code which will not show category id 28

Many thanks,


Hi James

Sorry for the slow response. Is this still something that you need?



due to my client needing this sorting quite quickly I’ve had to delete a category so the new one sits inline. It would be good however to know how I can exclude a category from showing on the home page. I tried tweaking the arrays in the template-home.php but didn’t seem to work. I’m either tweaking the wrong bits or putting wrong code in.

Hi BACreative!

The theme looks great! but I have some issues with woocommerce and its plugins! I uploaded the last version of woocommerce and then i tried with 3 different zoom plugins to setup but i had no success with both 3. Its very important for me to show some products with a zoom feature, so i hope you can help me soon! The 3 zoom plugins that I upoladed are: 1) Cloud Zoom For WooCommerce (Official) version 1.4 2) WooCommerce Professor Cloud version 2.0.5 3) Magic Zoom Plus for WooCommerce version 5.11.15

Hi again!

Could you just answer my last request?


Hi fernandoalal55

Sorry for the slow reply. We haven’t tested those plugins with our theme. We’re in the process of reviewing the Magic Zoom plug in – I’ll let you know how we go.