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Does this work in Wordpress? If so, how is it installed?

nope this is html template which you can integrate to any of your application

Thank you for sharing

you are welcome :)

Thank you for this great bootstrap. Can you tell me, where i can change the color of the “loading” line, who came up when loading a new page.

I can’t find it. Would be nice. Many thx!

Dear Sir, I want to remove the animation on icon before every menu item on left column when hover mouse and move mouse out. How can I do that?

we do not support for custom code. Sorry

Wondering if you can help me something regarding the cascade template.

In the top-right of nav-bar I added some elements to the left. Now, when I re-size the window it wraps underneath the left-side of navbar.

There appears to be some css or javascript to hide right-side when width is reached, I cannot locate it.

I also sent you an email with screen shot and hope you can help!

Thanks for any information you can provide!

Wich license to Buy, in the case of a SaaS?

it depends on your requirement, do you sell the product to other customers or charge them ? if yes you need to buy extended license

First of all I want to congratulate you for your great theme.

But… Does it work well with jQuery Select2 plugin? Here it isnt working… The design is broken I the text field is readonly..

The notifications dropdown displays very differently on Firefox vs. Chrome and IE. Firefox displays incorrectly as it spreads items inconsistently across the widget. Can you suggest a fix for this?

Thanks for any information you can provide!

Is there any further support for Cascade template?

SUPPORT EXPIRED? Wouldn’t other new purchasers need an answer to this question? I’m sure it must happen to everyone using Firefox, no?

Hey rfossella, Sorry for late reply, Cascade is uploaded long ago and it will be really hard for us to update the theme at the moment.

how to post wysiwyg editor’s value in form ?


Netsyn1 Purchased

Hello, is there a way to get access to the PSDs after purchasing this template?

No sorry