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Looks clean and light i love it

hi, vijay, chala baundi, all the best bro.

Good Job, I like it, GLWS ;)

I am glad you, liked it. Thanks mate

Very nice but pls fix: 1. A White Notification 2. Dynamic Tables (Show entry and Search isn’t on the same line) 3. Menu Icons can’t click

sorry for less info and bad english it’s not work on both IE9 & FF25

yeah everything fixed please check

1)white notificiation : 2)alignment : 3)icons :

I am sure you can purchase the theme now and after purchasing please contact us through the following link , we can provide the fixes for the code. The changes are officially released with the next version ETA 5 days. Thanks for taking time to communicate with us.

There seem to be a problem with Notification list in the top corner using Firefox 25.0.1 (latest). Notification list is all scrambled in all pages and buttons near username are not aligned. If you fix this, this will be my choice of Admin Template :)

Hey, Thanks for mentioning the issues. We are on weekend so will fix the issues when we are back.

I have fixed the two things , it will be added to the release and if you need the fixed changes please contact us on our contact us page :

the main download files on themeforest will be updated very soon. But you can check the changes in the live. Once again thanks for mentioning them.

Hi, I like this, and will consider purchase

1) can you provide drag and drop widgets, with post back to asp MVC with Ajax call help

2) can you provide a sidebar with little menu items and sparklines to do drag/drop rearrange

3) its missing geoview /gis map view (Jquery)

4) for e.g. see features on metro nic theme

1) yes for sure , I can do it for the next version ETA less than 5 days 2) There is already a sidebar with small width and menu items with icons if you missed to see it. But if you are talking about something else please let me know I am happy to add it 3) sure added to the roadmap , consider it for the next version

Thanks for letting me know these, once fixed we will notify you

Amazing work! Good luck with sales! :D

Thanks mate!

Looks great, good luck!

Thanks mate :)

Good job!Good luck!! :)

Thanks mate :)


Can you describe the ways in which the charts can be fed data?


its simple , just define the array and then pass the variable to the plugin method. For eg

var d = [[0, 3], [4, 8], [8, 5], [9, 13]];

every plugin I used has the complete documentation with open source feature , so it is easy to use them.

Just purchased, but I did not know there is php menu builder before, its awesome, yet to try , I recommend adding it to the item description page, that would help us to make a quick decision. Building a menu with php seems to be easy. Quick question : I am looking for a feature of draggable portlets and image crop feature. I would love if you add them to the next version, they are pretty basic needs

yeah thanks for the suggestion
I have already added the list to road map, we plan to release the update soon with more features and front end. Thanks for purchasing my theme :)

pretty quick response. Thanks


How I can fix menu on the right side?

with PHP codes, its hided, whenever I click on menu buton menu covering all the screen, How I can set it?

I did not understand your complete requirement. Do you want to hide it completely? or something else?

I was asking fixed menu on right side of the web page. In your PHP codes, it’s hided already & appearing when I click button on the top left & covering all the screen. take a look on that… I used HTML codes & fixed my page thanks.

sure thanks.

This looks very nice, and I’d consider buying it for a new project. However, the date picker doesn’t seem to work for me.

Can you let me know if it’s fixed. I tried in both firefox and chrome. Thanks.

no rush, I can start all my other work around it!

good start

I’m having a little trouble making the form label fit with the login screen layout, but I’ll get it. THANKS!

I don’t really need the template for anything now, but I bought to support the sales and because you’re so friendly and you’re helping people who didn’t even buy it !

Best of luck with the sales man

thanks a lot bro :) I am glad for your kind message and support :)

Just noticed that I’m getting 4 errors when I validate: 3 images are missing and one file is missing. close.png, prev.png, next.png and less/style.less

The file could be a mime-type issue, but I can’t find those images. Can you help. Otherwise, template is fabulous to work with!

I also thought I saw a formatted file input box, but I don’t see it anymore….

No, input type=file – with nice formatted buttons attached.

can i install this on opencart? if so how to install?

This is pure html, css, jquery based template. You cannot do a simple install on open cart but you can modify the open cart source code and integrate my theme. Let me know if you have more questions