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is it support RTL languges?

Not yet, but we will try to do it in the next update or the later one. Its big change in the style though , so please provide us a bit time and we will update with the RTL version

RTL Version is released!!

is it support RTL languges?

Not yet, but we will try to do it in the next update or the later one. Its big change in the style though , so please provide us a bit time and we will update with the RTL version

RTL Version is released!!

Hi I am about to purchase your template. Looks great. But I have a questiion regarding to the wysiwyg editor. Is there a way to get the toolbar straight? it looks like the toolbar buttons are not aligned horizontally and also where you can choose an impage the button looks not right. I work with a Mac and it is not correct in chrome, firefox and safari. Please let me know. Thanks

I am going to fix it in next version, I dont really want to edit their core js file so I am planning for alternative but if you think you need wysiwyg, I can fix that for you , Let me know if you have any questions.

The following link is the alternative I am planning for , let me know what you think :)

please download the latest files, New version comes with the fix of wysiwyg editor and new login, registration, lock screen, password recovery pages

Hi, First, It is amazing theme but I have an issue. The Extended Modals are not working properly in IE 11.

Thanks for purchasing my theme, I am happy to help you with the issue. I will try to check it and fix it soon, can you please send me message on , so that once fixed I will shoot you an email. ETA could a day or two

I have just tested it on IE 11 and it works fine for me, can you please explain me more, or screenshots would do the job. I will try to get what part is really not working. Thanks once again for your time

Hello, I purchased your template yestarday, but i have some problems in IE and firefox, Firefox bug : form-group of screens.php page, IE all : deformation in all pages .


Tanks for replying, I need the single page screens.php, id you can fix the problem of the input forms, it will be great :) I have a serious problem in the IE & Firefox .

ok please send a message with the link below , so that we can follow up from there with your email id and files. Give us some time , we will give you a fix for sure :)

Screens page is fixed with latest update, you can download them now

Hi friend, Your design looks nice. I purchased this and downloaded everything and extracted the contents. Then I opened the html version and opened index.html But when it opens it alerts “Oops you are not connected to internet.” Whats the reason for that.. I’ve high speed internet and via that i downloaded the theme. Waiting for your response

I have added plugin which always checks if the internet is connected,

you are getting that error because , it checks a css file called failsafe.css from css folder. when you open index.html directly from folder it cant really check its url properly so I suggest you to open the files from the web server or disable the plugin until it is made production site. To disable the plugin for now

Open js/core.js

and find this code $.failsafe({checkUrl:’css/failsafe.css’,checkInterval:5000,chargeThreshold:80});

Comment it or delete the line for now and add it when you want the plugin again. Hope this helps , and thanks a lot for your purchase.

If you need anything else please let me know and also you can contact me on my Support site . It helps us to improve the support for my clients

Here is the link:

Ignore, my question. Stupid Mac OS owner didn’t know how to organize a finder window properly …. sorry bout that.

Documentation : you can find the documentation in phpversion or htmlverseion folder as a sub folder with the name documentaion

in php or html version , after opening that folder find a folder called js and then in that folder you will find a js file called core.js.

in that js file , you can find the line I mentioned in previous comment. I am linking you to live demo file so that it will be easy to get it

Could it be that in your last update ( marked yesterday on Envato site ) that the file is incomplete? -I don’t get this. could you be more clear on this or is this related to previous one.

if you still have any questions, please let me know I am happy to help you any time on anything regarding the theme :) Good luck

I purchased and downloaded this. I was surprised to find a lot more features than I saw initially. I did find a few bugs and when I came here to comment on them, I saw the author had an updated version with the problems fixed. No complaints here

Thanks for taking your time to give positive feedback :) please let us know if you think any feature is missing, we are glad to add it . Request here

Hi we have purchased this template. But honestly we really got stucked with the stuffs come with this. As an example we would like to include a graph on our home page. But we dont have any documentations from you regarding how to create that. Yes, I agree there is different chart tools. But no documentation about how to work with this. We can give you a full mark if there is some proper documentations.

I understand there is no documentation is provided for charts, but I wanted let you know that the documentation is provided only to start the basic page of our structure and for other plugins I used they are open source. Every plugin has its own documentation. If you can let me know about which plugin or chart you are asking then I can help you with the plugin links.

Some of the plugin links are provided for my old template archon , mostly they are used in Cascade . Here is the link for that

Please let us know if we can help further

I have having a strange issue. When I put any modals on any other pages, they do not load the css styling and appear half way off the page (on the left). This doesn’t happen on extended-modals.php.

I know it isn’t the code on the php file, because even if I just renamed the original extended-modals.php file to another filename it doesn’t work. Do you have any ideas what would cause this?

I searched through the js and css and the only reference I could find to that filename was for the search feature, and I added another line to that with my new filename “inventory.php”

I can provide you with a direct link to the file on my server so you can see the issue.

yeah I Understand the problem, there is a fix for the bootstrap 3 and you need to include this line <link href=”css/bootstrap-modal-bs3fix.css” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css”>

the css file link is

This will solve the issue :) if you still have any issues, please let me know. I am happy to help you always

Fantastic. That worked, thanks for the quick reply.

sure , you are welcome :)

if you find any feature missing or any more issues please let us know here , we are happy to help you :)


Tanks for you’r great template, I have a problem in the insertion of this jquery code in the template but it doesn’t work, can you help me ( is it a conflict ?) :

$(“a.impajax”).live(‘click’, (function(){ // on selectionne tous les liens et on d finit une action quand on clique dessus page=($(this).attr(“href”)); // on recuperer l’ adresse du lien varid=($(this).attr(“accesskey”)); $.ajax({ // ajax url: page, // url de la page charger cache: false, // pas de mise en cache success:function(html){ // si la requ te est un succ s afficher(html,varid,page); // on execute la fonction afficher(donnees) }, error:function(XMLHttpRequest, textStatus, errorThrows){ // erreur durant la requete } }); return false; // on desactive le lien }));

This code seems out of supportable issue, but I can still help you to fix it if you can send me the live demo link , on my contact page. Thanks once again for representing my hardwork :)

Hello, I am not able to find the rating system anywhere. Can you guide me?

I think you can achieve this, I have included different types of graphs please read their documentation. There are graphs in the demo with two different items used in single graph. Let me know if you need any help other than this.

are the ratings fixed? thanks!

yes its fixed already,you can download

Hi, i have prblems with placeholder in IE 11 on screens. Also a basic question i would like to ask how to handle the button in the form before submit and after validata.

Thank’s Oscar

we fixed this earlier but missed in the update, give us a day to update the main file on themeforest. Thanks for letting us know

Hi bootstrapguru … is it updated ? Thanks !!!

Can you please contact here? I will send you the files. We are little busy updating more features on cascade theme. I will send you the files personally

Hi Friend I found a little problem in top user bar. In chrome the notification icons are misaligned. But in firefox it looks fine.

Please have a look at it. Also let me know how can I change the theme color.

I see the alignment fine, can you please let me know the versions that you are using of chrome and firefox and also the device . I recommend using the latest.

For changing of colours or using less css files , you can check here. if that doesn’t really help you then please let me know I can help you more clear.

Thanks a lot for purchasing my template

Hi, why the timeline.php doesnt work? we are interested in buy that template but its not working!

Sorry, but we need it to know to continue with you or not, we dont like to press but we need to know the apparence to choose your template. Thanks!

sorry I dont get you, what exactly you want to know with us ? if the timeline is urgent in your project, I can provide the same timeline with my old template archon included in the new template. And I can send you that new files

If you need anything other than this, please let me know. we are happy to help you


Yes, thats we are looking for but with the Cascade styles. The colors and styles of the Archon are more lighter than the Cascade.

Can you integrate it? Or you are developing a new one? We are looking for something like that integrated with your cascade style (very beautiful):


Sure, thanks for that fast reply. Ping us when you have it! Thanks again!

We have finished working on it, we are still testing and add that to main files in a day

Testing link can be found here

Thanks for notifying , now its fixed.

Great theme, thanks! I am still busy with exploring it’s hidden features ;) I was wondering if there is a simple way or already a solution to link breadcrumbs to the menu-builder? This would be a great time saver.

hmmm this is a good idea :) I will try to do this in the next version, by the way our current update is in review will be released on monday I guess. after that I will plan for the feature you requested

Great, thanks!

- Show/hide layers stops working if @Demo part in right-sidebar is removed. - Open Sans defaults to Times on my Mac with Chrome – don’t know why – Safari/FF ok. ^ both at least with PHP version, didn’t check html.

This should be placed in your support forum but I didn’t want to register for YASF – sorry :)

Thanks for the removal info. Body background on line 138 of style.css: background:

url('') no-repeat center center fixed;
should imho be changed to a local source or a color.

I tried to find a changelog for the new version but failed to do so?

I am sure, its small css fix for background changing. by changing to something like below


the changelog can be found on item page

Hi, Seems like the new documentation folder (in v2.1.3) is missing a lot of files. Many missing css and js files reported and page does not load correctly.

Please advise.



Yep, that did it! Thanks!

sounds good