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nice effects.. good luck!

Thank you! :)

Super massive! Great work! Good luck for sales!

Thanks for the notification. This template is great. Good luck!

Very very nice!! I’ve just purchase it!! i have a small question: it’s possible modify the portfolio section to link the single item in this section not a image or video but an external site?? (i have a web designer portfolio!) thank you so mutch!!

Thank you! Would you like to open external site in the lightbox/popup or in new browser window/tab?

Do you think you will make this responsive in upcoming

Yes, if there will be requests for that.

Hope you will consider, I think this theme lends it self to being responsive,

i need another help :( i follow the video istruction to load the example data BUT …. the pages, the portfolio post ecc were load correctly but in homepage don’t show the slider!! ther is ever the loading animation!! please help! thanks a lot

Please watch this video, it shows how to set the slider.

for a first question: in a new browser window!!

I’ve just sent you an update with such a feature. It will be also available here for download.

I would imagine there is no way to do a blog with something like this? Otherwise I love it!

Great Theme :-) How can I delete the description of the photos in the portfolio

Thank you! It’s not possible right now. I’ve made an update with such a feature. Please send me an email via contact form in my profile. I’ll send you updated file in response.

If you’ve installed updated version, just leave portfolio item title empty, to not display the description.

my problem is on home page menu slider (about,portfolio,ecc) do not show nothing!! but ive load the example data and in the admin section of wp thera are all pages!! :(

Could you send me a link to your installation? You can do this via

i’ve send you link and access data! :)

Thanks, I’ve just replied to your email.

Works Great thank youuuuuu!!! Wonderful support, 5 stars!!

I have the same problem in my page, http://veronicaborgna.com.ar/portfolio/ Could you help me?

You are using below image in the slider:

I’m getting 404 error (not found) for it. Please make sure, that image exists under that location.

Very elegant. Good job and good luck with sales!

Thank you!

Im thinking of buying this few questions, can you add a logo where the name is? can you change the colours of the tabs? and can you change the site to white? thank you :)

Yes, you can put any html content in place of the name. There is 8 predefined tab colors. If you would like to use other, you need to change the color on the tab background graphic. I can prepare white version for you as a custom job. Let me know if you’ll be interested. Anyway you can use your custom background if you want to (there is an option to set it in admin area).

Perfect theme!

Thank you!

Hey there, awesome theme! I think i may have the same problem as loranz though. I can’t quite seem to get anything to load on the page. Just a forever spinning graphic. Any idea? jpsmaunder@gmail.com www.thejpsm.com

Works also on Chrome for me. Did you solve the problem or we have other versions of Chrome (my is v17)?

It was only loading the first time I’d open it in Chrome, and then not again for a long time. I just updated my browser and now it seems to work though, thanks!

I’m glad to hear that. Maybe you haven’t got at the beginning any published page. If you would like to give a feedback on item, please take a moment and rate it in your Downloads section.

Hi, I like the theme very much buy I would like to change the background to a lighter color (white, or light gray). Is it possible?

Thank you!

Yes, we are just preparing lighter version. It’ll be available in a few days. There will be an option in admin area to switch between dark and light version.

Hi, how can i change the Map coordinates

[cascade_map width="298" height="175" lat="29.760193" lng="-95.36939" marker_lat="29.760193" marker_lng="-95.36939"]
That’re all available parameters. lat, lng for map center, marker_lat, marker_lng for marker position.

Hi, thanks for the theme.

I imported your dummy content but am not seeing any pages appear at bradyswenson.info.

Any thoughts?


Please redownload the theme. There is an update, which fix that issue.