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Awesome template QuanticaLabs! :)


Many thanks. I really appreciate it.

Good template. wp version?

Thank you! I can consider WP version. Do you have any vision of that in a WordPress? Would you like to have it as WP VCard template or as “standard” template?

very impressive ;)

Thanks Chris :)

Hello, video can be inserted in the portfolio page?

Yes. Of course. Let me know if you need help.


Interesting theme … nice idea …

How easy are the pages to edit ? How flexible are the pages ?

thanks adam


Pages can be edited easily. For each of the four “tabs” there is assigned an html document that can be freely edited.

You can easily change the order of tabs on the home page just by changing the order of list items in index.html document.

yeah i would like to know if its okay to remove the “resume” page and change it to another “about page” easily.

It’s easy. Each “tab” is a single html document. All you have to do is to change its content to your own.


Is in that template working diacritic like “?š??žýáíé” ?

If it is working, then I’ll buy this template.

Thanks, Majkl.

Yes, it works. Template contains latin-extended fonts.

Great, I just bought it.

I’ve got still one question. How can I change your twitter usernam for mine ? I just cant figure it out.

Thanks for reply.


Please open file /script/main.js an change username (screen_name var in URL ) in the following line:

$.getJSON('http://twitter.com/statuses/user_timeline.json?screen_name=quanticalabs&count=5&callback=?', function(data) 

Let me know if this helps you.

Without a doubt one of the coolest vCards on Themeforest.

Excellent work :)


Thanks. Nice to hear, but I think that on TF is a lot better templates :)


i just purchased your lovely template and i like it alot.

My problem is that it doesn’t work for me on Google Chrome , it does work on FireFox and IExplorer.

Please advise.

Thanks, Shera.


Please send me private message (with URL of your page) from my profile page: http://themeforest.net/user/QuanticaLabs. I’ll check what is wrong.

Great template; I’ve spent all morning implementing it and really happy with the results so far!

Just having one little problem – I’m replacing the green portfolio page with more content, and I’ve copied the contents of the yellow page to provide a framework (and I’ve duplicated all the yellow CSS declarations I can see in base.css and renamed the duplicates to green).

My problem is that my green page won’t scroll down, even though the content of the page flows off the bottom, where the yellow page will. Is there some style that’s fixing the height of the green page that I haven’t found?


Could you send me private message (with URL of your page) from my profile page: http://themeforest.net/user/QuanticaLabs? I’ll check what is wrong.

Hi, really awsome theme.

I need some help, i’m trying to embed my tumblr blog into my site. I want the resume page to be my blog page. But when i try to embed the script <script src="http://myblog.tumblr.com/js" type="text/javascript"></script> it dosent show up on my site.

Can any body help me with that?


Could you send me private message (with URL of your page) from my profile page: http://themeforest.net/user/QuanticaLabs?

bought this! (:

Hey, I really love the look of this template!

However, I was looking through debug and I couldn’t work out how the contact form worked, does it write to a database or does it send an email to a specific email address via PHP ?

I’d definitely buy this if its PHP to Email!



Messages from contact form are send to a specific e-mail :)

It might be nice to add an mp3 player ;) Good luck for sales !


Yes. It could be a nice idea. Thanks :)

Would it be possible to have another tab added?

What about the graphic of that tab. Would I have to design that myself?

Hello again,

Yes, but we can do it for you as part of our freelance job.

We’re pleased to announce Cascade WP Theme with unlimited number of tabs: http://themeforest.net/item/cascade-personal-vcard-wordpress-theme/1763945


Great template, exactly suits my needs (almost)

I have added another box, adjusted the size and width, all works great on page load, but when I open one of the boxes and then close, then the 5 boxes now have a bigger margin and are way off to the right.

Where do I adjust this?

Kind Regards Richard


Please check your mailbox.

Hey, I can’t seem to get the E-Mail setup. I have read the documentation but it’s a little confusing…

I’m trying to setup my Gmail account, but what’s up with the ‘to_name’ and ‘from_name’ where are they used ? and also it doesn’t send any message… using the below settings.

define('_from_name','Lloyd Owen'); define('_from_email','lloydlewysowen@gmail.com'); define('_to_name','Lloyd Owen'); define('_to_email','lloyd@******.info'); define('_host','smtp.gmail.com'); define('_username','lloydlewysowen@gmail.com'); define('_password','*******'); define('_subject_email','Contact from Lloyd Owen');

How is it so complicated ? Normal contact forms consist of just adding your email address for where you want the email to get sent to … :(


Really? When you send e-mail you need to define:
sender (_from_name, _from_email) and
receiver (_to_name, _to_email).
In this case it could be one (and the same) account. If you want to use SMTP you have to define: host, login and password. That’s all.

Please send me private message with URL of your page. I’ll check what is wrong.

Great template QuanticaLabs.

Just one question – where the left and right scroll arrows on the sub-pages take you to the next tab, is it instead possible to make them take you back to the ‘home page’ state with the four tabs?



Yes it is possible :) If you are really interested, please send me private message.

Hi, Lovely template. Very elegant…. I’m struggling with my low level HTML skills to find a way to change the map reference in the contact form. Would you be able to tell me where I can drop a google map reference in, please.





Please open file /script/page.js.
You can set coordinate (and other options) in this line:

var coordinate=new google.maps.LatLng(29.760193,-95.36939);