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Hello I bought this item.

In the documentation folder there is an index file. You present the information as tabs . I like that.

Do you have an item I can buy to use it?? I want to present an info just as you did in that file , please let me know



It’s a jQuery-UI Tabs: http://jqueryui.com/demos/tabs/.
We modified some styles of this plugin. Thanks.

Hello Quantica-Team, one question about the formatting of content. In your example page you structured the content in two columns. Is there any shortcode for that in your theme? Thanks

hi i have installed and customized it, but when i receive an email from contact from

it doesnot show persian texts in email

what i see in my inbox :

Name: test

E-mail: sdkfsk@sd.fsds

Message: متنی جهت تست

what i fill in contact form:

Name: test

E-mail: sdkfsk@sd.fsds

Message: some persian utf-8 text

how can i fix this !!!


I just checked it (for Persian language) and everything works fine. Please send me access to your FTP via contact form from my profile page if you need more help.

ftp account has been sent to you i’m waiting to hear from you!

thanks for checking … ;)

Please check your mailbox.

Welcome First I would like to thank you all very much on your themes But greeted with a problem in all of your themes It does not work on Google Chrome Please I want a solution immediately


Did you buy my template?

yes 2 templates this and Monaco


Sorry I can’t verify you as my customer.

i take this template from my friend he bought it

So, please send me message from your friend account.

Hi. I’m completely new to WP.

When I try to upload the .zip file, I get an error: “Are you sure you want to do this? Please try again.”

What am I doing wrong?

Doh!. What do I do to return this version and download the right version? I will pay the difference.


Unfortunately it’s not possible.

Hi QuanticaLabs,

Congrats for the lovely and elegant design and for the support. I am having some trouble with the contact form, for some reason its not working. Also, how do I hide the password of the e-mail account in the PHP file? The URL of the site is: www.ik-law.com.


Dear QuanticaLabs,

Thanks for this wonderful theme. Cascade deserves every bit of $9 i have paid. I wonder if it is possible to put a background image (near full screen size, between header and footer lines without messing up styles too much. Btw, I’ll try to incorporate a flat-file cms under a tab to replace say resume as wp might be too much for me. (Like carrying 2 kgs of potatoes with an 2012 model aston martin as same can be done with a bicycle). anyway thanks again…

ps. i wonder if you intend to update the theme. (Like spam protection for contact list etc?)

regards, burak bryavuz@gmail.com


Yes, it is possible. You should create new wrapper (new div tag) around content section (<div class="content">) and set a background.

In the next few days I plan new update, but unfortunately it doesn’t contain this feature. I’ll add it in the next version.

Hi, I have one question about contact form – how do I add header “Reply-To” to email? Thank you.


Please open file /plugin/contact-form/contact-form.php and remove this line:


then add this:


Thank you.

You’re welcome.

This was a great layout. I couldn’t figure out how to integrate my twitter status to rotate like that.


Please open file /script/main.js and find a line:

$.getJSON('http://twitter.com/statuses/user_timeline.json?screen_name=quanticalabs&count=5&callback=?', function(data) 

then change value of variable screen_name in query string to your twitter username. That’s all.

Hi Quanticalabs,

First of all: this is by far the most stylish and smooth resume template i found. Props!

I am an absolute noob with building a page but I’m trying to upload your template to my Joomla (v. 2.5.6) site and i keep getting the ‘xml not found’ message. I’m starting to think the template might not be for joomla-sites.. Please tell me this isn’t so! :)

I tried it on all kinds of different versions of Joomla but they all don’t seem to work.

Could you help me out?


Unfortunately, Cascade isn’t designed as Joomla theme.

Thanks for the great theme! I have a question. Your theme seems perfect for swipe functionality for mobile devices. The theme looks great on the iPad so I started messing around with things and got swiping to work on ‘about’ and ‘resume’, but can’t seem to get it to work on ‘portfolio’ or ‘contact’.

Do you have any plans to add this functionality in the future? I can share what I’ve done to get swiping to work (pretty easy, just followed the directions here with a few tweaks: http://padilicious.com/code/touchevents/index.html).

If you don’t want to add this functionality to the theme, would you be willing to take a look at what I’ve done and see if you know what’s wrong? Thanks again!

My template is at timsresu.me

The link above is to the code that I implemented, it seems to have picked up an extra couple characters, so here’s the link again: http://padilicious.com/code/touchevents/index.html

Didn’t get a reply back, so again, my template is at http://www.timsresu.me/ The code used to add swiping is at: http://padilicious.com/code/touchevents/index.html


Please try to add your JS code into /page/script/base.js file. This script is loaded every time when the page has been open.

can you give example sitemap.xml according to example website provided with theme ?


Sorry, I can’t. I don’t have that file.

Like your wordpress theme, can I insert more 4 grids in home and grids of home page work like slider as same wordpress theme? Because your html theme demo contains 4 grids in home and there is no slider or more grids shown. Reply me at earliest because I need to take decision to buy it at earliest.


This features will be available in the next few days. I have prepared a new update for HTML version.

Thanks for prompt reply. Kindly give me idea how many days you would take? I need it. Could you inform me? Also tell me some live sites then I can get more idea about which type of content would be placed. I want to create my personal website.


New update is available.

Thanks for informing and updating. I purchased.

Many thanks.

Hey there, I’m pretty new to this but I just bought your template and I can’t figure out why my files don’t work in Chrome. Whenever I click on an option from the menu (i.e. “About”) I just get a loading screen that goes on infinitely. Any help is much appreciated!


To install this template upload all files from www folder into HTTP server. This template is based on AJAX requests (and PHP ) and it can’t works locally (without HTTP server).


Another question. I see you added a page ‘Interest’ with your new update. Is this available for those who bought the earlier version, too? It looks neat!



Yes, it is available, but the newest version includes many changes.