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Great first file! Good luck

Thank you very much!


Will this become available as a wordpress-theme? Good luck with sales!

Oh yes, I will make a wordpress version in the future. Thanks a lot!

Clean work! amazing! I love it :)

That’s very kind of you! ;)

this is nice… good luck!

Many thanks!

Good luck :) And Many Money ///

Thanks a million! ;)

really nice – did I see this on Forrst, or in the forums, before it got approved?

You’re right, I needed some help to understand where the problem was in my template. So item discussion topic gave me hopes to continue working on template in order to change it to better. I’m grateful to all people who commented, including you!

Brilliant work!! wish ton of sales :)

Looks very nice! Congrats on your first item by the way ;).

Good luck with sales :)!

gr8 work…

I would like to express my gratitude to you guys for your kind words!

Great work!

One question though: I’m trying to get a video up in the index instead of the images.

I actually have a bachelor degree in webdesign but i totally suck at HTML (I know :D). Can you maybe help me out?

Thank you!

Please write to me an internal email using my profile, giving me details about what exactly you want to do. If this issue is technically possible to solve with this template, I will surely help you.

Sorry, but how I change the collor Menu?

What I really want is to change all the colors blue to orange, it is possible? thank you

Hello, Yes, it’s possible to change colors. You can find everything for that in style.css file (using code comments like Top Menu, Header, Footer etc.). Tell me if you still have problems with that by internal email using my profile page.

Great! Mazaloo, tanks

Launched our site with this template ( I’m having a few IE issues with it and wondered if anyone could assist me. On the home page, the menus are appearing behind the services boxes, which I’d moved above the slider. I set the z-index on the services to -1 and the menus then appeared on top, yet the links on the images or text in the services box were non-functional.

On the talent page (, in IE only, the boxes break in the first 3 rows at 3 across instead of 4, and then the 4th row (there are normally only 3 rows) shifts the first guy to column 3 and the last two to a 5th row.

I’m pretty sure the 4th row thing is a result of varying lengths of the boxes above it, but if I adjust those to accommodate the 4th/5th rows, it screws up the layout in all the other browsers. So really just need to fix the column issue.

Thanks in advance!

I can’t seem to figure out how to get my Portfolio pages started. I seem to be able to only add one image per page and it doesn’t have the thumbnail option showing all addition work. Anyone know how to get this started? I thought the portfolio pages were suppose to be created templates already done. ?

Does the portfolio listings support embedded videos?