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Hi, thx for great theme!!! How to put the jpg with fade in instead of left to rifgt color bar on loader?

Hey there, I purchased the Cashemir theme through an Envato Bundle, and love it! I do have a challenge with activating both the contact_me.php and subscription.php files. I can’t get them to work properly, as in the subscription form doesn’t confirm or relay confirmations to subscribe, and when the Contact Form is used, it responds with “Not Found.”

What can I do to fix this?

Hi! Nice theme!! But I have a problem. I´m using the team video theme and I have a youtube video background, but the loop doesn´t work. In the initplayer.js, the value of loop is true.

How can I fix it?

Thanks in advance


Now is working!thank you!

Hello there, I have purchased this theme and everything works great except portfolio when it suppose to load project details. All files are on live server. I am using Personal – Video theme option. Please help. Thank you.


is there a list of all possible classes for sections, containers, etc.? I do have problems using the page builder. None of the custom sections seem to work at all… Please help. For example I would like to insert a kind of simple separator between different content. This separator section should be a Background image (companies logo scrolling through). What’s the class for using bg image? I really couldnt find a list anywhere. Also it seems impossible to add a section containing a accordion…

Hello..I have purchased cashemir template. I am not able to open projects in same index page. only link to single project is all projects are not opening in index page when clicked on them. Please reply as soon as possible.

Thanks. Regards Dr. Pratik B. Sheth

Good day . In order to work the portfolio – the template files must be on server – local or host . Thank you

1. I want to add new photos/box in portfolio which should display in their respective category but dont wont to show them in “all” section. How to do that?

2. How to add facebook like button in homepage.? i dont know where to paste code? i tried pasting code as shown in facebook developers page but then its not reflecting in home page. What to do?

3.I want to add some new contents on index page..i am typing in notepad code but its not reflecting in live preview.

4. i want to add social slider but its getting overlaped by other elements on home page. How to use this?

Thanks in advance. Dr. Pratik Sheth

I just installed it with quickstart, and is in Personal skin. How i can make it in Team skin/mode?

Hi there. I’m using the sticky video version. My menu’s items on mobile browsers (below 500 px) drop out of the line onto the page below. Can you tell me how help the menu’s repsonsive nature to allow the items to stay inline on smaller browser windows.

hi, I bought this wonderfull template but I did a big mistake – I wanted to buy version for joomla, but bought html… are there any options to get joomla version without buying for full price joomla version? Please make it possible… :(

Good day . You can write about refund to envato support.

Hello, can You send me links for video tutorials in documentations? There are private links, so I cannot watch it

Hi, just wanted to hide the ‘clients’ section but when I deleted the section in the html file (sticky), it changes the whole layout and make it messy. Can you please help? Thanks

Do you have online demo ? And try checked you site by validator

Hello, I need html Portfolio / Description of Cashemir. Thank you to send me on this email

hi kwst,

i installed the cashmir template with the sticky menu, but the responsive menu isn´t working. what should i do now?

kind regards, michael linkemann

Hey, There is a resume on the html5 version, is it there in the joomla version, cause I can’t seem to find it?


I bought the Cashemire Template. Everything works very good. But I´m not able to start the Background Video.

The video path on my Server is: /html/

I copy it in the Video Background Script:

<script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>

but it does´t works.

Please can you give a short support.

Thank you very much.

Yours Michael


Rokee Purchased


I’m having problems with slider in iphones and ipads, the scroll is disabled.

Can you help me?


Hi . Do you have online demo ?

Hello, using the Cashemir theme.

1) Can you please see the Our Work Area on the site? When you click on the areas: Print Ads, Collateral, etc., sometimes the areas where the creative examples are, do not open all the way beneath. This seems to only happen on the first load of the page.

2) Also, the main background Video at the top and suggest any ways to make this more responsive when re-sized. Showing black on top and bottom currently when resized.

kwst Author

good day . Sorry for delay . 1. Check our demo – everything works perfectly (maybe you made a mistake when editing html ) 2. In this case – themplate use the plugin (it works that way-I can not fix anything)