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wonderful template. excellent navigation. perfect design. I have some difficulties inserting the embed video in to my portfolio from my vimeo account. Could you help me with code to insert some videos from my Vimeo account to Cashemir template in slider mode and single project. It would be grate to wiew video in full screen mode in original vimeo quality I do not need ” All”, “Web”, “Design” and “Branding” links in my portfolio. I need only “Video”.

Good day . This template does not support vimeo video

It is realy a pity to hear about it. When I made the decision to purchase Cashemir template I have read that the template made for designers, photographers, illustrators, video producers and other who need…Etc I am videoproducer-videographer. 80% of my colleagues upload their work on, I too. How can I get my money back to buy another template suited my requirements.

You can use Vimeo iframes in single projects but not in home slider

hi~ I have purchase the theme, downloaded it, but where can I start with, is there any guide or something I can refer?

my purchase codes: 4cd3508a-baa1-4615-a7a9-a7be76c5ecc6

Hello . Copy files on your server . End edit them using your fpt client and read the documentation

I haven’t purchased this template yet but I’m thinking about it, but I haven’t used Joomla very much in the past, so is there like an instruction manual or documentation of how to edit the pages? I’d hate to buy it and have no idea how to edit it.

I put online the website. Portafolio grid work locally but not remotely

Hello Team,

I have uploaded this site, but I am facing problem while sending mails from contact page. I have updated necessary PHP files but not able to resolve it. It would be great if you have a look. -> (Get Quote)

Thanks a lot.

at least please tell me where to update the server details, I have updated into PHP files but still it is picking up “localhost” only.

Hi, you mentioned in a previous comment: “Of course you can make a contact form open by default” , so how do we do that? It is annoying that we have to click on the mail icon to open the contact form. Please help, it’s the only issue I am having. Thank you.

Any idea how to display the accents please ? Any accent in French will display a question mark… Please advise on how to fix that issue: please see screenshot here: Thank you!

hm very strange Oswald and Opensans – Support the French language . You can check :
1. Oswald :
2. Opensans :

For my portfolio, I need to add some YouTube videos but don’t know how. I checked your documentation, and you only explain how to display YouTube videos as background. I need to add it in the HTML that is associated with the project in my portfolio.

On the Resume section, when the Download Resume button is clicked, I’d like to be able to download a resume in pdf format. Can you please let me know how to do that?

Email is

Hello, how do I activate the “team or personal” option in the demo. I want it to look like two separate pages I want to choose one of these

Hello, how do I activate the “team or personal” option in the demo. I want it to look like two separate pages I want to choose one of these

Hello . These are separate html ffiles

How can i do it. Do I need to buy a separate package?

All versions of template in different folders : personal , team …...

Hi, Is there any way to “switch off” the “zoom” in mobile view? I’m mean I can scroll left and right in iPhone Safari, but if I zoom out it will be OK, and also it is OK in iPad. (I tried put “overflow-x:hidden” to the wrapper, but it is not the best solution) Thanks in advance, Thomas

Hello . Which iPhone? And which browser?

iPhone6s + Safari&Chrome iPhone7 + Safari&Chrome

Do you have online demo ?

I had Joomla Cashemir theme I am using Its great But backend pop ups are not working in any section (menu mnager, article manager,media manager etc)

“About me” row is placed on top of the “header slider” section. Any suggestions to fix that? Screen shoot: PHP-5.6.and Joomla 3.8.0

“About me” row is placed on top of the “header slider” section. Any suggestions to fix that? Screen shoot: PHP-5.6.and Joomla 3.8.0

Hi, nice theme. I would like to buy it, but navigation of demo doesn’t seem to work… Note: only the last Chrome has the issue.

Hello . Fixed .

i buy this template wrong i need this template in the joomla version :( help me!

hi, how can i upload any video to “Home Sticky Video” ? i tried all the night, another thing, how can i upload google map on the contact section ? thank you

Hello Beautiful Template I just have a little problem, I’d like to use the demo selection page as the language selection page. Please help me, I just paid the template Thank you

I paid for renewal of support but cannot post to the WP forum…

The video on my home page (, which had been working great, is suddenly not autoplaying in Chrome. It just displays a thumbnail with a play button — and the play button doesn’t even work. I’ve made no changes to the video on YouTube, and it still plays correctly on Firefox and Safari, but most of our users prefer Chrome.

Can I get an updated .js file that will autoplay in Chrome?

Can I get a refund on support if you’re not able to help?!

I tried volume=0, but that doesn’t fix the problem.

Give me your mail .