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Hello, One question, do you have the PSD Files for the “Intro” Section?? In order to replace the pictures!!!

thanks john

Hello, I have one question, how can I change the logo on the main menu on the left side section, in which file it is?? and where can I edited it is on the ccs folder or in the js folder??

Can you help on that. Thanks john

find div with class inner . Get it get img src=”images/logo.png” class=”logo” alt=”” title=”” . Its your logo

Can you add a second version with navigation under the homescreen. After scrool down with fixed navigation on top?

Good day! I am just preparing now update which will be presented two more types of navigation – sticky which you speak, and another type :) I think at the beginning of next week it will

sticky ready :)

hi there,

i want to buy the theme, but i wanted to know if its possible to make the navigation to go a different page rather than scroll onto the same page.



hi you know I recently spoke with the developer version of Wordpress – he told me that the development-and when exactly will now say I can not

oh thats a shame as i can not use this template if its not wordpress

hi Kwst, did you get a wordpress version organised as yet?

hi there.

does this template have an option to use it with a fixed navigation at the top?


Good day! tomorrow I will release updated version of the template which will be with the menu :)

fixed navigation ready :)

Hi There, i have just purchased the theme and started the customization. Congratulations ! it is really great, however i have a question, on the Portfolio Section, when i try to load a project it stays in an eternal loop and it won’t load…unlike the demo here on theme forest, do you know what might cause this issue?


Thanks for the reply, so basically it won’t work unless it is online right? however i can do all the changes on my local machine and once i upload it, it’s going to work.


yes on the local server, it will work if you can not use the local server for quick viewing Ajax editable content, use Firefox it does Ajax work. without local server:)

Great Stuff! Thanks ;)

Hello, very nice theme, how I could make the portfolio section not to load ‘All’ the projects, but to load one of the other categories. Thanks, I’ll wait your prompt response.

of course I’ll help you :) In script.js finde line :

$ (’# folio_container’). mixitup ({ targetSelector: ’. box’, effects: [‘fade’, ‘rotateZ’, ‘rotateX’, ‘rotateY’], easing: ‘windback’, transitionSpeed: 1200,

}); and after line transitionSpeed: 1200,


showOnLoad: ‘category_4’

in single quotes – add the name of the category you want to display when the page loads


it works, thanks a lot

Issues with getting the theme up on wordpress. Every time we attempt to load the theme it says it can’t find the stylesheet Please help we love the theme!

Hello, this is not wordpress template (he appear later) – is a html template. If you want buy wordpress clicking on this link

Hi Kwst! I have another question, how do i change the Google Map instead of the default one located in New York in the contact sections?

good day! I understand you want to specify your location on the map? Read the documentation there I described how to find the position and how to use them. If you will not understand, write to me I will be sure to help

Nice design. Why is the demo loading so long? Can you improve this? Waiting for the site 12 seconds here. 2000k/DSL

Good day – you know the reasons could be many! Perhaps the server are located far off from each other – and so weak Ping. Summary of Your site loaded pretty quickly – as possible options to reduce requests to the server, then there will integrate all javascript files and css. And also include gzip – I have it turned off. Thanks for the question

Hi I am loading a video locally for the video front page at the start, but what I would really like to do is add a ‘MUTE’ button to mute the sound. Any chance you can help me achieve this? BTW, one of the best themes I have purchased from Theme Forest!

if you do not get it – send me a source I’ll do.

Sorry do you mean send you the project? If so which email do I send it to as your replies comes from a ‘no reply’ email.

send me an email on this – your source

hi. great theme. on a iphone the home screen slider images dont come up. Any idea how to fix this

same with the ipad

Good day! send me a screenshot

Hi, very nice and i sure going to buy it. But I have tried the sticky menu demo on mobile /samsung note2 natve browser and chrome -android 4.2/ on native browser it doesnt appear at all, on chrome it appears but the menu items are not selectable so no navigation ?! Really like to buy but without theese bugs. Please let me know if there is a solution. Thank you Attila

Good day! send me a screenshot

Very nice!

You need to implement a LOGO in the header??

Also, can we keep the contact form open by default without clicking on mail graphic to open it?

Looking to purchase

cheers ;)

Good afternoon.

yes you can put any logo

Of course you can make a contact form open by default :)

HI, very nice Theme!

My question: There are 4 “Switching Colors”. Is it possible to choose other/more colors?

Good day! yes of course! documentation described in detail – how to change the color

Great theme ,congrats

Wanna buy it,but i have some doubts.

1- How can i put an gif image loader at the beginning?? 2- At the slide section, wanna put some blink effect at the start button and change that image. How can i do it?? Only jquery effects?? CSS??

cause i’m ‘studying development and wanna know how to do.


Good afternoon, yes of course you can! about the second question: what kind of effect you want to apply?

Hey there. Thank you for this awesome theme. How do I upload my own YouTube video though?

Thank you again : ]

Good day!

initplayer.js file, find the line

$.okvideo({ source: ‘ZouARplh7iY’,

in single quotes video code that you want to add (as I know video code described in detail in the documentation)

Thank you! contact

Hi I want to stream a Vimeo video as my background video, but the Vimeo stream won’t auto start, how do I get the video to auto start?

Also i want to be able to control the video using the Vimeo controls on the video, but when I click on PLAY, there is no response. How can I control the video using the Vimeo video control functions?

tell me your email


Great work btw.

For the ABOUT ME section, I want to change the image to a video. How do I do that? And make it responsive like the picture?

Also, the maps aren’t responsive. They do show up but it’s align to the left. Not centered around the marker.

How to fix?


<div class="video-container present-block animaper">
     <iframe width="560" height="315"src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

about map – send me screenshot

Hi thanks again for the theme & for your help with changing the video. I have another quick question though:

So I set up a website using your theme, hosted on Bluehost. When a user emails me through the contact form on the website however, their email address does not show up. Instead, when I receive the email, the ‘sender’ is my Bluehost email address & not the actual sender’s email address and so I cannot respond to their request. How do I get around that so the sender’s email shows up instead of my Bluehost one?

Hope I was able to make some sense :] Thank you in advance!

Okay so I need to talk to the Bluehost support team right ? Because it seems like it’s a problem from their end… Thank you sooooooo much though : ]

I understand your problem since the first post;) if you specify an email That will come naturally to you it’s yours. Try to change it to your example g-mail address

Haha thank you for the help although I think I did not explain the problem correctly. The email I specified is not ... The problem is not with the email I specified… that works fine: I receive the message at, which is the email I specified.

The issue is, no matter who sends me the email through my website, it says the message was sent by simply because my website is hosted on Bluehost servers …

Anyway, I might have a solution to the problem … I’ll let you know if it works


I have purchased this theme, and I had a few issues which I posted on Evanto Support. However I am not getting any reply from them and I suppose they have not forwarded my request to you. So I have to write it here.

I have 2 very simple issues that I am unable to resolve. Maybe you can help me.

1. I have used your theme in When I go to Our Courses section and then click on PHP, I go to the “Single Project” page of your theme – in my case it talks about PHP course. From this page i.e. I am not able to access the left navigation – when I click on any link in the left navigation, I cannot go to any page except for when I click on Home logo. The link is correct for each navigation tab, but it doesn’t work for me. Please help.

2. In Our Courses section, it is not evident that there are more than 3 plans. Instead of Mouse Scroll, how can I put arrows on either side? Can you please help in that?

The Ticket ID I had generated for these queries is #RHC-817-6530 – this was raised about 3 days back with no reply from Evanto!!!

I look forward for your help.



Good day! All very easy – you just have to remove the reference class “scroll-link”

for example

<a href="/index.html#servises" class="scroll-link">Why Join Us?</a>

replace it

<a href="/index.html#servises">Why Join Us?</a>

on the second issue in file scripts.js replace it
          navigation : false,
          slideSpeed : 300,
          items : 3, 
          itemsDesktop : false,
on this
          navigation : true,
          slideSpeed : 300,
          items : 3, 
          itemsDesktop : false,

in file owl.carousel.css replace it

#clientsay .owl-next{display:block;width:25px;height:47px;position:absolute;top:50%;margin-top:-24px;right:-25px;background: url(../images/sr.png) no-repeat;overflow:hidden;text-indent:-999px;}
#clientsay .owl-prev{display:block;width:25px;height:47px;position:absolute;top:50%;margin-top:-24px;left:-25px;background: url(../images/sl.png) no-repeat;overflow:hidden;text-indent:-999px;}
on this
#clientsay .owl-next, #priceSlider .owl-next{display:block;width:25px;height:47px;position:absolute;top:50%;margin-top:-24px;right:-25px;background: url(../images/sr.png) no-repeat;overflow:hidden;text-indent:-999px;}
#clientsay .owl-prev, #priceSlider .owl-prev {display:block;width:25px;height:47px;position:absolute;top:50%;margin-top:-24px;left:-25px;background: url(../images/sl.png) no-repeat;overflow:hidden;text-indent:-999px;}
For the future, if you have any questions, please contact us here or by email! thank you! contact

Worked perfectly :) Thank you.

Happy to help, please contact