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Good morning ! I want to know if it is possible to add other “pages” (not really pages because it is a one page template).

Ex : we have : About Services Portfolio Resume Contacts

If I want to add

Lorem ipsum

And second question, is it possible to inclue a form contact ? Is there code in the template ?

Thank you

Good morning! yes of course you can add a number of sections that you need! This is described in the documentation. Yes of course working contact form – the code located in the archive

Wonderfull ! Fast answer, and “good” answer ! :-)

Hi, this is a great and wonderful theme, I just have one problem : I decided to go with the video background, and its working wonderfull on computers, but, and thas normal, its not working on iphone / ipad, so I wanted to put a pict on background for this, but the side of the pict doesnt allow me to show “something” its a big zoom on the left top of the pict… How can I solve that ? THANKS FOR YOUR ANSWER


ok first step

in file scripts.js add this fore- // google map styles and functions --

iphonefix = isMobile.iOS();

if (iphonefix){


}// JavaScript Document

the second step :

in file style.css before
    background-repeat: no-repeat;
    background-size: cover;
    background-position: 50% 0;
    width: 100%;
    height: 100%;

add this

     -webkit-background-size:100% 100% !important;
     background-attachment: scroll !important;

You rock so much ! thanks for your quick and wonderfull answer !

Good theme, Clean code with good identation and good documentation.

Giving only 4 stars cause there are too many mistakes of typo and/or spelling.

Need support : Trying to add the resume section of “Personal” to “Sticky” but when I paste the HTML and the css, I don’t have anything displayed.

Where is the problem ?

Already sent code. Last fix is still not working.

One last issue : on smartphones, the bg image for the first slides doesn’t fit the screen. How can I fix that ?

add a class “ip-fix” to all div who use large images for example

<div style="background-image: url('images/bg/1.jpg');" class="slides-big-img ip-fix" />

<div id="servises" class="sections ip-fix">

and in file style.css after
@media only screen and  (max-width: 959px)

and ffter
@media only screen and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2)


add this

.ip-fix {
    background-attachment:scroll !important;

Hi, I was wondering if it was possible to make the top section not a slider? Or just only show slide #1?

Good afternoon, yes it is possible

FYI I purchased this through an Envato packaged deal here on Themeforest. If you want me to send you the license info I can.

I’m trying to test to see the limits of the video player (through YouTube). Some videos work and others do not.

Example: I copied the end strip (same as “Share” section) ” jNp4P7clM-I ” and pasted in the “initplayer.js” script. The video would not load.

Example: I copied the end strip (same as “Share” section) ” 6v2L2UGZJAM ” and This one works great.

What is the difference here? Is it because the first one is too long? Why is it not working?

The reason I ask is because I have a client who is currently filming a video and I want to make sure this system will work.


Good day! Video is not played – a restriction. try to take it off!

The first video has a restriction? How can you tell?

on YouTube wrote to me that the video is limited to viewing :(

Hi, great looking theme and pretty easy to work with. Got it up and all updated but the portfolio section for last and not sure if I want the blog section or not. I went with the sticky > slider site version. My question is the large slider images aren’t resizing for the phone or tablet devices, not sure if I need to do something or not. Thanks!

Hello! Images are adapted to the screen size! Thanks!

Hi there,

I bought this template through Envato Bundles and have a few questions:

1. Could you perhaps send me the PSD for the intro screen?

2. I copied the “team” section html/css/js for “team” into “personal” all seems fine except the skill sliders does not work/animate? Any idea what I’ve missed?

Thanks so much


Good day! You need a specific item PDS, or all! About skill sliders- send me the code on the email that you have set! me so it will be easier to solve your problem

Great theme and super easy to customise! Thanks!

Hi I’ve just uploaded my site to my hosting and is now live, but when I test the contact us form in the site and press ‘Submit’ I get an error that says:

‘Internal Server Error’

Any ideas why this is happening?

Kind Regards


Hi I don’t want to put my email address on this comment system, can you reply with yours and then I can send you my email?

email it to me

will do now

Hi, I want to buy this theme, but I want to ask is this theme compatible with world press? or any other CMS like joomla?

Thanks for the reply!! ok, if I buy this, and put this data to dreamweaver, does it work?

Yes of course will work – but you need to know at least a little html/css would edit it

Hi, I’ve purchased this theme included in the Envato Bundle. It’s the main reason I bought the bundle!

I have one special request, if you could help me figure this out. I would like to have two subscribe forms, one next to the other, how do I do this?

Thank you!

Hello! I honestly did not think of two forms on one page. you can try to duplicate the shape (and the second change dentifikatory and classes) – as well as copy and rename files php

Hi, I have a problem with my video, it’s not in the center (it’s a little on the right side even though the original video is ok) and I can’t stop the loop. I already set initplayer.js line “loop: false,”. How can I fix these problems?

Converting to UTF-8 shows the letters but in my name “KÜR?AT” the fourth letter seems smaller than the others. I guess I have to change the font. Is it possible?

yes of course possible you can choose the font here

Ok thanks a lot for your help.

Hi KWST, little question In the, ajax portfolio, photo gallerry, beneath the pictures, second line is written “By KWST” . Can i change this text somewhere? jquery.magnific-popup.min.js ?

I like the smoothness of the theme. Luc

hi :) in file scripts.js find line
return item.el.attr('title') + '<small>by KWST</small>';

in tag “small” add your title

Hi again, KWST.

I’m trying to cancel navigation (code below) for mobile devices only. I’m using sticky version. How can I do that?

<div class="slides-navigation">
    <a href="#" class="prev"><i class="fa fa-long-arrow-left fa-2x" /></a>
    <a href="#" class="next"><i class="fa fa-long-arrow-right fa-2x" /></a>


arrows disappeared but pagination still remains. In mobile version there’s 1 backgound image but pagination says 3.

pagination says 3 – because in our code you are using one background image and text slides with three! div tag endure beyond the slider

Ok, but my text slides are not visible either when I use mobile. I don’t know why.

Is a great template, thank you!

Hello again,

(I’ve purchased your template as part of the bundle)

I have a few requests, if that’s okay.

1. There seems to be something wrong with the contact_me.php, because the emails I receive from people that leave a message on the site, comes with the message and name ONLY, no email, even though they filled everything. This is a problem because I can’t contact them back!

2. Is it possible for you to provide me with the .psd file for the porfolio?

Thank you, Maartje Vens

send me your mail

I’ve send you a private message. Also, I replaced the code in contact_me.php but now it shows that the email couldn’t be sent.

@$sentMail = mail($to_Email, $subject, $user_Message .'  -'.$user_Name,$user_Email);

Hi! I have a question.. How would you make the Intro page/image smaller? I’d like it to take up less screen real estate so that the user sees half of the intro and half of the services section when they arrive. I’ve gone through the HTML and style sheets and I can make the image shorter, but I can’t make what comes below it rise up to meet the bottom of the image. Does that make sense?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi Of course under the image nothing will happen because the code uses a fixed position – try to change it to absolute positioning and apply overflow : hidden

Thanks for the fast reply! That didn’t work for me. I attached two screenshots.. the CSS that I’m currently using and the screenshot of what the problem is. What I want to have happen is for the below section to rise and meet the top.
I’m sorry, I misunderstood you :)
    padding: 90px 0;

Hi there,

1. What components (JS, CSS) are required to get the skillbar slider working? 2. Where is the styling set for transparent browser scrollbar?

Many thanks.

owl.carousel+ Own script

precisely what do you mean – styling set for transparent browser scrollbar?

Sorry, I will try to clarify:

1. I only need a simplified version of the template so I want to remove all carousel functionality (and any scripts that are not needed). But I want to retain the animated bar graph when a user scrolls down to this point on the page. Do I still need owl to achieve this?

2. I meant the main scrollbar to scroll up and down the web page – the background is semi-transparent. Is this a simple CSS property? I couldn’t find it :)

Thanks again.

/* =====
overlays global
ih file style.css

skill – You can try to run them through a script appear.js

I purchased the theme but not the wordpress version and i don’t know what to do since i am a rookie…please send me the wordpress version

Hi there,

In contact us php, when I put gmail or yahoo or hotmail email. Its not sending email to them but when I put then it works. Please advise. what is the issue. And how to rectify it.