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Hi there, This is a great theme, but when editing i’m facing few issues.

1. I have changed the video on the html but when i open the website in internet explorer , the video sound is coming. What is the issue and how to rectify it? 2.In the service section i want to add more services, how can i add that on the html?

Thanks in advance for your help! Shayne

Hi there,

I have made the changes and it’s working fine. but one issue the cursor between the slides , it’s touching to the fourth slides top. I think i have to give more space between the slides. In the css file where we can change that? Also about the video i didn’t get the reply? Thanks in advance

Regards, Shayne

hi ! I apologize for not having answered about video

in file initplayer

try to change volume: 0.1, to volume: 0, lthough when I tested all versions ie sound was not

about active slide

try remove this from style css
.actser:before {
    bottom: -20px;
    left: 50%;
    border: solid transparent;
    content: " ";
    height: 0;
    width: 0;
    position: absolute;
    pointer-events: none;
.actser:before {
    border-bottom-color: #fff;
    border-width: 36px;
    margin-left: -36px;

and add this
.actser {


It takes an arrow but will be visible to the active slide

Hi there, i will try this . Thank you so much for your time and support. Really appreciated :)

Hi kwst,

Nice theme, I am planning to buy it. Before this let me have some questions, I will send these through your profile page.

Best regards, fbyte

answer your mail ;)

I purchased your theme cashemir…

The video plays locally, but it does not play on my site. There is no difference between the two sets of files except for the fact that one is hosted and the other one is local on my own computer.

Otherwise this seems like a very good theme.

I’d appreciate some help with this before I rate the product…



Hello! Could you give me a link to your website ?

Thank you for a good template !!!
I love it very much.

By the way, I would like to use skillbar in normal view.
Not only when click the button, or team section, but use as a normal shortcode.

I tried to add a code to script.js but it doesn’t work well.

So if possible, please teach me a code to paste in script.js.

Best regards,

I sent you via portfolio section.

Thank you for your kind help!!!!!

I do thank you for your kind support!!!!

custom skillbar works in perfect!!!!!!!

Thank you!!!!!

Was glad to help


the template is really outstanding. But, I have a question. How can I use the blog section? Is there a documentation? That would be really very helpful.

Thank you so much,

Best regards Martin


To edit a blog you should have a basic knowledge of html

Thank you so much,

Best regards KWST


I have purchased this theme, but is not working in smart phones. Need your help. Please…. I am not sure, how to fix it.. :(


Hello – I tested the template on Iphone , aipad (air) , hts , and lenovo – Everything worked well

Do you have an online demo

Thank You for the reply. Here goes the website..

Hey, quick question, i’m new in this, and was wondering if purchasing the regular license was meant to have a monthly payment of the price for my continuous use of the template i like, or it meant that i had full access for it always, thanks!

Hey, i already uploaded my page, can you help me out with one thing, in the part where you click on the pictures and a new display appears, in the original template the background is white so i can be watched with no problem but in the case of mine, that has dissapeared, any ideas???

the page is

in style.css add replace this
#ajaxpage {
float: left;
width: 100%;
display: block;
padding-bottom: 20px;
on this
#ajaxpage {
float: left;
width: 100%;
display: block;
padding-bottom: 20px;

In the parallax view the images under Services etc.. (anywhere except home) the images are not aligned towards the center in any resolution including the ipad. When the section is at the top of the screen (i.e. Service section) the image behind the section show the bottom half of the image on top and the top half of the image on bottom; which makes adding any not repeating image not worthwhile. I think the fix is in this section “background-position: 50% -128px;” but I can’t locate it to make the change.

Can you please tell me where this is located or if you have another solution to the issue? Thank you.

hi in file style.css
find line

    background-size: cover;
    background-attachment: fixed;
    background-position: top;

Hi I recently purchased your theme and albeit an amazing theme, I was facing a problem. Hope you can help me on this. My logo was a little big and I wanted to change how much the side menu expanded when opened. I changed its width in style.css to 400px as follows: .navigation{ position: absolute; top:0; left:-400px; height: 100%; z-index: 100; width: 400px; background: #212121; } .nav-overlay{ background:#212121; position:absolute; top:0; right:-50px; width:54px; height:100%; z-index:-1; border-left: 1px solid #101011;

The problem is however, now the menu works fine when I load the website first, but after clicking on it, it agains stops at its original value, popping out of the side screen and covering the website body.

Would appreciate any help.

Thanks Lakshay

Also, I’m stuck on my portfolios. Whenever I add a new portfolio, or edit the page, and click on it to open, it doesn’t load at all.

nevermind about the clients…figured it out

to Ajax tripped you need to transfer files to a local server or host

I purchased your theme – however I just now realized that its taking youtube videos only. How do I change it to my own .mp4 video ? this is really important to me. Please help with clear instructions if possible. I saw a thread earlier but it didn’t work out at all. Thanks again and I need this asap – you will be my life savior.

I sent you my email – I did not receive any. did you already send it? thanks

Send – sorry that long – could not get to a computer

thanks a lot !! your suggestions helped me to implement the .webm and .mp4 successfully!!

Do you know if I can create the .mp4 to .webM in adobe? thanks for the script anyways for playing my own video. I realized that .mp4s play well in safari but firefox does not recognize it and then it basically needs the .webM version of the same video. Also, is there a way that I can create a simple transition instead of the fancy transitions that happen when i click on the different tabs of the portfolio section. Currently it has too much of animation. I want a very simple “fade in” or “appear” effect of the boxes when i click on different tabs like “web”, “design”, “branding” etc. I hope you understand what I am saying. Again thanks for all the help.

1.not unfortunately – with flash I am not familiar

2. in file scripts.js
find line :

//  Mixitup  ------

        targetSelector: '.box',
        effects: ['fade','rotateZ','rotateX','rotateY'],
        easing: 'windback',
        transitionSpeed: 1200,

and replace on this

//  Mixitup  ------

        targetSelector: '.box',
        effects: ['fade'],
        easing: 'windback',
        transitionSpeed: 1200,

fantastic – thanks much !! appreciate your quick feedback.

Dear Want to buy this template. Can I do that was two languages

hello! Since the template encoding is UTF-8 – you can use any language – but if you want to use the Cyrillic fonts – you’ll have to pick a different font

I need a website in two languages. Need a switch with language selection

Hi there,

I can’t change the images on the projects html files. I tried to change the images on the project-1.html file //

  • \\
  • —but the images are not showing. could you please let me know what’s the problem.

    Regards, Shine-d

    HI! You need to properly set the path to images

    Hi there,

    I can’t change the images on the projects html files. I tried to change the images on the project-1.html file

  • \\
  • but the updated images are not showing. could you please let me know what’s the problem.

    Regards, Shine-d

    // Mixitup ------
  • \\
  • instead of this i gave
  • \\
  • I think there is problem to add the code on here because i see it’s missing in here

    answer on your mail

    Good day! Prompt, I need an option sticky, but where the file style.css? which set of files must be uploaded to the server? What size should be the main picture? no images in the folder sample home page and others. All you need to collect from different folders? Or what?

    Hi! How to change icons in mugs dividers? hearts, gears, quotes…

    HI! About icons is described in detail in the documentation – you just need to change the class icons


    How do I get rid of that line going through the social media links in the footer?

    Hi! You have the opportunity to make a screenshot? what kind of line ?

    One other question, I’m trying to use a jquery instagram gallery and it’s not working because the site is in strict mode? How do I change this?

    1. remove this div in footer
    <div class="small-separator ws" />
    2.try init instagram plugin after all code in scripts.js

    Couple other questions. How can I get a hover/active color state working on the buttons in the “services” section? And how can I use the same style order button in a different section?

    you probably had in button from the sections of the prices

    .planContainer .button a:hover{ background:#your color }

    nvm got the hover to work.

    Using ‘Team – Video’ theme

    How to stop background video playing in Loop.

    Tried setting ‘loop: false,’ in initplayer.js

    loop: 1,

    still it’s playing in loop

    update plugin

    /* * OKVideo by OKFocus v2.2.1 * * * Copyright 2012, OKFocus * Licensed under the MIT license. * */

    var player,OKEvents,options;(function($){“use strict”;var BLANK_GIF=”%3D%3D”;$.okvideo=function(options){if(typeof options!==’object’)options={‘video’:options};var base=this;base.init=function(){base.options=$.extend({},$.okvideo.options,options);if(;if(OKEvents.utils.isMobile()){$(’.player’).append(‘ ‘)}else if(base.options.adproof){$(’.player’).append(‘ ‘)}else{$(’.player’).append(‘ ‘)}$(”#okplayer-mask”).css(“background-image”,”url(“BLANK_GIF“)”);base.setOptions();if(base.options.playlist.list===null){if(’youtube’){base.loadYouTubeAPI()}else if(’vimeo’){base.options.volume/=100;base.loadVimeoAPI()}}else{base.loadYouTubeAPI()}};base.setOptions=function(){for(var key in this.options){if(this.options[key]==true)this.options[key]=1;if(this.options[key]==false)this.options[key]=3}if(base.options.playlist.list===null){}$(window).data(‘okoptions’,base.options)};base.loadYouTubeAPI=function(callback){base.insertJS(‘')};base.loadYouTubePlaylist=function(){player.loadPlaylist(base.options.playlist.list,base.options.playlist.index,base.options.playlist.startSeconds,base.options.playlist.suggestedQuality)}; base.loadVimeoAPI=function(){$(’#okplayer’).replaceWith(function(){return’<iframe src=”’’?api=1&js_api=1&title=0&byline=0&portrait=0&playbar=0&loop=’base.options.loop‘&autoplay=1&player_id=okplayer” frameborder=”0” style=”’$(this).attr(‘style’)‘visibility:hidden;background-color:black;” id=”’$(this).attr(‘id’)’”></iframe>’}); base.insertJS(‘',function(){vimeoPlayerReady()})};base.insertJS=function(src,callback){var tag=document.createElement(‘script’);if(callback){if(tag.readyState){tag.onreadystatechange=function(){if(tag.readyState===”loaded”||tag.readyState===”complete”){tag.onreadystatechange=null;callback()}}}else{tag.onload=function(){callback()}}}tag.src=src;var firstScriptTag=document.getElementsByTagName(‘script’)[0];firstScriptTag.parentNode.insertBefore(tag,firstScriptTag)};base.determineProvider=function(){var a=document.createElement(‘a’);;if(/{return{provider if(/{return{provider if(/[A-Za-z0-9_]/.test({var id=new String([A-Za-z0-9_]/));if(id.length==11){return{provider i=0;i<;i++){if(typeof parseInt([i])!==”number”){throw’not vimeo but thought it was for a sec’;}}return{provider: Invalid video source”;}};base.init()};$.okvideo.options={source:null,video:null,playlist:{list:null,index:0,startSeconds:0,suggestedQuality:”default”},disableKeyControl:1,captions:0,loop:1,hd:1,volume:0,adproof:false,unstarted:null,onFinished:null,onReady:null,onPlay:null,onPause:null,buffering:null,annotations:true,cued:null};$.fn.okvideo=function(options){return this.each(function(){(new $.okvideo(options))})}})(jQuery);function vimeoPlayerReady(){options=$(window).data(‘okoptions’);var iframe=$(’#okplayer’)[0];player=$f(iframe);window.setTimeout(function(){$(’#okplayer’).css(‘visibility’,’visible’)},2000);player.addEvent(‘ready’,function(){OKEvents.v.onReady();player.api(‘play’);if(OKEvents.utils.isMobile()){OKEvents.v.onPlay()}else{player.addEvent(‘play’,OKEvents.v.onPlay);player.addEvent(‘pause’,OKEvents.v.onPause);player.addEvent(‘finish’,OKEvents.v.onFinish)}})}function onYouTubePlayerAPIReady(){options=$(window).data(‘okoptions’);player=new YT.Player(‘okplayer’,{,playerVars:{‘autohide’:1,’autoplay’:1,’disablekb’:options.keyControls,’cc_load_policy’:options.captions,’controls’:0,’enablejsapi’:1,’fs’:0,’modestbranding’:1,’iv_load_policy’:options.annotations,’loop’:options.loop,’showinfo’:0,’rel’:0,’wmode’:’opaque’,’hd’:options.hd},events:{‘onReady’,’onStateChange’,’onError’}})}OKEvents={yt:{ready:function(event){;if(options.playlist.list){player.loadPlaylist(options.playlist.list,options.playlist.index,options.playlist.startSeconds,options.playlist.suggestedQuality)}else{}OKEvents.utils.isFunction(options.onReady)&&options.onReady()},onStateChange:function(event){switch({case-1:OKEvents.utils.isFunction(options.unstarted)&&options.unstarted();break;case 0:OKEvents.utils.isFunction(options.onFinished)&&options.onFinished();options.loop&&;break;case 1:OKEvents.utils.isFunction(options.onPlay)&&options.onPlay();break;case 2:OKEvents.utils.isFunction(options.onPause)&&options.onPause();break;case 3:OKEvents.utils.isFunction(options.buffering)&&options.buffering();break;case 5:OKEvents.utils.isFunction(options.cued)&&options.cued();break;default:throw”OKVideo: received invalid data from YT player.”;}},error:function(event){throw event;}},v:{onReady:function(){OKEvents.utils.isFunction(options.onReady)&&options.onReady()},onPlay:function(){if(!OKEvents.utils.isMobile())player.api(‘api_setVolume’,options.volume);OKEvents.utils.isFunction(options.onPlay)&&options.onPlay()},onPause:function(){OKEvents.utils.isFunction(options.onPause)&&options.onPause()},onFinish:function(){OKEvents.utils.isFunction(options.onFinish)&&options.onFinish()}},utils:{isFunction:function(func){if(typeof func===’function’){return true}else{return false}},isMobile:function(){if(navigator.userAgent.match(/(iPhone|iPod|iPad|Android|BlackBerry)/)){return true}else{return false}}}};

    How do I get the services to auto scroll down to the description? When clicked it currently cycles to the service, but doesn’t re-position the screen.

    $('html').scrollTo('.serviseslider',800,{'axis':'y'} ,{offset:50} );
    50 – indentation in pixels

    Awesome, you’re the best!

    I’m trying to get an instagram gallery in a section, and nothing seems to be showing up. Not sure if the theme is interfering or what?

    Confused on the “add after magnificpopup

    and ihit in file instafeed.min.js”

    send answer on e-mail