Discussion on Cassius - Modern & Flat Multi-Purpose Template

Discussion on Cassius - Modern & Flat Multi-Purpose Template

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The url for the preview does not work

Thanks for letting me know about that. It’s up and running again :)

The link to your support forum only gets me to a blank page. I’ve tried it in different browser now, but it doesn’t even say 404, it just shows a white background.

This works fine, thank you!

This works fine, thank you!

You’re welcome

Hi there,

Great work on the theme, looking very smart.

One question, have you had any reports of the multipage version crashing on iPad 1 – Chrome & Safari?

I cannot open the multi page version on iPad 1

Many thanks in advance



I haven’t heard anything regarding that but I’ll look into it and see what I can do.

Thanks for letting me know :)

People says to me, that in Mozilla FF on Windows 8 this template doesnt work.

Thanks for letting me know. I had a quick look and it’s looking fine on my end, but I’ll see what I can do.

If you can post bugs in my support portal that would be very helpful.

Link: https://parrelliinteractive.zendesk.com/

Cheers, David

I’ll forget about it. The new one: on mobile devices (android) there is phantom scrolls to the top of the page when you want to press any button or object.

For the one page (slider) version, the slider content isn’t visible in Firefox.

Thanks for letting me know. To resolve this, you can change the width of the .centered class to 90%. For example:

.block-centered .centered { width: 90%; }

This fix will be included in the next template update.

Cheers, David

i like your FORM, Can you show other input type like select, radio, checkbox look like input type text’s style

thank you

and it not check value on mobile device (iPhone) using safari, chrome

Is a Wordpress version available / imminent?

HI I’ve sent a support message a few days ago, no response regarding the navbar opening and getting in the way on the contact page when using a mobile device, makes it impossible to use without clicking on a navbar link.

Hi Daveeeo,

Why doesn’t your template have PSD Files? I would love to purchase but i see no incentive without work file how can i truly customize my portfolio?

How can i obtain your template with them please let me know and i will hit purchase right away.

Thanks Maxxone

Hi maxxone,

Thanks for getting in touch :)

I actually don’t create full-layered PSDs in my RWD (responsive web design) workflow. I do most of my design in the browser and in a design program called Sketch.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hi David

Thanks for the reply after a while i figured that there was no need for psds

its just to replace and add with my own work.

HOWEVER i posted something rather technical on you support site that is the one i wish to get answered so urgently Its regarding your demo and the fact that i found it to not display well on my ipad 3 in Landscape view where the text has shifted like a broken page.

I attached a screen shot there, i really want to go ahead and purchase but this concerns me greatly. Is it a problem with your code? can u fix or mybe vou didnt know?

the page in question is the portfolio page

Its under my name Edward. looking forward


I would be interested in other form elements, a general form page would be welcome

Hello. I just realized that bootstrap table-responsive class for table won’t work in the project ajax popup. This is important for me in an responsive project (I got to use a lot of table based contents)

Regards, Artur.

The preview link does not work, again …

Hello Dave,

Just bought your template. I am a Taoist and I never liked the pretty heavy template system earlier that we had (I’ll be happy to share our company’s info later if you wish after all the revamping is over) and I wanted to do away with the need for images to get a certain feel across. But I was worried that flat templates all look almost exactly the same. However, yours stood out. It really is clean stylish and sexy. Keep up the good work.

Regards, WS

Hi David,

I was kicking the tires on your template after installation and I find that the touch response of the menu hamburger icon on a tablet is a bit off-center. It opens the menu only if you aim lower for the bottom border or near-abouts rather than the center of the menu icon as anyone normally would. I figured this out after a lot of trial and error.

This is a problem as no visitor will have that much patience. They will just aim for and tap the menu icon dead-center and will not find it responding and consequently get frustrated.

Please assist.

Note: I was using android tablets and I have checked that it is not a hardware issue.

Regards, WS

The theme does not seem to work on IE10 or IE11. I get script5: Access is denied. on jquery-1.10.1.min.js, line 4 character 12122