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Quite possibly the coolest I have seen! Awesome work


Awesome template!

Just two questions:

1) Can you disable all those animations from panel (I find it distracting/annoying for some people)?

2) Is it possible to use standard navigation at the top instead of vertical bar?

oh it’s not Wordpress ;/

Thanks! Just to let you know that I will launch a WordPress version. I’ll definitely make sure that the animations can be controlled via the panel.

Cheers, David

Any plans for a wordpress version?

Hi there -

There will be a WordPress version in the future. I am aiming for it to be live within a few weeks. Stay tuned!

Great flat design!

Thank you :)

Thanks! Much appreciated

original template, only missing more color schemes variations…

Thanks for your feedback. I do plan on creating some colour variations for this theme :)

Hi daveeeo,

I have few questions before purchase:

1. Is there any control for the animation (speed, delay, and type of animation) for the HTML version 2. When I move the mouse over the menu (not click), the menu is open but it is not close when I move mouse away. Also, when I click an item in the menu. The page scroll to the selected section, but the menu is still open. I want it is close.



1. If you know how to code CSS3 animations you can definitely modify them. I have used the following resource for the animations: www.justinaguilar.com/animations

Feel free to take a look at the link above for the available animations you can use.

2. Thanks for those great ideas! I have coded them into the theme and they will be available in the next update. I will update the demo site when the next update is available for download.

Thanks again!

Thanks for the detailed reply :) Purchased! It is awesome work btw. Wish to see more updates to be perfect.

**Additional Suggestion: the sidebar animation works great until scroll down to reach the “FEATURES” section. The left arrow selector of next to the iPad prevents the sidebar to be opened. Not sure if z-index will fix this bug?

Thanks bud :)

Great theme! I’m impressed with the mobile design, in particular:)

Thank you :) Glad you like it!

Probably one of the best I’ve seen here so far but I just wish there were a portfolio and a contact section on the one-page versions. Would buy if it had it.

Hey there -

Thanks for those kind words. Just to let you know, I plan on adding new updates to this template over time, and that could be one of them. Thanks for the ideas!



Love your work. Really great job with this one!


Awesome work :) GLWS

Thanks mate!

This is an awesome template. Really looking forward to working more with this one. Great work!

Thanks JCDerrick!

This is so pretty and sleek! Exactly what I was looking for!

Is the contact form styling only or is it a working form?

And is your documentation posted online so I can take a look at the way you document it or the kind of setup instructions that come with the download, before buying?

Thanks! Katrina

Hi Katrina,

Great to hear :)

Yup the contact form works. All you would need to do is edit a file and enter the email address you would like the form to send submissions to, and you’re all set.

You can sign up to my support portal to view the theme documentation. Here’s the link: https://parrelliinteractive.zendesk.com

If you need any help, feel free to submit a support ticket.

Thanks, David

I’m really loving that navy blue colour at the moment – in a design fashion sense. I keep seeing it everywhere and I think it’s lovely.

I know very little about HTML, and therefore editing the template is putting me off purchasing it, especially when I require a way to blog and post articles.

As others have said, if you release it as a Wordpress version I’ll pick it up right away, as the style fits my next project idea perfectly. If you make sure the blog section is as nice and sleek as the rest of the site, it will do well. Oh, and I’ll be a happy bunny!

Awesome :) Stay tuned for the WordPress release!

I will.

Any estimated time of release for that version? Thanks.

Amazing stuff. I’ll be proud to use this for my online portfolio !

Thanks Maxariss :)

Beautiful Theme, any Wordpress update? I will buy it immediately.

can you fix it for a the mobile version before I make a purchase? in mobile version the top part is cut out so the show me how button for example is gone as well as the signup button / in mobile version on the phone there is nowhere to be found Please let me know if you can fix all this and post an update and I will happy buy. thanks!

Love the theme. Any chance to get the psd files? I plan on modifying colours and fonts and quickly changing the psd would make it easier.

i’m considering purchasing your template. i have not worked with templates in the past and am wondering how flexible/easy in general it is to change the theme as the color is a bit darker than i’d like. Also, while i like the animations i would probably want to tone it down a bit. is that an option and how flexible are templates?