Discussion on Castilo - Audio Podcast WordPress Theme

Discussion on Castilo - Audio Podcast WordPress Theme

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How would i use the Photoshop files in the design of the website? Is it just for design or can they be integrated into the site in WP?

Hi, thank you for your interest – you only need the WordPress theme, as the PSD files are for design only (maybe to present visual ideas to a client or similar). Hope this helps.

Hello … How can i disable download buttom for podcast audio ? BTW it is a beautiful theme. I love it

Hi, thank you for your purchase and kind feedback. The download button from all podcast players can be removed using the Customize > Additional Options > Disable Episode Download Button option. Hope this helps, best regards!

Thank you

Hey Liviu,

Presale question: We have multiple shows (podcasts) with more than 200 episodes and we need to import and then generate the final multiple RSS feeds in order to submit on Spotify specially.

Your package include multiple podcasts with multiple rss feeds? Same as this one (for example): https://www.ivoox.com/feed_fg_f1300477_filtro_1.xml

Awaiting your news, f.

Hi, thank you for your interest – the theme has some support for category-based episode feeds (an RSS feed that contains episodes filtered by a certain category) and it can generate a feed like your example, but I’m not sure it’s the ideal solution for your situation. You can try the theme for a week to see if it’s a good fit for the project. We can definitely discuss more details via a private message, I’ll do my best to help.

Hey Liviu, thanks so much for your nice answer and support. We will analyze some options and let you know in case we go for one of your themes. Definitely you have an amazing portfolio. And with such a nice response you will be bestseller sooner than later. ;) Have a nice week!

Great theme. Is there any way to remove the sidebar on blog page and make it full width? I removed all widgets. The sidebar isn’t there, but the column is there so it’s not full width. https://www.doreengranpeesheh.com/media/

Hi, thank you for your purchase – try this CSS snippet (added in Customizer > Custom CSS):

.blog #content > .container > .row > .col-12 {
  -ms-flex: 0 0 100%;
  flex: 0 0 100%;
  max-width: 100%;

Hopefully this helps.

Thank you so much. Worked perfectly! Appreciate it!!

My pleasure, I’m glad that helped.

play button on podcast episode player no longer works after migrating to new server (same URL & links) any suggestions?

Hi, I replied to your private message so use that for further support. Thank you.

Good day. I’d like to buy your theme. But first, I’d like to find out if I can allow users to pay for membership in order to host their own sound on my site (like they do on soundcloud, spotify, etc.). Please advise.

Hi, thank you for your interest – the theme doesn’t have any built-in membership or frontend uploading functionality as this is something that can be achieved using specialized plugins. The theme just presents the style of the pages and in this case adds additional podcasting features. My advice: find a proper specialized plugin that has all your project requirements and choose the theme (style) later. Hope this helps.

Hi, what is the address for my rss feed? I just started at https://onpod.de

Hi, your podcast RSS feed address can be found in the Episodes > Podcast Settings section. Hope this helps.

Hello. I have some questions.

  • 1 – Are the audio files uploaded to web hosting or an external service and linked?
  • 2 – Does it allow you to create a list of audios and automatically go from one audio to the next when the previous one ends?
  • 3 – Does this template generate an RSS feed with the list of each podcast to be able to send it to: Apple podcast, Google podcast, Spotify, Soundcloud, Overcast, Amazon music, iHeartRadio, Castbox, Pocket cast, RadioPublic, Stitcher…?



Thank you for your interest – I’ll do my best to help:

  1. You can use both local hosted files or external ones (from your current podcast platform or external service)
  2. Sure, that’s a standard WordPress feature called playlist: https://codex.wordpress.org/Playlist_Shortcode
  3. Yes, it generates a valid podcast RSS feed for external submission

Hope this helps.

Can you theme play private soundcloud tracks? If not is something doable? Thanks

Hi, thank you for your interest – this is not really theme related, but for clarification the theme supports any custom embed for episodes – so if it can be embedded in regular HTML context then it can be used in the theme as well. Hope this helps.

Presale Question: Hi! I am very interested in this theme, but there is something I don’t understand. I use the Podlove publisher plugin for publishing episodes (all self-hosted). 1) Do I have to use the built in publishing solution, or can I keep on using Podlove? Do I have disadvantages when using Podlove like limited functionality of Castilo?

2) How does the Import function work? I know – I have to enter the RSS feed Adress and Castilo Imports the Data. But what’s the next step? Does Castillo generate a new RSS feed and my subscribers have to subscribe again or does Castilo keep the Address of the RSS feed and my subscribers don’t even notice, that I changed from Podlove to the built in publisher?

3) How customizable are the colors? I have now a dark themed website (dark grey background, white text). Can I keep this style with Castilo or is the background always white?

Thank you very much for answering the questions :)

Thank you for your interest – the sale promotion week ended and the price was adjusted by Envato automatically (it’s 12:59pm Australian time).

Oh. Bad luck for me. If I had known, that the end of the sale was Australian Time (and not utc as promoted) I had bought it yesterday without the pre sale question. Maybe I get the theme next time its on sale. You should remove the sale banner, where it it still promoted on sale until 12:59pm UTC (its 1:43 pm UTC now)

Sorry about that, the promotional sale and banners were managed automatically by Envato, so I have no actual control. My best wishes!

Hi, Do you have any suggested translation plugins (i.e. Polylang, WPML) that work well or that you suggest for this theme? -Dan

Hi, thank you for your interest – both your suggested plugins should work just fine, also Loco Translate is a good solution in case you just want to translate everything to a single specific language. Hope this helps.

Can you also share if this is compatible with Simplecast and e-commerce plugins? Thank you

Hi, the theme works well and has been tested with the powerful WooCommerce plugin which covers almost any e-commerce requirement. Also, you’ll be able to import the episodes from any external podcast provider (like Simplecast) and automate this process in order to post episodes only on a single platform. Hope this helps.

Hi. I have no website Dev skills what so ever – will I be able to figure out how to use your theme for my podcast website? Can you also share the level of support provided after purchase – or do I need to pay for the additional annual support? Please advise. ThAnks

Hi, thank you for your interest – you’ll need basic WordPress installation knowledge and how to use WordPress, but no special web development or coding skills. Support terms are listed in the Support tab and you’ll receive 6 months included free support with the option of extending it anytime. Hope this helps.


Does this theme suppor php 8?

Hi, thank you for your interest – the theme works with the latest WordPress version which supports PHP 8, sure. Hope this helps.

Hello! How can I use revolution slider on this theme? I inserted the shortcode, but no way, it doesnt play. There is some specific setup on page? tks

Hi, please consult with the author of the plugin on how to use it and configure it – it is no different for this theme than with the default WordPress theme or any other well-coded theme. For any other questions or concerns please contact me via the Support channel and I’ll do my best to help.

Salutare Liviu,

Sunt foarte interesat de aceasta tema, dar am cateva intrebari.

1. Tema suporta reclame? Daca nu, esti disponibil pentru freelance pentru a implementa acest feature?

2. Eu voi folosi aceasta tema pentru muzica. Ca preview, fiecare piesa va fi un mp3, iar ca download va fi un zip. Este posibila acest lucru?

3. Esti dsponibil pentru freelance pentru mici customizari?

Multumesc frumos,


Hi Cristi, thank you for your interest – I’ll use English so that others may benefit from the answers too:

1. Does the theme support ads? You can use widget areas to allow for ads or any editable content area. The audio players don’t have support for audio ads.

2. Can I use mp3 audio files for the episode players and .zip files for the download buttons? There is no such feature available, but this can be implemented with some custom code (via freelancing)

3. Are you available for small customization tasks? Sure, but it all depends on the tasks.

I hope this helps, Liviu

Hi Liviu,

Thank you kindly for your reply.

Sounds great, I will purchase the theme in the near future, as soon as I get my hands free. As far as freelance tasks, the main task would probably be adding ad spaces (for google ads) in certain parts of the website, such as the header for example. And the DOWNLOAD button feature, which is the most important part of the website, without it my model will not work at all :)

Looking forward to using your theme :)



Alright, always glad to be of help. Contact me via the Support channel when you need additional help after the purchase. Thank you!

Hello – A question before I purchase. The podcast I support consists of videos and audio. The video of the podcast is stored on YouTube and the audio is shared via the usual platforms. My question is how easy would it be to add an option to Watch Video to the header (like the homepage header and/or episode header) and to the episode summaries that show up when you browse episodes? Thanks in advance for any answers you can provide.

Hi, thank you for your interest – this theme is designed specifically for audio podcasts, so that’s its main focus. It does offer some support for videos and video embeds (like YouTube videos), but the display is not similar to audio episodes (the video only gets displayed on the detailed page of the episode). You might be interested in my other podcast theme, Vipo, which was designed for video podcasts as well, which is available on ThemeForest for your consideration. Hope this helps.

Hi, I’ve purchased the theme. The required plugin “Flo Social” doesn’t seem to be available anymore. Could you please update your theme accordingly? Thanks!

Hi, thank you for your purchase and feedback – an update was released today, which removes this recommended plugin. Thank you!

Hi there! What’s the easiest way to make the social links ( in the header ) open in a new page?

Hi, you can use the default menu editor offered by WordPress which offers this functionality. You will need to enable it, but it’s very easy to do: https://youtu.be/K3bKrCNbNwA Hopefully this help.

Thanks! I do remember that now…. had been too long. Much appreciated!

1) Can I use SPREAKER.com with this? I am currently uploading the podcast files to my server but would prefer to have the files on spreaker and run through this template. If so, can you direct me to any instructions? 2) If SPREAKER does not work which is my preference, I know you said SOUNDCLOUD does – can you point me to those instructions because I could not get that to work.

UPDATE: Found the doc on importing RSS feed: https://docs.liviucerchez.com/castilo/#import-feed but for some reason it is only importing two out of the four episodes there. Any idea why that might be?

Hi, indeed the theme contains an import tool described in the docs so you can host your episodes on your existing podcast provider and sync the episodes to your site as well (without any additional work). Hope this helps and if you have any other questions please use the Support channel (and send me access to your site so I can look into any specific issue).


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