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Nice and very clean theme. Good luck :)

Thank you :)

Wooha, this looks awesome! Congrats ;)

Thanks for your nice comment :)

Wow, Great Work bro :)

Thanks bro :)

I am surprised to see splendor …

VG Work

I am happy that you love my design ;)

Hi! Good work. Before I purchase I have a question. Is it possible to don’t stop the music when switching sections?. I would like to continue with the track if I switch from homepage to portfolio, with no restart of the music (except when a video start). Thanks

The music is continually playing, it doesn’t restart when the pages is change.

In which browser do you see the problem, Can you contact me through my profile page with detail.

Currently the background video music is disable you can enable using the attribute value

Awesome work! :)

Thanks louiejie

amazing work :), WordPress version will do just fine.

Thanks Speed730 :)

Very Elegant, great work FMedia.

Thanks dewitech

It’s nice, but if I turn the music off and go to another page, I have to turn the music off again…. that could get quite annoying for visitors who don’t want the music. I’m using latest Chrome

The music play/pause action is work perfect in one page version when switching from one page to another page, but in separate pages version it’s not possible because each page is load freshly, In next update I will try to the fix the issue using cookies :)

Very nice! :)

Thanks Tean

Love this theme! Would also love a WP version.

Thanks leontruong

hello, i just purchase your template is great!... i want use a image for each section… but without opacy… where i can change this option, thanks.

Thanks for purchase,

You can see the .backgroundColor class in color.css file, just remove that style. That’s all

oh! great! thanks so much… when i have the page finish i post the link here.

Thank you very much, it’s really help me :)

Amazing bro! Amazing!

Thanks aionline

Hi again, i have another question, if i want change the home animation from slide left-right to fade in and fade out… where i change this?, thanks.

just add the class name fadeEffect near the fmSlider_animate class. See the below code for example

<div class="columns alpha fmSlider_animate fadeEffect "> </div>

wow! is really easy and amazing thanks!

Beautiful theme…. It’s possible add a shout cast player for radio station?

Sorry No

Hi … can you help me o tell me where do i change the direction of google maps in contact page ..thanks

In custom.min.js file near the // Google map Code comment line you can see the below variable, just change the LatLng value. that’s all

mapPos = new google.maps.LatLng(34.05223, -118.24368); ?

not sure if it is just me, but I cant see the one page version?

In which browser (version), do you see the problem ?

I fixed the preview, thanks for letting me know :)

You are welcome. The preview seems to be working now. Nicely done and good luck with sales :)

Hi, in the fullscreen gallery it have a pattern over the big images… where i erase this effect?... i need show clear photos. Thanks.

hey i found the option to erase this effect, thanks. so how control the speed of this slideshow (fullscreen gallery).

You can see the gallerySlideshowDelay parameter in header code on mainFm plugin, just change the value as per you need

thanks, so when i add a fadeEffect class to the home Banner, the effect fade out is slow and nice… but i can’t found the way to control the speed of the fade in, the photos appear so fast.

On main-fm.js file, find out the below code and change the fade value

$.vegas({ src: imgSrc , fade:1500

After editing the main-fm.js file just rename to main-fm.min.js

That’s all

have a way to stop the music while a video is playing?...

Currently the music is automatically stop when video playing, if you have any problem or issue just contact me through my profile page with details and your page link