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I am so bummed out, I bought your template and didnt check that its HTML. Is there any version I can get thats Wordpress? I am so set on your theme – that I really want to figure this out. Please please please help!

I am really sorry, Wordpress is not available

Hello FMedia.

Firstly great template!

The only quirk that I have about the template is that the fancybox plugin used isnt the latest version (i would like it to be responsive (fancybox v2) and preferrably also have swipe capabilities (fancybox v3 beta)).

Are there any plans to update the template to use the latest fancybox plugins?

FMedia I am looking to change the portfolio section, so that when a portfolio item is clicked, and the fullDetails div is displayed, instead of having a lazyload inside the flexslider, it has a fancybox instead. I still wish to have the flexslider with multiple images, but when one of those images is clicked a larger version is opened in a fancybox window. Could you provide assistance please?

You can’t use the fancybox inside the same fancybox content, you can try to use some other plug-in like http://www.jacklmoore.com/colorbox/ or http://www.nickstakenburg.com/projects/lightview/

Fmedia thankyou for the response, but Im not trying to use fancybox within fancybox. I am trying to use fancybox within flexslider.

How I can use one background on the same pages?

Its super complicated to add a background, especially that it shows a darker style or a lighter one…I just want to use one background on all pages without any effect!

just contact me through my profile page with details

Hi, I was trying to find .htaccess file and i couldnt even with full search … as well, there is a small black box at the top of the website which appears only by firefox. at last the video disappear on chrom when the website reaches slide 3 !

any ideas please…. thanks

Replied to your email

Great template and support! Thanks for all your help!

Hi, One more question. Is it possible to add phone text field to the form on contact page? Thx

Sorry, please contact freelancer for this task


Im using the separate page version, but the home sliders do not change automatically, even in your original version?

on site main plugin code, see 148th line in html file, just set galleryAutoplay : “true” that’s all.

I disable the auto play in separate page version

where is that file? whats the name?

See the index.html file

Hello FMedia, great theme, very impressive clean code… No problems right outta the box!

Q: data-src-small attribute – is this manditory to have separate images? I mean, will the theme images scale to other devices (is responsive) without having these separate data-src-small images?

If I add NO data-src-small images what will occur that is negative and where?

T.I.A. and great job once again…

Update post is not working (good work Envato!!!) ... I wanted to add this

If I add NO data-src-small images what will occur that is negative and where?

Thanks JJ-MAGZ :)

The data-src-small attribute is not mandatory, it used to load the small size image in mobile device, it help to load the page fastly. if you doesn’t use the data-src-small attribute the default data-src value is taken

What is the optimized size for the main logo? What is largest size the logo can be?


I have increased the logo area to roughly 420w x 80h which is working fine…

My problem is setting the area when the page is scaled to tablet/phone etc. the logo becomes ridiculousness small.

Is there a ratio you could recommend to size the logo correctly compared to the dimensions I have mentioned?

For example: img logo area is 420w x 80h on default…what size should the logo_s be in that circumstance? Or what size should I set in the main.css/main.min.css?

Secondarily, where is the transition page loading from? (the pink page with the loader.gif)


- you need to create a small version logo for mobile device and retina support device. see the logo_s.png, logo@2x.png and logo_s@2x.png. For logo_s.png the dimension is 150×45. For retina device just create a double the size of logo.png and logo_s.png.

- in color.css file you see the pageFade and backgroundColor class, just change it as per you need

Got it… nice.

Hey FMedia – My client is trying to marry me because she loves the theme so much… however.

;)FYI- On Chrome the social icons are not loading in the footer -

Also my droid is loading a few things rather weird in the footer- looks like a z-index issue, I will report back when I recheck, however I wouldn’t put it past my droid running 2.3 (outdated)

Still very satisfied with the theme. Cheers.

Q: How to add a link to individual flex slider images on homepage_banner ? Thx.

Is there an update to the social bookmarks? You need instagram (etsy wouldnt hurt either)in there!!!

Likewise chrome is not loading these socials in the footer… as per my last comment.

contact me through my profile page with details

Chrome is not displaying the social icons if inserted anywhere in the pages… those are the details.

it work perfect here, can you send your page link through email

hi ! how can i change the loading background ? i want an image instead of the gradient but couldn’t figure it out, thanks!

In color.css file you can find the class name .pageFade and .pageFade.bg_white. Just add your background image to that class

Hi, you do such a great work with your templates :) wow! is there any chance to do following (i have given up on this)

Replace the tiles from intropage with the text sliders from the gallery page. I want text layers instead of tiles above a video playing in the background. If I try to copy code from the single page the seperation of the slider content does not work for some reason no more… can you tell me from where i have to copy code to supply my needs?

contact me through my profile page with details

hello! how do you change the background between one section and the other? I mean the background when you load a page, thank you!

Sorry only background image can be changes for each section not background color

Really? as possible? we are sure that you understand what I mean? I speak of the background of transition from one section to another, it is important otherwise I bust the whole layout of the website, there must be a way …...

Just contact me through my profile page with details. I will add that option


The audio player does not show up under FireFox (v26.0) and seems to be hidden by the check for isTouch in custom.min.js. Is there a way to re-enable the audio player in FireFox? Thank you

It also does not work in the demo.

in main.js file just find the audioPlaying, just cut the whole code and place out side the condition. After editing the file rename the main.js to main.min.js file

Thank you for your response. Will give it a try.

Hi, pls share some insight here.

1. When I change the gradient color in color.css in the .backgroundColor{ section, the video disappears. Why?

2. In the “gallery section”, how do we make the fly in text label appear and disappear with the image it belongs too? Currently the labels overlap onto the next image.

3. Where in the code can I replace the image of the map in the “contact us” section?

Hope to hear from you soon, thanks.


Video background doesn’t work with latest Chrome browsers. Is there a way to make it work again? Thank you for your time.

Latest chrome browser have small issue so Please download and replace the custom.min.js.


Hi Fmedia,

I hope all is well.

I have bought Casual template a while ago and now I’m trying to customise it on my way and launch.

Here is the temporary URL for the website:


My questions are:

1. How can I remove the gradient effect from the website. I just want to add my background picture and that’s it.

2. How can I change the gradient effect from the loading page (first thing we see as you try to access the website)

3. Can I change the tiles with a writing linking to another page (eg. Motivator and Author tiles from my website) to display an image added by me and linking to another page? In other words I just want a tile where I can add an image and be able to click to another page.

It would really help if you could respond me as soon as possible. I’m not tech expert and would like some detailed responds is possible. =)

Thank you for you help!


- just remove the style background color .pageFade, .pageFade.bg_white and backgroundColor in color.css file

- .pageFade and .pageFade.bg_white is used to add background color for loading page for black and white version.

- Yes, You can directly add the text link. See the below code
<div class="fmSliderNode">
     <a href="_url" target="_self">Your link  </a>

any hope for wordpress version

Hello, FMedia

I purchased this template about a month ago, its clean easy to navigate and super easy to edit the HTML. Thank you for the amazing product.