Cat Multipurpose Mobile and Tablet Bootstrap Template

Cat Multipurpose Mobile and Tablet Bootstrap Template

Cat is a mobile and tablet template with 42 pages built on top of world’s most popular framework bootstrap. a user experience, design focused template, created to make navigating as easy and as comfortable as possible even on huge screens ! also we have taken care of old devices which lacks css3 support.

it has jumbo menu, various charts, full calendar, profile page, gallery with 5 layouts, fly notification design, blog list, category tree, recent posts, blog post page, comment section, social share buttons, login screen, signup page, task list, checklist, reminder list,typography, jquery elements, components, portfolio with 4 different layouts, video page, chat bubbles, media conversation, activity feed, timeline page, contact page, password, coming soon page and 404 page and tons of other features with the flexibility of bootstrap framework.

7+ years experience!

support with 24/7 responses to contact email!

email for query and support :

clean and well document for reference and access of pages

Main features

  • build on top of world’s most famous mobile first framework “bootstrap”
  • 42 pages, we have packed this template’s each page to serve many requirements like timeline, blog, gallery, sliders, popups, alerts and much more
  • a user experience, design focused template, created to make navigating as easy and as comfortable as possible even on huge screens ! also we have taken care of old devices which lacks css3 support.
  • with the flexibility of bootstrap framework, web developers will find it very comfortable and easy to shape or customize the template.
  • near to native functions like toast (same as in android), checklists, reminders, alerts, forms, input controls and much more
  • 4 home variations, 5 layouts of gallery, 4 layouts of portfolio, various kind of sliders and others
  • with design we have also taken care that to use the native form controls wherever so you can just serialize the form and ready to send the data to the server via ajax
  • pretty loading screens and loader gifs are included
  • this template is tailored for simple yet effective with fallback support and easy to use and customize.
  • minimum dom manipulation and using css3 hardware accelerated featured wherever required with fallback to achieve support for more devices with best in class performance
  • jumbo menu, right drawer menu: can be toggled or swiped
  • well commented code, full document & clean coding.
  • right menu can be used for many things, you can fill with things like quick links, sub sections, trending items full featured calendar is there to help you active the best calendar event feature with expandable list bellow fully support on devices of small screen size, medium or tablets.
  • we’ve included all possible pages you can need, starting from the most basic coming soon page and the classic 404 error page, down to calendar, charts, checklists, task lists, and many more!

main pages

  • home
  • charts
  • calendar
  • profile
  • gallery
  • cover
  • notification
  • blog list
  • single blog post
  • search
  • slider
  • signup
  • tasklist
  • checklist
  • reminder
  • typography
  • jquery
  • components
  • portfolio
  • video
  • chat
  • activity
  • timeline
  • contact
  • coming soon
  • 404 page

os requirements

ios 6+

android 4.4+

windows mobile 8+

rim 7.1+


Do you provide support? Real support?
Yes. Send us a message through comment or profile message and we’ll provide hands on support for all the features included in the item. We’ll even answer your questions during weekends or holidays. Customization services will be charged at freelance fees and are not included in the support pack as per Envato Terms of Service.

What does the documentation cover? If I get lost? What then?
It covers how to populate the template and use the provide features. Step by step! In case you get lost along the way, we will gladly aid you out and explain what needs to be done.

Do I have to learn new code beside the classic HTML, CSS, JS and Bootstrap to use this?
Not at all. We use the simplest possible code to the latest standards using the classic syntax’s you all know how to use. bit of responsive framework bootstrap is used to make theme responsive.

Is this item a WordPress Theme?
No. This item as the title says is a Site Template. To use it in WordPress you must convert it to a theme.

Is this item a PhoneGap / Cordova / Mobile ready built app?
No. but the item is fully compatible with PhoneGap and Cordova as long as the Operating System Requirements (OS Requirements) above are met as PhoneGap and Cordova are compatible with any HTML, CSS and JS item on the planet as per their official website frequently asked questions sections.

Do I need an extended license to build an app?
If the application you will build will be uploaded to any application store as a paid application or an application that has in-app paid features, then yes, you must purchase an extended license as per Envato Terms of Service. Not doing so will result in a DMCA to the application store where your app is located.