Discussion on Catalyst Wordpress Portfolio Theme

Discussion on Catalyst Wordpress Portfolio Theme

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Can i use this theme with woocommerce?

Hi, Sorry we don’t have woocommerce for this theme. Thank you for taking interest in purchasing Catalyst.


Zooming in/out on the portfolio light-box seems to break it (especially on mobile devices). Can you please please let me know what can be done about this? (please click on one of the images and try to zoom in – http://www.jigantics.com/flowers/daisies/ )

(for example, will adding Envira gallery fix this issue? Presumably it’s only the lightbox used in Catalyst that is causing the issues?)

Hi, We think it’ll be ok but it’s not ours so best if you get word from them on this. Before purchasing envira gallery lightbox we’d like to let you know that implementing any lightbox will require altering theme codes. We recommend contacting a developer on this.


I have done some tests and Envira seems to be working ok (ie it doesn’t break when you zoom. I do however feel that the Catalyst’s Theme’s native lightbox system ought not to break either – is this really not your developers would be prepared to look at? I appreciate what you say about it not being a responsive theme, but being able to zoom into web content is pretty standard functionality!

Hi! Would this theme work with the latest WP-version – and did you stop updating?

Hi, The theme will work with latest WordPress but it is not responsive. Otherwise it will work fine. Perhaps you’d be interested in some of our later themes. You can check all themes starting with Trine which are fully responsive. https://themeforest.net/user/imaginem/portfolio


This theme loads its own query. Which is not best practice and causes incompatibility problems with some plugins. One plugin developer informed me

"It seems your theme is including jQuery UI on all admin pages, instead of just on pages where it actually uses it.

It also loads its own version, instead of using jQuery UI bundled with WordPress. As you can see here https://developer.wordpress.org/reference/functions/wp_enqueue_scri... WordPress has a standardized way to load jQuery UI.

That’s why there is a conflict and JS error that blocks the execution.”


Catalyst theme loads jQuery from WordPress. You can check the demo page source and look for the file ‘jquery.js’ .

If your site is loading another one then you might want to check the plugins you’re using.

We currently can’t authenticate your purchase.

Let us know through support forum if there’s a JS conflict and we can help. http://support.imaginemthemes.co/ . Do provide us the url where we can check on the problem.


I bought it a long time ago ( in 2011) is this the reason why. I have my email of the purchase still but the link to the license goes to a 404. Should I purchase a new license and is this likely to break my site?

Hi, If you did purchase it once then you don’t need to again. Contact envato support and they can sort this for you. We’ll require authentication to provide support.


There was a small bug in the preview program and that caused for us to buy the wrong theme. We wanted to get your theme Workspace instead we caught catalyst. Is there a way we can exchange these two themes?

thanks in advance

Hi, Here’s themeforest help page https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us.


Hi, the link does not exist…

Sorry. i didn’t realize there was a period in the end of the url https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us

You can also google “support envato help” the topmost link should be it.


I have a problem with the template after the upgrade. Comprising entries which contain the image display distinguishing it over the entire width of the page. Pictures obscure widgets on the right side.

Example: http://osp.zalesieslaskie.pl/osp-zalesie-slaskie/interwencje/interwencje-2016/page/2/

Can anyone help to solve the problem?


The images don’t seem to have resized properly. This can happen if you activated the theme with those images already uploaded. WordPress only resizes images on upload according to the active themes image requirements.

You can add following code to end of style.css file to correct this

.page-contents img {
    max-width: 100%;

Please post to support forum if there’s more areas where the non-resized images are causing problems. Here’s support forum url: http://support.imaginemthemes.co/


It works! Thank you very much!

Hi, I just installed your theme and I don’t see the theme options in the wp-admin area.


Could you post to support forum please. You’ll need to register using purchase code. Our support will help you solve the issue.



I am having a problem with the showcase feature, if I select the thumbnails in the buttom it does not show the big image (but it does shows the thumbnails), and if I select the top option is does not shows the thumbnails but it shows the big image, any ideas on how to fix this!? Thank you!! Melisa

My website is www.inmigrarenpositivo.com Thanks!

Hi Melisa, Sorry about the delay. Could you post to our support forum to check on the issue.

Here’s support forum url: http://support.imaginemthemes.co/


Hi there, as my shortcode generator no longer works, just wondering what the manual/text shortcode is to use for the Slideshow – cannot find it anywhere.


If you upgrade the theme then the shortcode generator will work. Most likely this is due to old theme and new WP.

Slideshow shortcode galleria width=”500” height=”300”

Please post to support forum if you require us to check why there’s an error in the shortcode generator.


Is there any chance to release a responsive version of this awesome WP theme in the recent time or so? Any plan?

Hi, Sorry, the theme isn’t being developed with responsive additions yet.


Good evening, I have tried to follow the links to the support forum for this product, but all it does it ask me to sign in over and over and then tells me I’m still not signed in. No idea what’s wrong…

I purchased the Catalyst WordPress Theme today and need to know where the setup guide is—written or video. I’ve looked through the Theme and done all the customization available, but it isn’t anywhere near what the demo shows, so obviously I’m missing something major. Thank you.

I did register for the support forum, followed the emailed confirmation link, and signed in. It just kept telling me I wasn’t signed in no matter how many times I signed in—it was really weird!

Anyway, I found the .pdf file in my complete download, thank you. However, when I try to open it I get a message on the screen that says the file can’t open because there’s a problem with the format. Since I use .pdf files on a daily basis, I’m not sure what the hangup is. Do you have any suggestions?

Okay…it took two hours of online research, but I fixed it. Whew! Still don’t know what the problem was, but I can access the file now.

Hi, Do give it a try to login again if you’ve received password. Otherwise you can send a mail via http://themeforest.net/user/imaginem#from with note on the username you’ve registered for support forum.


Hi There,

If I purchase this theme, will I able to get same layout(all pages) from demo content? How about the process to import demo content?

Thanks in advance, Saif


The theme demo data doesn’t include the images. Importing demo data will give you page samples but you’ll need to assign images to them. Importing demo data follows the standard process of importing demo data files for WordPress. It uses the wp-admin > Import section.


Will this ever be responsive?

Hi, Sorry , responsive addition isn’t under development. I can’t currently say it won’t be.


Hi, I am looking to expand the content area to completely cover the background area. I found the code in the css stylesheet that allows expansion of the feature slider widget or page widgets. Is there html code to allow for this? see site links below

http://chrisclubhouse.wpengine.com/ http://chrisclubhouse.wpengine.com/activities/

I already registered using the purchase code. When i log in using the password emailed to me, I still see no option to create new tciket. I scroll to the bottom of the screen and see a message that says “This forum is only for verified customers. Please Sign-in or Register to continue.”.. I select sign in and enter my password password and it takes me back. The orange button at the top says logout ( which means i am logged in but still no new ticket option.


Did you scoll to the end of page where the new ticket form is. If you’re logged in you can click following link to view the ticket form.


Or visit the catalyst forum and scroll to the end of page to find the form. http://support.imaginemthemes.co/forums/forum/catalyst-for-wordpress/




How do I update to jQuery 2.1.4.

Thank you

I have posted page please find the link below http://aperturez.com/aperturez-on-instagram/#sthash.beaG2puM.qmVlb3b7.dpbs

When you press on any image it should open a lightbox but actually it redirect you to another page for the picture.

I appreciate if you can check it.

Thank you,


Great if you can use support forum http://support.imaginemthemes.co , you can create a ticket for this in the Catalyst theme forum http://support.imaginemthemes.co/forums/forum/catalyst-for-wordpress/

I can see jQuery errors in your page. Could you disable the plugin you’re using to over-ride WP jQuery version for the troubleshoot.

Please post to support forum http://support.imaginemthemes.co


i deactivated the plugin nd posted a ticket; would you please check it.

thank you.

Hi is it possible to download a version demo please ? The price is for one utilisation or can we use this theme for several website ?

Hi, There’s only full version of theme available. Price of one purchase is for a single domain. You’ll need to purchase extended purchase for multiple domains. You can also clarify this information from envato support.


Hi! I have bought this item. I have been using the “Sidebar Page with Featured Image”, I setup the featured image, and this is the result: http://www.perinigalliano.it/web/homepage/

As you can see the image link is broken, because it is NOT using the right link to the image.

The correct link should be this one: http://www.perinigalliano.it/web/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/IMG-20140204-WA0002.jpg But the link used is this wrong one: http://www.perinigalliano.it/web/wp-content/themes/catalyst/timthumb.php?src=http://www.perinigalliano.it/web/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/IMG-20140204-WA0002.jpg&h=&w=960&zc=1&q=92

So, now the question is: how is it possibile that NO ONE here is trying to use the featured image as simple as it is?

Looking forwarrd to hear from you all.


Catalyst theme no longer uses timthumb. Could you post to support forum. I’d like to check how this is happening.




Pre sale question :

Does your theme work fine with wordpress 4.0 ? Thanks

Hi, Does this theme work well in Wordpress 4.0?

I wanted to add audio to my site so I purchased: MP3 Sticky Playlist from Code Canyon (http://codecanyon.net/item/mp3-sticky-player-wordpress-plugin/7930491) however, I’m not sure how to add the shortcode to my homepage? I’ve added it to all my other pages in the site, but I think it has something to do with the Theme Options/Front page displays not having the slider show up.


Could you post to support forum with url where you’ve implemented the shortcode. I’d like to check on it to give an accurate solution.

Please post to support forum.



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