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awesome work!!! bookmarked!

looks fresh – the only thing i dont really like is the big top-part with the blue on the startpage…

i would nee a big splash there… with arrows to switch ya know ?

but really great work

A big splash area instead of a featured posts slider? I’ll probably include that in one of my upcoming themes. Thanks for the advice!


Good work. It is very attractive, right use of “white space” (IMO), and simply creative without being weirdly so.

I would love to see a “business” version as I use these templates for many business clients.

Keep up the good work!

Jimmy Nimon

I plan on doing a corporate/business CMS /blog as one of my upcoming themes. Thanks for the kind comments!

This one is a keeper. Thumbs up and +1 buyer.

Hey, thanks a lot! Hope you enjoy it. Contact me if you have any questions.

When you’re all setup, do you mind rating my theme? Only if it’s good though! j/k


I’m new to Wordpress, can I edit the css, html, or replace the gifs/jpgs?

It always confuses me when I see multiple color schemes listed – does that mean you can only choose from those 8, or does it mean that there are 8 schemes out of the box, but you can tweak your own\




I have included all the original PNG files that you can edit yourself. The 8 colors that it includes are just the ones I pre-built. You can modify any of the color schemes yourself by opening up the image files in an image editor and changing the colors to whatever you want. Just MAKE SURE you don’t change the name of any of the images when you save them or else you will have to go and change some CSS . If you choose to modify the orange color scheme to purple, for instance, you need to open up the corresponding images (named with “orange” in the filenames), edit them, and save/upload them. (You would still need to have “orange” selected in the admin options page).

And yes, you can edit the CSS , HTML, and replace all gifs/jpgs. That’s the beauty of Wordpress. Just don’t change any of the PHP code within the HTML !

If you have any further questions about the images, please ask.

Regards, Brian

Thanks for the super fast response. That’s exactly what I expected, just wanted to confirm!!


Is there a way to turn of the “random post” side bar?

Also, would love to see this theme have custom “titles” for the Featured and Popular Articles so I can name those whatever my client needs.

Like it. Bookmarked it and plan to use it for my next project.

~ Josue


Thanks for the kind remarks!

Yes, you can turn off random posts in the theme options page (and set how many you want to display).

I have included the original PNG files for featured and popular headings for you to edit in an image editer. The font is “Titillium” if you want to download it and install it to keep the same look.

Regards, Brian

Hey Brian,

Thanks for the quick reply. Ya—I’ll do the image edit. Would you be able to provide me with PSD files? I use Photoshop, and not sure if it works with PNG ….(I’ll give it a try)

One question—how does the “Popular” posts get marked? Is it page views, comments? A combination?

Can I manually decide what to show in the “popular” bar?

~ Josue

I don’t do much work in Photoshop – I use Fireworks mainly. They are both Adobe products and I know that Photoshop has the ability to open PNGs (see wiki article), so you shouldn’t have any trouble editing the image files.

Regarding “Popular posts”: they are determined by posts with the most comments (not including featured or sticky posts). See this article on how Caulk’s popular posts work.

You can “manually” do anything you want with the theme, the questions is if you know how :)

There is tons of documentation in the Wordpress codex on how post loops work. In Caulk, the “strapline.php” file contains the popular posts loop. That’s where you would customize what appears in that panel. You would need to edit the PHP to do things like display only posts from a certain category, certain tag, certain timeframe, etc. using Wordpress arguments documented in the codex.

Hope this helps! More questions? I’m all ears.


Okay, have got it working!

Can you answer a quick question:

Am I right in understanding that once a post has received a comment it no longer appears in ‘Recent Activity’ and moves to the ‘Popular’ section?

If so, can this be changed? Since the post frequency may not be high, and I will end up with very little obvious activity once someone comments!


You are correct.

If you want popular posts to also display in your recent posts area, open up index.php and locate line #53. Change it from:

$popular_ids[] = $post->ID; // build an array of used ids so we don’t repeat below


//$popular_ids[] = $post->ID; // build an array of used ids so we don’t repeat below

You are just commenting the line out so it doesn’t remember what it already displayed in the popular posts. It will still exclude featured and sticky posts from the recent posts area. That should do the trick!

Let me know if you have any trouble with this.


One more thing – when you’re all setup, do you mind rating my theme? I’m anxious to see how I did on my first ThemeForest upload!

Already done mate! 5 stars for the design, documentation/comments, and support!

Thanks! Glad you like it.

Hey Brian, nearly set up here, except that I’m having trouble getting the “popular posts” section to work. Also, if I tag a post as featured or sticky, or if someone adds a comment to a post, it is automatically taken out of the “recent posts” section. Any way to prevent this?

Site in question is


The Popular section is populated by posts with the highest number of comments. If a post does not have any comments, it will not show up – hence, if none of your posts have any comments, nothing will show up there. Try adding a comment to a post to see it show up there.

Regarding the post structure, the answer to your question is yes: sticky, featured, and popular posts are excluded from the recent posts loop. You have to do a little bit of code hacking to get them to show up both places. Here’s how to do it for each type of post:


To get popular posts to display both places, open up index.php, locate line #53, and change it from:

$popular_ids[] = $post->ID; // build an array of used ids so we don’t repeat below


//$popular_ids[] = $post->ID; // build an array of used ids so we don’t repeat below

Essentially what we are doing here is commenting out the code that keeps track of the popular posts so they will display in the recent section.


To get featured posts to display both places, open up index.php, locate line #45, and change it from:

$featured_ids[] = get_the_ID();


//$featured_ids[] = get_the_ID();

We’re doing the same thing as we did in popular, only to featured posts.


The sticky posts are a little different. You can only include the sticky posts in your recent section if you want to also include featured and popular. To include all three types of posts in your recent section, open up index.php, locate line #58, and change it from:

<?php $ids = array_merge($featured_ids, $popular_ids, $sticky); // merge all used IDs into one array ?>


<?php //$ids = array_merge($featured_ids, $popular_ids, $sticky); // merge all used IDs into one array ?>

Note: If you do option 3, you don’t need to do options 1 or 2.

Let me know if you have any trouble implementing these changes. Site’s looking good!


Great work on the solution. Thank you! Commented posts are still not displaying in the Popular section despite comments.

Are the commented posts featured or sticky posts? The same way that recent posts take into account featured/sticky/popular, popular posts likewise take into account featured/sticky. You’ll have to do similar changes in a few other areas to hack the theme and get featured posts to duplicate in the popular area.

Have you read the help.txt file yet? It’s included in the theme files and thoroughly explains how the post structure works. I would advise reading it to get an understanding of the post hierarchy and then deciding how to hack it from there.

I’m here to help.


The commented posts rest in tags unrelated to the hierarchy, and aren’t stickied. So they should be appearing. I hacked the theme to display commented (i.e. popular) posts in the recent posts section.

Popular posts still aren’t appearing both with line #53 active and commented out. I’ve been looking up and down the code as well as my files to see if I missed anything, and I’m puzzled. Especially since they were, initially, disappearing from the recent posts (which meant the script knew to put them in the ‘popular’ level of the heirarchy). They aren’t being printed onto that section, though.

Oh yeah, five star on design.


I just tested on a fresh Wordpress installation and I found the problem. If you don’t have any posts marked “sticky” then the popular posts panel won’t work (bug in the code, you could say). Try marking two of your posts “sticky”. Go into the post edit screen where you see all your posts and click on “quick edit” for a post, then check the “Make this post sticky” checkbox.

This worked for my fresh installation. Let me know if it doesn’t for you and I will continue researching the problem.

Thanks for the design compliments!


IT WORKS !!!! :) Thank you. Can’t wait to see more work from you guys.

Excellent! Us either!

Hi Brian, Great theme! Only suggestions I have are; Ability to turn off popular posts in the admin I’m a novice but it was very easy to navigate the admin and get a great looking site running quickly. Look forward to seeing more of your themes. Thanks, Vance

Great to hear!

I was considering adding that option but I opted not to. I’m glad you gave feedback on that – I was wondering if that option would be in high demand.

If you like I can work through it with you and tell you how to hack the code to turn off that panel.

Let me know. Thanks!


Thanks Brian, that would be great, let me know what I need to do to shut off the popular post. Thanks, Vance


Do you want to just get rid of just the popular posts, or the entire gray bar?

Thanks, Brian

Is it possible to keep the popular posts, but not have them slide around. Just have the top three posts on there (Which would change the more people commented on other posts).

Also, is it possible to see how a post with a few images in looks? and other formatting such as code, lists etc…

Sorry if I missed them but I did look. Thanks

Yes, it is possible to disable popular posts rotation in the theme admin panel. Just select “No” for rotate popular posts. If you do that, make sure you select “3” from the drop down for how many popular posts to display.

I have set up a blog post for you to view the various elements you described: right here.

Let me know if you have any further questions – I’d be glad to help.


Hi Brian, I think I’d like the option to lose the bar. Thanks, Vance


In order to disable the entire bar, there are two lines of code that you need to modify. Open up index.php and make the following two changes:

1) This change will hide the bar. Modify line #14 from:

<?php get_strapline(); // the grey area with the popular posts and connect area ?>


<?php //get_strapline(); // the grey area with the popular posts and connect area ?>

2) This change will include the popular posts in your recent posts. Modify line #53 from:

$popular_ids[] = $post->ID; // build an array of used ids so we don’t repeat below


//$popular_ids[] = $post->ID; // build an array of used ids so we don’t repeat below

That should do the trick! Let me know if you have any trouble implementing these changes.

Thanks, Brian

Thanks for setting that up for me :-)

I was wondering about the adverts – Are they all standard sizes? I only mention this as one is cut off in the side bar.


I actually opened that one up in an image editor and cut off the sides because I wanted it to be a 250×250 square (I think it was 300×250 when i downloaded it). The two possible sizes of ad panels are 125×125 (4 fit in a panel) or 250×250 (1 fits in a panel), and if you upload an image that is not those dimensions it will be auto resized to fit. Of course, you can upload an image that is less than those sizes and there will just be white space around the image.

Does that answer your question?

Yes it does thanks for the quick replies… I really like the theme and support so I think I will buy this :-)

Great to hear!

As you can see from the comments, there have been multiple buyers who have had questions about customizing the theme, and I have been able to help each and every one of them.

Here’s a tip: a frequent question I get is about how to get the popular posts to work. You have to have 2 of your posts marked “sticky” for the popular posts to work. I didn’t include that little tidbit in the help file, so I thought I’d tell you that up front. Hope that saves you a little time.

Thanks, Brian