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I am deactivated and deleted the theme test driver. Activated the Caulk theme. Not working still.

the other thing it’s doing is if I put the image in the post, copy and paste the http: info and place that in the thumbnail section, it will display the image twice on the posting. Weird.

I am going to reinstall the theme and see if that helps.

i re-downloaded the theme. I just did a completely fresh upload, all plugins deactivated except database backup. Still not working.

Does it maybe matter if I am using WP 3 .0

Sorry, I’ve been on vacation all week. I won’t have a chance to get back with you until August 1st.

I am back from my vacation. What is the status of your Caulk installation? Is it still not working? Are you still trying it with the Text Drive plugin?

Thanks, Brian

Hey Brian, First off….love this theme, it’s like none other on the web! Bought it a few months back and have managed to modified it quite a bit, however I now need some help with inserting a post title slider container in the featured slider!

I revamped it a bit, took out the post content,tags and title (Left_panel_right), however I wanna put in a somewhat small transparent Post Title slider that fades in on top of the sliding featured thumbnail, that is no longer a thumbnail but a full sliding image!

Also, I want to have the featured image almost covering the left panel of the featured panel exposing only about 5px of blue background on each side and a drop shadow behind the sliding image.

Please tell me you can help me O_o

here is my site….

I’m back from vacation – sorry for the delay. So, to sum up, you want the entire featured image area to be moved a bit so that it only displays about 5px of blue on each side (does this mean you want the arrows removed?), and also you want the post title to be overlaid on the image with a transparent background. Is this correct? If so, I can do these modifications for you at my regular hourly rate of $50 per hour.

Thanks, Brian

Hey Brian…great your back! I got the look I was looking for…sorta, now I only need a post title container in the featured section that overlays the featured image. Let me know how soon you can get started!


We can continue correspondence via email. Please send me an email at to discuss further. I can begin work as soon as we work out the exact requirements.

Thanks, Brian

Hey Brian???

no I am not sure what you mean by custom fields, explain???

The custom fields are below where you edit the post on the post edit screen. You need to create a custom field named “thumbnail” (without the quotes) and a value of the URL of the image. Open the help.txt file that came with Caulk to see more information on this. You have to do that for every blog post and then they will get their thumbnail images.

Thanks, Brian

Hey Brian,

Great theme!

One question about the ads…is there anyway to add alt-text to the images we use in the Caulk ads?

This would require modifying the way the Caulk theme options page works. You could modify it by adding another text field for image alt text underneath the ad URL , and then plug that in on the sidebar page where it needs to go. Obviously you could hard-code the image alt text into the sidebar page too, but that would sort of defeat the purpose of the caulk theme options page and you would have to remember to update whenever you changed the ads. Do you want me to tell you which files to modify, or do you want me to take care of these modifications for you for a fee?

Thanks, Brian

Hi Brian, sorry about the slow response. What’s the fee for you to add the changes? What do I need to do to get started?

Can you send me an email so we can discuss further privately?

Thanks, Brian


It seems that when I use some wigits, the footer display is thrown off. For example, if I use a text wigit in the sidebar to display a Youtube video, the footer appears with a white border. Some other wigits cause the footer to display with the panels displayed vertically.



It seems that when I use some wigits, the footer display is thrown off. For example, if I use a text wigit in the sidebar to display a Youtube video, the footer appears with a white border. Some other wigits cause the footer to display with the panels displayed vertically.

Sorry if I sent tfhis before.

Thanks, Andrew

What is your URL ?


The URL is

Thanks, Andrew


I will try that.

If you were going to use a text wigit with an clickable image to some URL , what would your syntax look like?

Also, if you were going to add a Youtube video to a wigit, how would you do it?

Thanks, Andrew

For an image link, I would do <a href="[link URL]"><img src="[image source]" /></a>

For a youtube video, just embed the code from youtube into a text widget. Does that help?


Your suggestions worked fine.

Thanks, Andrew

Brian…you truly are a very talented, hardworking and diligent guy!!! Keep up the good work, we really appreciate it :)

I just wanted to share my experience here, as all too often these forms contain only negative feedback. I purchased the Caulk Theme, which I totally love. Excited to get it working, I spent several hours tagging my over 100 posts so the thumbnails show up, etc. However, I had troubles getting the featured area to work. I send an email off to Brain, one of the creators of the Cauk theme and he answered me within minutes. We chatted a bit about my server configuration and he offered to log on to my server and see what he could figure out. There was something unique about my server config as to how it interacted with the code and when Brian discovered the issue after several hours he was able to fix it. He helped me up and beyond and I am so grateful. Just wanted you to know, if you were considering working with Brian or the OuterSpice Co. do it!

I know they stand behind their products and will go that extra mile to make sure their products are working properly and you are happy with them. I am actually considering buying another theme from them, the Socket theme, for a new project. The great thing is, I know if I run into any issues, I will get a quick resolution.

Thank you Brian at OuterSpice!

Brian left you an email hope you can reply soon.

Also, I can’t get the thumbnails to work. I upload a photo as the instructions in the post say to do, how you are supposed to copy the URL of the picture to the custom field as defined by Caulk, but then they just don’t show up.

That would be my most concerning out-of-the-box issue.

If anyone else can help with this in the interim, please let me know.

Hi Brian- I love this theme…thanks for creating it. Just a couple of questions. 1) Is there a way to disable “Share This Post” box? 2) Thumbnails work great—only question is do they only appear with images uploaded into wordpress? Doesn’t seem to work when I paste an image url from an outside site.



Hi Brian-

I just tried your suggestion to disable the share box, but it’s still there. Just to re-cap I went into Apperance ->Editor-->Style Sheet (style.css)->added style block at the very bottom.

The “Related Posts” dissapeared, but the share box is still there.

Here is my site:

Thanks for your help, Brian.

I would recommend opening up the style.css file in the theme files and editing it directly instead of using Wordpress’s style editor. Undo what you did in the style editor and instead do it directly on the file itself. Then let me know how it looks.

OK…got the picture working :). However, my recent tweets are not displaying in Firefox browser but it does in internet explorer. How do i fix that?

What is your URL and admin login for your Wordpress? You can send them to me at


I’m just looking at possibly purchasing this theme to use on a new site I’m building. I really love the looks of it.

I’m just wondering if it’s possibly to have a drop down navigation bar? (for both categories and pages – top and bottom navigation bars).

And second, is it possible to remove the date stamps on the right hand side of the posts?

I want to add a background image to the blog (sort of similar to to give you an idea) and I’d prefer those dates not to jut out like that.

Any info on whether this is all possible would be great!

Thanks in advance. Shannon

Both of those are possible by modifying the theme code. How familiar are you with the Wordpress framework and PHP /HTML/CSS? I can tell you which files to modify. Or, if you need help with these modifications, I am available for hire to complete them for you. Shouldn’t take more than 30-45 minutes to make these changes for you.

Thanks, Brian

Hi Brian,

This is great to hear! Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I will be working with a friend on this as she knows a little more about all that then I do (she told me to choose a template I liked, then she’d be able to get it up and running).

If she isn’t sure how to go about doing it, then I’ll send you an e-mail (I saw the address listed above) and hopefully hire you to make that change for me.

I just wanted to ensure it was possible first before sending it over to her.

Thanks again! ~Shannon

so i have a problem with post that i go back and update, it doesn’t show up on my pages anymore. ex, If i added a post on the sept 7th and go back into my wordpress and edit that post, I no longer see it in the list of post that was posted on the sept 7th.

Can you send me an email with your URL and your Wordpress admin credentials so I can take a look?

Ik… I fix the problem, but now Im having problem changing the header…I added the images to the wordpress folder and rename it headerbackground and it still wont display the header.

I responded to your older post before I saw this one, so disregard that one. Are you sure you’re updating the correct image file? Look in the style folder and find the stylesheet that matches the background color you are using (dark or light) and also find the stylesheet that matches the color scheme you are using (blue, deep, green, grey, orange, red, seafoam, or yellow) and make sure you are referencing the correct image.