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Is it possible to place a wiget above the forst ad panel on the sidebar?

Thanks, Andrew


How do I place a wiget above the ad panels on the sidebar?


Andrew, I Just got back from a week long vacation, sorry for the delay. You need to add another widget panel in the sidebar-right.php file, also making sure to add the new panel in the widgets.php file inside the functions folder where all the widget panels are declared. Is this something you feel you are capable of doing, or do you need to hire me to do it? I could take care of this for less than half an hour probably.

Is there another sample blog that used this theme that I can take a look at before I purchase it?

Here are a few from previous customers. Some of them have done some custom tweaks to the theme as well. I have many more where these came from if need be:

I love the theme and am excited to use it for my website. However I am having issues with the featured section.

Currently I have 3 articles.

2 are sticked and the third is tagged as “featured’ but is not stickied.

It will not show up in featured though.

I have tried making additional test posts (though i had to delete them for now). To see if I needed more posts. But it did not work.

Website: Hosting Company: Bluehost

Thanks for your help.

Please send me your wordpress login info and URL so I can take a look. You can send it to Thanks.

Are you going to update this for 3.0?

I would love to, however I don’t have time right now. Maybe in the near future. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks, Brian

Dear Brian,

I have just bought this theme and am quite new to all this and would like to ask what is probably an obvious thing: How do I install the theme to my wordpress site?

I look forward to your response.


Ps. This is a GORGEOUS theme

Hi Mel,

Follow this tutorial to install the theme:

It’s pretty simple – you just need to FTP it to the right folder, and then activate it in the list of themes in Wordpress.

Let me know if you have any trouble.

Thanks, Brian

Hi Brian, Is there a way we can turn off those default social icons facebook, digg and twitter on posts and pages?

Also, I have some customization requests. How much do you charge and how do we go about organising this?

Regards, Sanny

To hide the social icons panel, add the following line of code to the very end of your style.css file:

#share {display:none;}

My hourly rate is $50 per hour and I accept Paypal. If you’d like to move forward with some customizations, send me an email to explaining what it is that you need help with, and then I can send you a quote for approval.

Thanks, Brian

my feature panel stopped working. Its not sliding the different articles anymore.

When did it stop working? Did you install a new plugin recently, or make any other changes that you are aware of?

hey brian! my posts just stopped posting to the front page. no new plugins installed recently, no changes that i am aware of… help please?

ok. that’s just strange. i deactivated ALL my plugins and reactivated them (all at once) and now i am getting new posts published to the front page.

any ideas as to how to get the missing ones on there? i have a huge gap between Sep 10 and today… strange. very strange.

This has to do with your Wordpress installation as opposed to an issue with Caulk itself. I would start by deactivating all of your plugins and then looking at your site to see if the posts are there. If they still aren’t, it’s a database issue. It’s like your database got corrupt and reverted back to a backup from Sept 10th.

First I must admit this theme is quite wonderful. Not only is the layout simply and sleek, but the underlying coding that makes it more dynamic really drew me to the theme.

However I only have two very nit picky concerns. First, is there a way to have “Featured” articles still come up in the “Recently Added” blog stream? I would ideally like ANY new blog to appear in the recently added, and not JUST those that are NOT “featured” or “sticky.”

Second concern is that I would potentially like to have my logo design extend outside the borders of the top white area. Is there a way to have the image “float” about this area, and not be constrained by the parameters of the header?

Thanks for the kind words.

The code must be modified in the index.php file in order to include all blog posts. Right now it excludes featured, sticky, and popular posts. Do you want it to include ALL posts including sticky posts? Also, do you know enough about Wordpress and PHP to make the changes yourself if I tell you where in the file to make the edits, or would you need me to do this for you?

You have to modify the CSS to get the image to spill outside of the header container. Again, do you know enough about CSS and HTML to make this change if I tell you which file to modify, or would you need my help?

Yes, I’m understand coding enough that if you point me in the right direction and tell me what to do, I will be able to make the modifications myself. Obviously CSS is much more intuitive, and thus I’ve been changing that around a lot, but I can give editing the PHP files as well. (Actually I’ve been changing that around to to give me more color theme options.)

Actually it would be ideal if ALL post, even if Featured, Sticky or Popular would show up in the Recent Posts. I wish to have a continuous stream of posts and then I can choose which ones will also be Featured and Sticky.

So if you tell me what to do, I’ll give it a try. Worst case scenario, I’ll just re-upload your code to go back to the beginning.

Thanks again

You should be able to just make the edits to the query_posts call in the index.php file to display all posts. Here’s the Wordpress codex for the query_posts function:

For the header image, modify the style in the style.css file near the top. Look in the header.php file to see the markup for the header section so you’ll know how it’s laid out. You shouldn’t need to modify any other files besides those.

Let me know if you have trouble with this and I’d be glad to perform the edits for you for a nominal fee. Obviously if you have further questions specifically about how Caulk is setup, I am always available to answer those free of charge.

I have a question concerning the links at the bottom of the page. I figured it out. Thanks Brian!

Brian, i have my site up and running and am loving it…before i go live, I have a question on the recently added section. Nothing is showing up there. How do i get my most recent blog posts to show up in that area so that there isn’t a huge blank space on the page. Thanks!

Glad you’re liking it so far!

Check out the 4th FAQ on this page: That should fix it for you. Let me know if it doesn’t.

Thanks, Brian

OK, Brian, I have 1 Featured article, 2 stickys, and 2 articles rotating in the popular panel with comments. I also have a comment on my featured post. The popular panel is set for 3 posts. Any other ideas? Thanks!

Send your wordpress url and login info to and I’ll check out the situation.

I gave this one five stars!

It’s a clean layout that’s easy to read and navigate, and the coding is documented well enough that even someone like me who isn’t a code writer at all can figure out some basic changes.

But what really makes a difference for me is the fast response from Brian, the designer. He answers questions and offers assistance quickly. I asked him to make some customizations for me and he was able to turn those around very quickly and at a more-than-reasonable rate.

I definitely recommend Brian and his work! So glad I found this theme!

(You can see my site here:

Thanks for the kind words!


I love this theme!! Thanks so much.

Just one quick question – how can I use a bigger logo than 278×60 such as I can see sued on a couple of the sites you mention: and

Thanks again,


You need to open the style.css file and change the width and height of the logo style blog, as well as the height of the header style block. Let me know if you can’t find them.

Thanks, Brian

How do I make the advertising panels be for google adsense?.. when I paste the code into the URL section it is not showing up.. help please :D

I responded via email :)

Hello, I use the theme at and I really love it. However I am interested in making the theme buddypress ready, will you be offering any update or assistance with it? Thank you!

Best, Kaitlyn

Thanks for your purchase, and I’m glad you like the theme. Unfortunately, due to how insanely busy I am at the moment, I don’t have any foreseeable plans to make Caulk compatible with Buddypress. Maybe sometime down the road…

Great Theme!

I have one question, though… I installed this theme on my existing blog, and non of the images translated to the thumbnail positions… Is this because they were uploaded before the theme was?

OR maybe I’ve missed some sort of setting?

Thanks for any help!

Please see the 2nd and 3rd FAQ questions here:

If you are still unable to get thumbnails to show up after that, let me know.

Just purchased and setup this theme and it is pretty sweet! I would like to try to change the look of the share icons. Is there a way to get rid of the gray box the share icons rest in as well as change the icons?

It seems as posts are commented on they disappear from the recent add section. id this normal? how do i keep the most recently add post and list them all? I would rather have different page #’s like i see on other example sites with this theme. I must be doing something wrong but have not figured it out yet.

To adjust the share icons area, look in the single.php file for the markup and the style.css file for the style.

The Recently Added section finds the amount of posts from the general Wordpress setting for posts per page, so whatever is set there will dictate what displays in that section. Let me know if this isn’t clear.

For the posts disappearing when commented on, that is by design. Checkout the Caulk post hierarchy in the documentation to see exactly how posts are displayed on the page. In short, the Popular section is based on # of comments, and it is higher in the post hierarchy, so if a post receives enough comments to be in the top 6 (or whatever you have this set at) posts by # of comments, it will move to the Popular section. Caulk does not repeat a post twice on the same page. This functionality can always be changed by editing the theme code, however.

As for the Email Subscriptions thing – yes that is just there for whatever your predetermined email subscription link is. There are several services out there that provide this functionality, and you would just get the link from there. Believe it or not I actually haven’t used email subscription functionality before, so I can’t necessarily recommend a particular service over another one. Maybe check the Wordpress forums, or google Wordpress Email Subscriptions and check a few of them out.

Please don’t hesitate to ask for clarificaiton regarding any of this. Sorry for the delay in response – busy day today!


Thank you for the fast response… I’m sure I can get the icon change with no problem now. Thank you for the heads up. I read your faq page and found out about the popular slide that eats the posts, lol!! This is a great looking theme. I set out to find something different and this theme is all that and some. Great job bro, and look forward to your future work.