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Ok and i think this is my last question… I’m trying to understand how to determine my Email Subscriptions URL … Do i need to set an account up with another entity that manages this for me or is there a free way to accomplish this?

This is a great theme. So far it has been very easy to use and customize.

I just have one question (I bet you hear that all the time). I would like to add a drop down that shows my sub categories in the top nav section of my site. I would like it to function like this site: When you roll over the “Stemmer” category, you see three sub categories. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance and keep up the great work!



It’s funny you should mention that site – I actually custom developed the drop down menus for that client and charged them an extra fee to do so, since that functionality does not come standard with Caulk. I can create the drop downs for you as I did for stemmer-live if you’d like.

Thanks, Brian

Hi Brian, Bummer I was hoping the drop downs were part of the template. I am working on a very limited budget at this phase of my project so am reluctant to purchase your additional services, but do have two follow up questions: 1) Are there any plugins that you would recommend that help me achieve my expected results (drop downs like on the stemmer site)? 2) If you were to do the custom work how much of your time would be involved and what is your hourly bill rate?

I appreciate your help. Other than the drop downs I am diggin the theme.

thanks, DO

Can you send me your email address or send me an email at so we can discuss?

Thanks, Brian

I’ve been using this theme for a while now and I have to say I like it.

Over all it looks great and works very well. The only annoyance is that when a post is in any of the featured areas it is removed from ‘recently added’.

That said, it is the first Wordpress theme I’ve paid for and I am very happy with it.

Thanks for the kind words. The posts not displaying in recently added is by design.

Hi Brian, I am trying to narrow down my choices for a theme and I like yours very much. Just a couple questions:

There is not a lot of contrast between the post dates and the body background (both white in the live preview). Can these be customized?

Also I see two RSS icons but aside from the twitter feed below, no other social media buttons. Where would the typical row of social media icons go on the page, and can the RSS buttons there be removed (to make the search bar bigger?)

Thanks in advance for your prompt reply!

Adjusting the date contrast, as well as modifying the size of the search box and removing the RSS button can all be done by modifying the theme files. You’ll have to have an understanding on HTML and CSS to do this, or I can perform the customizations for you at my hourly rate. Social media buttons can be added via Wordpress plugins and can appear above or below the post.


Very impressive theme but…

I have basically the same symptoms as Shelbypets in the discussions from 5 months ago.

Slider not working, posts not showing up. Featured tag does nothing. I have the required two sticky posts.

My URL is

I uploaded to HostMonster servers via their ftp. What are your suggestions?


Looks like it’s happening because you have a category named featured instead of a tag. Delete the featured category, and instead create a tag called featured and use that for posts that you want in the slider. Does that help?

Beautiful theme. Really, really nice!


Great theme… I have been using it for about three months now on my blog. I do have one question is there anything in the code that defines that the Meta widget is always on the right pain. I have removed added and removed it from the sidebar layout trying to get it dissappear. I have given it a specific name then deleted, dragged it to inactive, etc and when the Caulk theme is on, I always have Meta widget on the sidebar.

Solved by just editing sidebar_right.php manually… thanks in advance if there is a better answer.



You need to make sure in the Caulk Options page that you set “Show sidebar widgets” to “Yes” and then you will be able to manage them using the widgets panel.


I feel a little guilty. The site I’m building is for a client and you’re making me look so good.

Two questions.

1. Can the advertising links go to a _blank instead of taking the viewer away from my client’s website?

2. And, this is a bigger deal, I would like to eventually replace the two sticky post area with an embedded video. I saw this at

I might have to hire you for the second issue. Can you point me in the right direction for either of these?


1. Yes, just open up the sidebar-right.php file and add the target=”_blank” to all of the ad links. The code is well-spaced and indented so it should be easy for you to find where you need to edit.

2. Would you want to be able to manage the video link from the back-end and be able to change the video from time to time? If so, something like this would probably take me around an hour to develop. My hourly rate is $50. If you want to try your hand at it, you need to open up the featured.php file and that’s where you’d modify the HTML code.

Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!


I have Caulk installed at however I want to use it again at

I guess I’d have to have a separate Wordpress installation in order to do that, so would I be allowed to use Caulk on a second installation on the same domain? Or would I have to buy another license?


In reading the first few items on this page, it seems that you can only use it in one installation of Wordpress. For a second installation, you would need to buy another license from ThemeForest (buy Caulk again).


I’m learning. I would like to make a large logo spill out beyond the header block. I have no problem with changing the necessary widths and heights in CSS (#header, #logo). But how do I get the logo to extend outside the header. It’s a png file with transparent background so it shouldn’t be that hard.

Is this above and beyond for you?

I’m not sure exactly how I would do it, but it would involve setting the image position to absolute and possibly messing with some overflow and z-index properties. If this is something you’d like to hire me to do, I could do so at my hourly rate. Or you could try it yourself. Let me know.

Thanks, Brian

Hi Brian,

Does this theme support WP3 .x yet? I’ve been holding off upgrading WP in fear of breaking my site…!

Cheers, Dom

Upgrading to WP3 .x should work with Caulk and I have had several other people upgrade without any problems. Still, anytime you do an upgrade, it is best to do a backup just in case.

Can you please tell me what font is used for the featured article header?

I’ve looked in the PSD that came with the theme download but although the PSD has the same layout the actual design and fonts are totally different and pretty awful.

Any chance of updating the PSD ?

Unfortunately I can’t do much for the PSD at this point. I’m definitely improving upon this aspect for my future themes, and this is something I learned (since Caulk was my first theme). However, all the components you need are included as separate layered PNGs, so you can customize any part you want. The font used is Titillium, which you can download for free here: Let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

Thanks! Brian

In the footer, you have the Archives widget which has your vertical Archives heading. I want to put something in that left footer widget and move the Archives widget to the middle one, however I’m not sure how I can do this.

If I just put in a new Wordpress Archives widget then it will have the standard heading and not your vertical picture heading, so I’m wondering if it is possible to move your widget to a different position.


Yes that is possible to do. I’ll send you a modified version of footer.php that you can use. Then you can see what I did by comparing the original with the modified and that way you can figure out how to make your own changes if you need to going forward. I’ll get it to you later today when I’m on my work computer.

Thanks, Brian

What’s’ your email address so I can send you the file?

My email address is



Is it possible to post comments in the page section, such as calendar, location, contact… ?

You just have to add a snippet of code to the page.php page. Would you like me to tell you where to add this code, or would you rather me send you an updated page.php file with the changes applied?

Hi Brian,

I am loving this theme, but have encountered a slight problem. When viewed in firefox, the box containg the “search” form and the “subscribe” icons has slipped off the row containg the scrolling “popular” posts and is appearing below it and therefore throwign out the formating. See here:

I don’t think I have changed anything. Can you advise?



I could not replicate in my version of Firefox (3.6). What version are you viewing, and also what OS (mac or pc?).

By the way, your blog is AWESOME :)

Hi Brian,

I would like you to do some work for me. I bought the theme and want to change the two sticky notes area into a square box for video. I don’t think I can manage the coding myself. I would like the video holder to be manageable from the back side so that the video can be changed from time to time.

Please email me at your convenience at

I’m not in a huge rush.


Sent you an email :)


Is there a function which scans for the first image automatically so you do not have to paste image url manually in “thumbnail” field?

Check out this plugin which accomplishes this functionality:

It seems it that plug-in does not work with Caulk.

Oh, I’m sorry, I responded so quickly that I neglected to look and see that you had already purchased and were using Caulk. Caulk was made before Wordpress integrated such things as post thumbnails (featured images), so it uses it’s own scripting called TimThumb which does all the resizing. Unfortunately, the drawback is that it’s not compatible with plugins that auto-create thumbnails if there aren’t any. I’m sorry for not catching this the first time you commented.

In 3rd page of comments here I found you were talking about possibility to integrate this into Caulk:

if it is possible and this function won’t cost much, I am ready to pay.

I actually don’t see on that link where I said this, but I believe you :) Could you tell me where on the page I said this just so I can remember?

Also, I can upgrade your version of Caulk so it uses the Wordpress featured image functionality instead of the TimThumb resizing script if you want, and then it would work with the plugin. I could probably do this in under an hour’s worth of time, and my hourly rate is $50, so I would charge you $40. What version of Wordpress are you using? Also, do you already have a lot of posts in your blog with thumbnails specified in the custom fields?

No, the comment is here. :)

I use 2.8.1 but I think I’m going to upgrade to 3.0 in nearest time.

There are a lot of posts but all of them are without thumbnails custom fields (I am using theme which has no thumbnails in layout).

Yes, that looks more familiar. So, if your theme doesn’t yet have any thumbnails, this will be easy. It will just require me to modify your Caulk code to take advantage of Wordpress 3.0 featured images. It won’t work unless you upgrade your version to 3.0+. If you would like to proceed with the aforementioned quote, let me know.