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But I see the lightbox function doesn’t fire or work on this theme, any recommendation?

I want to have all inserted image or gallery in each post automatically appear with lightbox when clicked.

Regards, mKHMER

I did use many extension of lightbox, lightbox plus, wp lightbox, ... and more … all doesn’t work nor fire up into any inserted image within post.

Can you send me your header.php file so I can take a look at something?

Actually I think I figured out the problem. I have tried installing Lightbox and I was able to get the same problem as you. The fix is to add this to your footer.php file right before the tag:

<?php wp_footer(); ?>

Make sure you put that right before the tag, which is at the very end of the footer.php file. Let me know if it still doesn’t work for you.

Thanks, Brian


I have the same question as Kingdombuilder at the top of page 13 in the discussions.


I didn’t see your response.


You can use an external service such as Feedburner to setup Email subscriptions.

Hi Brian,

I’m having problem uploading caulk to my wordpress. I even tried to to update my wordpress version to 3.1, but still not uploading.

You should be able to enter it right around line #31.

I’m sorry. I don’t understand html. Can you please explain with detail?

Here is the code you’ll need to insert:

<?php comments_template(); ?>

Open up the page.php file and insert that code at line #31. If this doesn’t make sense, send me the file and I can modify it for you and send it back to you.

Hi Brian;

Just purchased this theme and installed it on my website ( http://www.calgaryhomebusiness.ca ) and am so far enjoying just about everything… except one.

I’m having issues with the popular bar. I know you hear that a bit. However, my issue is that when I “sticky” posts it “glues” them to both the front page and the recent posts bar when, in reality, I just want them stickied so that my popular posts bar will work. How do I get it so that:

1) “Featured” posts appear in the sliding menu at the top and in the area where new posts appear down below?

2) Stickied posts don’t actually “stick” to the front page, impeding visibility to the other posts?

3) Stickied posts don’t “stick” in the recent posts either. Unfrotunately, while I can manipulate code to a degree (such as to add AdSense, links, etc.) I have absolutely no idea where to start here.

Your help is much appreciated!

- Cam

Hi Brian;

I think I may have figured MOST of it out. However, the two “sticky” posts are still the only two posts that appear in the recent posts section at the top. How do I rectify that so that any new post will appear there, not just sticky ones?

Thanks again!

- Cam

Are you speaking of the sticky post box to the right of the featured post slider? Are you saying you want newest posts to appear there instead of sticky posts?

Thanks, Brian

Hi Brian, I’ve gone through the comments in search of instructions on how to use drop-down menus with Caulk, and I saw that you will do the work for a fee. Could you email me the info at theyaleph@gmail.com? Thanks

Hello, pass it on to describe my problem. When I open an article in the browser tab (including in the bookmarks of the browser) instead of the title of the article leaves the title of the blog, as I do to show the article title? Thanks

I’m not exactly sure I understand your question fully. You are opening up an article in a new browser tab and the title is disappearing? What browser are you using?

Sorry for English but use a translator when I save a page of my article in the bookmarks of Firefox (including Chrome and Explorer) instead of saving it with the title of the post saved with the name of the blog, as are the title the browser tab, look here


I want to place the title of the blog there is the title of the article

Did you change the code in the header.php file at all? My demo version works like you are describing. Go to the demo and then go to a specific page and bookmark it to see what I mean: http://demos.brianmcculloh.com/caulk

I put the original header.php file and nothing changes

I found the problem, I put in the file footer.php Google Analytics script, removing it will fix the problem. Here is the code that I put


can you tell me if it’s wrong

looking more closely I discovered that this is the addition of

<?php wp_footer(); ?>


The earlier versions of Caulk did not have the <?php wp_footer(); ?> in the footer.php file. If it is not there, adding it should help. Did you get the issue fixed?

This original footer


and this footer modif


the problem is not resolved. I need to put this code for Google Analytics, but also to see the WordPress admin bar that without this code can not see, putting the code, however, has the problem of the title in bookmarks, suggestions?

The version of the theme is the latest available

Try disabling all your plugins, then use the modified footer that you added the code to, and then bookmark a page and see if the title problem persists. If so, it is probably one of your plugins that is causing the problem with the title.

sir, i have bought your themes caulk.

and what happen with image thumbnail in my homepage. dissapear. at my 2 newest post.

my blog is : http://khalidabdullah.com

you can see what i mean


When I attempt to open your image in a new window, I receive this error:

file not found /kaca-spion-dan-etika-mengendarai-motor-dan-hubungannya-dengan-kehidupan/kaca-spion

That does not look to be a valid image file, especially since it does not end with a file extension like ”.jpg” or similar. Are you sure you have followed the correct steps to give the post a thumbnail?

thanks sir ! i’m really really really sorry :-)

thanks fixed now :-)

Don’t apologize! Glad I could help :)

hi Brian! Still enjoying your theme and it’s been working GREAT for so long. I’m having a new problem… recently, when I hit “publish” to post an article, I get an Internal Server error:

The website encountered an error while retrieving http://greensummitdispatch.com/wp-admin/post.php. It may be down for maintenance or configured incorrectly.

HTTP Error 500 (Internal Server Error): An unexpected condition was encountered while the server was attempting to fulfill the request.

2 different things have happened when this occurs: 1) the post will actually publish, but will not show up on the front page (and I am taken to the above white page error) 2) the post will lose its title and will not post at all (and I am taken to the above white page error)

I have submitted a request to my host provider, but I recently upgraded my WP and I’m not sure if there is something related to that which broke my Caulk. Plus, they would have no idea as to why some of the posts no longer show up on the front page?

Would appreciate your input. Thank you!

Glad to hear you’ve had such a good experience so far with Caulk! Couple questions to help troubleshoot the issue:

1) What version were you on before you upgraded (when Caulk was working fine)?

2) What version did you upgrade to?

3) Did you try disabling all of your plugins to make sure it’s not a plugin that is conflicting? If the error happens when you try to save a post, it could be a plugin that’s causing the problem. A plugin which, perhaps, is not compatible with the latest version.

Thanks, Brian

Hi Brian—

Absolutely LOVE this theme. My site is www.365Baltimore.com and I am having trouble with the Recently Added section below the popular posts. The 4 most recent posts are not showing up in this section…

Any ideas as to why? I’ve tried everything, I even tried reposting but I can’t figure it out.

Thanks so much,


Hi Carly,

Glad you like it! Here’s how you fix it: you need to make sure you have at least two posts with at least 1 comment each, not including posts in the featured or sticky areas. Also, make sure you have 3 selected for number of popular posts to display. And lastly, make sure you have two posts marked Sticky. That should do the trick.

Please let me know if you still have trouble.

Thanks, Brian

Hi Brian—

Thanks a million. Problem solved.


Glad I could help!

Hello Brian,

I am having a problem with the comments area. It is only showing 2 comments when in fact there are 4 comments supposed to show up.




I only added menu code to enable dropdown. I have not touched the comment portion or codes. Isn’t it likely because the theme height is fixed?

And yes, I tried disabling most plugins. Doesn’t work.

The theme height is not fixed. I’ve actually never seen this problem before, even after over 360+ sales of Caulk. It could be a problem specific to your database. What version of Wordpress are you running? Also, is this happening any other places on your site, or just this specific post?

One more thing, try commenting on some other posts (just for test purposes) and see if your comments show up. I noticed the 2 comments missing from that post are both apparently from you, so maybe there’s a problem with admin commenting or something like that…

Hi Brian.

I have a question regarding the Twitter feed in the right sidebar. Its kind of minor, but I was wondering why the longer links in some of my tweets run into the border area?

HTML can’t break long strings of letters without any spaces into multiple lines, so if a single word or string of characters doesn’t have any spaces, it will run into the border of whatever its container is. Is that what you mean?

Hello Brian, nice theme here.

One question though, i don’t get why on my homepage / landing page my recent article are not showing. It always says :

Recently added : Sorry, no post match your criteria.

And that’s the message by defaut.

Thank you for your help.


You need to make sure you have at least two posts with at least 1 comment each, not including posts in the featured or sticky areas. Also, make sure you have 3 selected for number of popular posts to display. That should do the trick.

Constantly getting failure notice on wordprees 3.2 not able to install the theme :(

Make sure you’re only uploading the continuum folder, which is located inside the Continuum-Theme folder that you downloaded from ThemeForest. Upload it to your themes folder via FTP for best results.

Ok thank u i have done it using ftp but now the problem is the featured article and popular post is not working whats wrong with that… thats the main feature of this theme and i love that most ;(