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Awesome work as per normal bud :-) good luck with sales

Thanks buddy :)

Looks awesome ! GLWS :)

Nice mobile apps showcase! :)

Thanks sir :)


wonderful theme! An small issue: The newletter submit-button have a small margin on top…. :)

Next month i buy it guy. Thanks for the sidebar!!! :D


In the header or footer? :) thanks buddy!

Thanks i’ll take a look at it asap! :)

nice work, GLWS :)

Thanks man! :)

Looking awesome ;)

Appreciate it :)

Hi there, great theme.

Menu disappears when viewing blog index or single blog post.

Good luck with sales. -Stelios

Hello sir,

Yes this is intended as the inner pages (not the front page) has a different menu which you can activate! Forgot to do that when i made the demo thanks for the heads up!

Kind regards

I really liked it. Have you tested with Visual Composer? Any layout issues when using it?

Haven’t tested it with visual composer sir! :) I use simple pages and page templates.

Kind regards

Hi! Very nice Theme! Any chance to get a Masonry Blog Layout?

Hey buddy, thanks! I haven’t any plans to implement this at the moment!

It’s a pity ;-)

Great theme buddy!!! Wish you many sales!!!!!

Appreciate it! :)

Beautiful Theme! :)

Thank you very much sir :)

Beautiful work, good luck. :)

Thank you very much :)

Nice work! :) I got a quick question: Is there a typekit integration by default or should I edit the code?

Thanks! :) this needs to be added by yourself, but it shouldn’t be too hard:

If you get stuck just give me a shout!

Kind regards

thanks for the really quick reply, I am really impressed!

No problem! :)

Great theme! Can the product gallery open lightbox videos?

In theory yes, in practice the lightbox is linked to items from a wordpress gallery added to your post.

Kind regards

Hello! I can’t figure this out at all. I installed the theme and one of the bands of content is a blog. When I add pages according to your directions some of the pages start to fill in the blog.

Also I don’t see any files pertaining to you instructions about the email widgets or shortcodes.

Very confused. Any help would be appreciated.


No problem!

If anything else comes up just let me know :)

Kind regards

Two more things: I can’t seem to figure out how to get the email/mailchimp integration to happen. And the header area keeps showing up in the bottom area of the page. Kind of looks like a footer. thanks!


1. This is explained best in the documentation psf which comes with your download.

2. The header and footer have the same background image!

Kind regards

Favicon Upload not working…!

Hello sir,

Could you give me a live URL? :) It should work as I used it on my demo website aswell.

First thing you could try is flushing your permalinks. Have you uploaded it via the customizer panel?

Kind regards

We have found so many problem with this Cayse, I will give up asking you to fix all the error . I have no time to fix you problem . I have to ask to give our money back.

If you do not help me by providing details i’m afraid I cannot help you :)

Secondly i can conform the favicon upload works. Please provide details to let me help you with the other errors.

Kind regards

HI, I just want to know where I can find the Map “widgets” Doc. Mentioned on page 3 of the docs page:

Download the theme from themeforest after purchase and open up the map “Widgets”. You will see a readme file. This file will point you to the download locations of the plugins used in this theme (the shortcodes plugin is located within the widgets folder).!



It’s located in the shortcodes folder! :) I used to make a widgets folder but replaced it. Forgot to change that inside the readme sorry!

Kind regards

Having a lot of trouble uploading the demo content. Everything says failed to import. Help!

yes that’s what I used. These are the errors that I’m getting: Failed to import Media “Escape2_1680×10502.jpg” Failed to import Media “ditishetjup” Failed to import Media “phone” Failed to import Media “tablets2” Failed to import Media “tablets1” Failed to import Media “test3” Failed to import Media “playne-showcase1” Failed to import Media “cropped-stars.png” Failed to import Media “preview” Failed to import Media “phone1” Failed to import Media “first-slide” Failed to import Media “second-slide” Failed to import Media “fifth-showcs” Failed to import Media “first-showcs” Failed to import Media “fourth-showcs” Failed to import Media “second-showcs” Failed to import Media “sixth-showcs” Failed to import Media “third-showcs” Failed to import Media “test8” Failed to import Media “full” Failed to import Media “cropped-Top_view-copy.jpg”

Yeah some images aren’t imported over because of copyright reasons :) but normally all text should be imported! :)

Kind regards

ok thank you!

Hey great theme, thanks a lot!

One problem, I am not getting the same header on my homepage ( as the on my customizer page ( Is there something I need to change? How do I add the “header showcase image” to all pages?


Do you mean the background?

Either you delete the script inside the main.js file (11. parallax section) or just go into “header.php” and change header-bg into headerbg

KInd regards

I mean the header image – it seems to scroll as I move down the page. You can see it here

I cant seem to find the script you have identified.

Hello sir,

If you aren’t familiar with FTP please follow the second option in my previous answer! :)

Kind regards

Another question. How do you get the 3 iphones in the header like in the live preview? Thanks!

Yes the custom.js file is inside includes/js/ and cannot be accessed via the wordpress editor.

You’ll have to use an FTP program.

Kind regards

i enlarged the photo to a 37 MB image and its still showing the same lines

This shouldn’t be happening hmm.. Do you have FTP acces to your website?

Kind regards