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Looks awesome! Nice job!

Thanks cesiel :-)

Has anyone developed a decent method for hotlinking the portfolio page items to their respective full-posts? Or creating a rollover effect for the main nav?

Hello, we still developing for the update version and hope this can be done soon, thanks for your patience

I’ve never updated a theme after it has been installed before. If I purchase and install the theme now, and add the tabs I want / add my own content / create new pages, will these things be affected by an update? However, even if I purchase the theme now, it would still be helpful to know when to expect an update, so I can be on the lookout for it…

Thanks! Good luck with all of the updating!

Thanks, we will notice you when the update version released

Where would I change the text size for the main content and blog?

If you want to modify the text size, please open style.css, and find this line :

p, ul, ol, blockquote{

change the font-size:12px; as you desire, or you can adding code :

.blog-post p {font-size:12px;}

just change the font-size Thanks, hope this help

Thanks for such a quick reply!

Is the front page specifically for posts? According to the Theme Options screenshot, it looks like it only accept posts, not pages.

Hello, of course not, you can use pages or posts for the homepage widget areas, there’s posts/pages to box widget so you can use this widgets

Sorry, I worded my comment wrong. I meant to say is the Featured Slider for posts only?


Yes, for now frontpage slider using post only

Hi Indonez, really want to buy this theme today, but I know my client will want to click on the featured project links from the homepage (which currently don’t work).

Can you please tell me when you will release an update?

Update will be released on Thursday, please be patient

Thursday will be great. Thank you very much.

Great Theme!!

Where would I change the Nilland font? I love it my client doesn’t :(


Send email to templates@indonez.com, I will reply via email

Thanks for the immediate support Idonez, it definitely influences my next purchase when i know i can get help quickly ;)

Links (other than “Read More”) don’t seem to be working in the slider.. How can I make links show up?

Also, where can I change the duration of the slider?

Please redownload Centita ver 1.1, problem fixed on version 1.1

For change duration, open header.php search this (on the line 27) :
<script type="text/javascript">
  jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
          timeOut: 6000 
Change the timeout (default is 6 second / 6000)

UPDATE ver 1.1, Please redownload

Update Notes for 1.1 Version :
  • Add Number of words option to display in slideshow text
  • Add subtitle option field in theme options for Home menu
  • Add Number of words option to display in blog excerpt
  • Add Featured Project permalink to full post and image
  • Add Latest News permalink to full post
  • Add main navigation hover
  • Fix IE 6 bug
  • Fix Search Form in Chrome
  • Update documentation

Regards, Indonez

Hi, in the update you mention an IE 6 bug update, does this fix the previous problem with the bottom widgets not working and the JS error that daverees4 mentioned? As I will purchase if this has been fixed.


I have tested on ie 6/7/8 and there’s no problem, you can check it from the demo.

Hello again -

There seems to be a problem with the Centita Post to Box widget.The body does show the proper copy from the page selected but the title shows the last page posted instead of the title of the page selected.

I have checked for the post to box widget, and there’s no problem found.(can you send me a screenshoot) I have released the update version, please redownload the theme from your download area.

Any chance you can create drop downs off the main navigation?

Sorry centita theme has been designed with no dropdown menu, it will look so ugly when there’s dropdown menu.

Ii will keep for the simplicity and eleganth look for centita


do it like this guy does it

thank for suggestion :-)

Thanks for the update. I can’t seem to configure the sidebar for sub-pages. Am I missing something?

The sidebar only available for parent pages, so when you have a sub pages there’s no sidebar for each subpages, you can use general sidebar for this

BTW great theme, I have looked at hundreds!!

I have two problems with the theme that I hope you can tell me how to fix.

1. Is there a way to link the slideshow to a page and not a post? My site won’t have blogs or whatever. They are all pages.

2. If I were to create a post down the road is there a way to have that navigation section highlighted when you are in a post. So for example I have a blog post but “Blog” navigation is only highlighted when in the main section. When I go into a post “Blog” is no longer highlighted.

Ok I will answer by number :

1. For now the slideshow not support for the pages content, it’s may need code modification if you want to using pages as slideshow

2. So you mean the blog navigation still highlight when you in single post? for now the navigation only highligt when it’s in top section. I think it’s will need adding more some code and style

presales question:

Can you change the navigation headings? i did not see an option in the theme admin. I would like to have Home, Products, services, newsletter, about and contact us. Is this possible? Thanks. Ranard. Keep up the great work.

Yes this is posible, the default order for navigation pages is using WP post date creating, if you want to reorder the navigation you can using my order pages plugin

I have tried to install the theme two times and am not having any luck getting the slideshow or any of the image thumbnails to show up. You can see my install here:

I am using PHP5 and Wordpress 2.9.1.

My cache folder is set to 777 and timthumb.php is set to 777.

I am following all of the steps in the documentation but can’t get the images to show up.

Any ideas?


I have checked your site, i think there’s a problem with your hosting, please contact hosting support to allow timthumb script, just suggestion, please chmode your cache to 755 instead of 777


I just bought this theme. Iam having problems with getting the icon image to work and the slideshow pictures. I have change the permission at the cache to 777.

Can you help me with the problem?

The site is here: http://yourwaves.dk/MP/


Please try to chmod to 755 instead of 777, if you still have problem, i think there’s issue with your hosting, please contact your hosting support to allow timthumb script to be executed.